Mt Beerburrum

Climbing Mt Beerburrum

Yesterday I was mad enough to say “Yes, lets climb Mt Beerburrum”!!! Its not a big climb by any means, but gee is it steep….

Woody Boys about to climb Mt Beerburrum

Mt Beerburrum

The walk goes fairly quickly, with a few “drink stops” along the way. Actually its the boys that keep me going…I would stop to take photos but the boys were keen to reach the top. I must say that the view at the top is worth the STEEP walk……

 When we got to the tower, it was very windy, so for my piece of mind (and the boys safety) I asked them to sit down. They thought it was the perfect time for Fruit Break 🙂

The view is stunning…you are able to walk around the whole tower looking out over Glasshouse Mountains, to further out and even out to the ocean. Its like a dream……


Going back down was so much easier…..we ran most of the way down. I sure felt my muscles screaming this morning, letting me know that they had been worked out.

The walk is hard, short but steep. The view on top – takes your breath away. If you are ever near Mt Beerburrum in Queensland – stop on by and get your walking shoes on.

We actually meet an American couple that were climbing the mountain – well the Husband was climbing with his mate from Brisbane, while the wife was at the bottom waiting for him to get back down. The American man was kind enough to let the boys have a look through his “goggles” (as Kyle calls them) – his binoculars. They must have cost a few pennies because when the boys held it up to their eyes they all stepped back……the view from the mans binoculars brought it all so close the boys thought the trees were going to hit them!!! Wished I thought to take a photo of their faces, priceless…..

So after walking up Mt Beerburrum yesterday, I thought I would take the younger two Woody Boys for a bike ride today.

I walked while they rode to the local football field. Which is a fair distance from our house…Yep – I am sure pushing my body limits this weekend. I had a theory behind all my madness, To Wear the boys out.

It WORKED!!! They were all in bed by 7.15pm tonight and asleep by 7.30pm – how will I pull up tomorrow? Well that is another story….  🙂

How was your weekend spent?


Lisa Wood.

Bush Walking

Our Gorgeous Walk To Mt Ngungun

Yesterday was such a perfect day – sunny but not too hot. So much so that I dragged hubby out of the house and our three younger Woody Boys to go for a Bush Walk upto Mt Ngungun.

Here are some of the photos of the most amazing place on earth 🙂

Mt Ngungun

Best place on earth

Mummy With Kyle and CameronSitting on Mt NgungunCameron, Kyle, Mum 

The view on top of Mt Ngungun is stunning….we can actually see our house from sitting on a rock at the top of the mountain…

This is woodys house!!

I zoomed in to capture our house from the peak of Mt gungun. I was amazed that sitting up there and looking down – how many houses are now in Glasshouse Mountains.

To think that over a year ago I sat up on that very spot and said to Nicholas “Gosh its beautiful up here, I wished we lived at Glasshouse Mountains” – and then it came true. So be very careful what you wish for…the Universe provides every single time!!

I love Bush Walking and am so looking forward to when Woodys House hits the road in our new bus, and we get to see Australia.

How was your weekend best spent?


Lisa Wood.

Photo Of Rainbow Beach

A Quick getaway to Rainbow Beach.

I put together a video for the Woody Boys to enjoy their quick getaway. Most of the photos are from the boys taking photos, and even David taking photos (Mum got to have a photo with her boys for once!)

Love how cute children are.

Have you got a video of your children that I can see?


Lisa Wood.

Listening To My Boys Needs

Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy, BUT There Comes A Time When You Have To Slow Down.

Lately our house, Woodys House, has become so full on that there is never enough time to do the little things that matter, that really count.

Today I made a choice to change that. I listened to My older Boy last night, and I could hear in his tone of voice that he really wanted someone from his family to watch him play his first football game for this season. Now I am not a sporty type of person, and I still can’t understand how the football game is played (all the rules and all that!!) but I listened to his needs and I responded with my heart.

So even after a full on day of study, and Daddy Day Care holding down the fort at home, I chose to drive home for a pit stop. I picked up Daddy, and two of younger boys. Our other two decided that they wanted to stay home. OH No home alone!!! We had enough time for a cuppa and then on the road again. I did not tell my older boy that we were going to turn up to watch him, I wanted to surprise him.

SURPRISE HIM we did. I so wished I thought to take the camera so I could have seen his face when we pulled up in the car park. He must have been hoping we were coming and looking out for our car because before I knew it he was upon us, with hugs and kisses 🙂

So It Was Worth Listening To My Boys Needs…….Forgetting about homework for one evening, and forgetting about the house work. I even had to leave the computer at home and turn my mind of from that !!!

 Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy And You Need to Sit Back And Relax. Speaking of Relaxing – Hop on over to this Blog – Click Here – and see how layed back this band is. They are too cool. You might need to sit back, kick your heels up and have a cocktail or two, only so you can feel like you are there with them.

Hey tell me did you listen to your heart today?


Lisa Wood.

Maybe A New School?

Looking At A New School…..

With all that the two Older Woody boys have been telling me lately about there so-called “Catholic” private high school we are now in the process of looking for a new school.

I was so very upset the other day when one boy let me know how the year 11 boys and girls visit the toilets at lunch time for a bit more than using the facilities the way they are meant to be used.

Then how the year 10, year 11, and year 12 smoke more than cigarettes before/during/after school – before reaching the school grounds, and then on the school grounds.

So NOT