The Pyjama Foundation Appeal

Needs Your Help!!

The PJ’s Foundation Appeals is asking for your donations of NEW PJ’s for over 30,000 children across Australia who are without new Pyjamas. Image not having Pj’s to wear at night?

Please visit The Pyjama Foundation Appeal to see where your local drop off point is in your area…If every one gives at least one new Pyjama’s to the foundation then maybe they will be able to reach their goal 🙂

Here is a video I also made on YouTube….Please I ask you to share the video to your friends/your facebook page, twitter page, blogs/websites so that the video is shared and the message spreads…..

For the cost of about $10.00 for a new pair of PJ’s you will be giving some child a smile – image that 🙂

Lisa Wood.


Climbing Mt Ngungun

The Woody Family Climbed Mt Ngungun

On Sunday 27th June two of our Woody Boys, Dad and Me (Mum) climbed Mt Ngungun at the Glasshouse Mountains for my birthday fun 🙂 It’s not our first time to climb the Mountain, but is the first time I remembered the video camera.

Here is how baby woody is so very cheeky, and such a mountain goat!

I love School holidays, it gives us so much time to experience what we love to do……walking.

What are your favorite holiday outings?


Lisa Wood from Woody Boys.

One Spoilt Mummy!!

Today Was A Great Day !

It started with Coffee and Fruit Toast, brought to me in bed. Then we went for a walk up Mt Ngungun, and back home for lunch. After a quick bite to eat I drove our oldest boy to his friends house…..who live on a Strawberry Farm 🙂 They gave us a whole tray of strawberries – the best we have ever had.

Then tonight David made Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce, and then for afterwards a Black Forest Cake for my Birthday Cake….gosh it was so very yummy, and so naughty !!

Here are the photos of the cake

Birthday Cake made by hubbyBlack Forest Cake Made By David

It was the most yummy cake David has made as yet….a Black Forest Cake for my Birthday. I was so very conscious of how much cream was involved in the cake so had the smallest slice possible……well it was smaller than Davids slice 🙂

Flowers brought yesterday for my BirthdayYesterday Cameron brought me these gorgeous flowers….he wanted to hide them and give them to me for my Birthday which was today, but David said that they needed water and a pot. I was over the moon with the flowers because Pink is my favorite colour, and because they were such a nice surprise.

Kyle wearing his Pirate hat for My birthday cake

Cute Kids

Here is Kyle, Baby Woody, helping me to celebrate my birthday, with him wearing his “Pirate Party Hat” that was left over from his birthday party. I think he was hoping that by being that close to the cake he would get a bigger slice !! Actually it was funny to watch him eating the cake because he got to the Berries and one of them must have been tart…the look on his face, Priceless 🙂

Here it says how high Mt Ngungun is, I hope it shows you how high up it is……Will include a video of Kyle Climbing as soon as I find where the video has been stored to on my computer 🙂

All in All it was a great Birthday – spent with loved ones, good food – great quality time together and lots of fun.

Thanks Woody Boys for spoiling me – love you boys.

Lisa Wood.

Oldest Boy Turned 16

Our Oldest Woody Boy Turned 16!!!

Yesterday our oldest Woody Boy had his birthday…gosh time fly’s by far too much. Tomorrow is his party. I am amazed with how quick time has gone by….I can remember holding him as a baby and now he is old enough to get his car licence !!!

We are being double brave this year. We had a party for our youngest last weekend and now we are having one for our oldest 🙂

With Woody Oldest boy party I wanted to keep it small, because it is a sleep over party. So only a few invitations were handed out. With big instructions…”Non Alcohol Party/Non Drug Party”……If any of the kids are caught with alcohol or drugs then I will be calling up the parents and they can come to get their children. I am such a “Mean Mummy”…… 🙂

How many parties have you been brave enough to have?  What were your parties like? Be great to hear your experiences !!


Lisa Wood.

Woody Baby Turns Five

Our Youngest Woody Boy has turned five.

On Friday 11 June Kyle Wood turned five. He was born at 3.30 in the morning on Saturday 11 June 2005. Gosh how time flys.

We decided to brave it and have a birthday party at Landsborough Park QLD. The day was perfect, not too cold, not too hot. We arrived around 8.40 in the morning to make sure we got a table and to set up his “Pirate” theme. There was already three tables set up for their birthday parties!!! We were lucky, and got a perfect spot… to the playground, with heaps of space around us and right next to the BBQ……Like I said it was the most perfect day.

Kyle favorite part of his Birthday was his pirate cake. It was so easy to make…..When we got to the park I decided to put cling wrap onto the cake….BIG MISTAKE. It took most of the pirates black outline off. So David had to race down to Woolworths at Beerwah and buy another Icing Pen. Luckily for the cake the icing Pen is so very easy to use 🙂

Here is a video of Kyle Pirate Party…..I hope years later Kyle can go back and remember how much fun he had with his friends….

Wish they could stay little and cute for ever….:)

Love you kyle, Happy Birthday Big Boy.

Lisa Wood.

Mt Beerburrum

Climbing Mt Beerburrum

Yesterday I was mad enough to say “Yes, lets climb Mt Beerburrum”!!! Its not a big climb by any means, but gee is it steep….

Woody Boys about to climb Mt Beerburrum

Mt Beerburrum

The walk goes fairly quickly, with a few “drink stops” along the way. Actually its the boys that keep me going…I would stop to take photos but the boys were keen to reach the top. I must say that the view at the top is worth the STEEP walk……

 When we got to the tower, it was very windy, so for my piece of mind (and the boys safety) I asked them to sit down. They thought it was the perfect time for Fruit Break 🙂

The view is stunning…you are able to walk around the whole tower looking out over Glasshouse Mountains, to further out and even out to the ocean. Its like a dream……


Going back down was so much easier…..we ran most of the way down. I sure felt my muscles screaming this morning, letting me know that they had been worked out.

The walk is hard, short but steep. The view on top – takes your breath away. If you are ever near Mt Beerburrum in Queensland – stop on by and get your walking shoes on.

We actually meet an American couple that were climbing the mountain – well the Husband was climbing with his mate from Brisbane, while the wife was at the bottom waiting for him to get back down. The American man was kind enough to let the boys have a look through his “goggles” (as Kyle calls them) – his binoculars. They must have cost a few pennies because when the boys held it up to their eyes they all stepped back……the view from the mans binoculars brought it all so close the boys thought the trees were going to hit them!!! Wished I thought to take a photo of their faces, priceless…..

So after walking up Mt Beerburrum yesterday, I thought I would take the younger two Woody Boys for a bike ride today.

I walked while they rode to the local football field. Which is a fair distance from our house…Yep – I am sure pushing my body limits this weekend. I had a theory behind all my madness, To Wear the boys out.

It WORKED!!! They were all in bed by 7.15pm tonight and asleep by 7.30pm – how will I pull up tomorrow? Well that is another story….  🙂

How was your weekend spent?


Lisa Wood.

Bush Walking

Our Gorgeous Walk To Mt Ngungun

Yesterday was such a perfect day – sunny but not too hot. So much so that I dragged hubby out of the house and our three younger Woody Boys to go for a Bush Walk upto Mt Ngungun.

Here are some of the photos of the most amazing place on earth 🙂

Mt Ngungun

Best place on earth

Mummy With Kyle and CameronSitting on Mt NgungunCameron, Kyle, Mum 

The view on top of Mt Ngungun is stunning….we can actually see our house from sitting on a rock at the top of the mountain…

This is woodys house!!

I zoomed in to capture our house from the peak of Mt gungun. I was amazed that sitting up there and looking down – how many houses are now in Glasshouse Mountains.

To think that over a year ago I sat up on that very spot and said to Nicholas “Gosh its beautiful up here, I wished we lived at Glasshouse Mountains” – and then it came true. So be very careful what you wish for…the Universe provides every single time!!

I love Bush Walking and am so looking forward to when Woodys House hits the road in our new bus, and we get to see Australia.

How was your weekend best spent?


Lisa Wood.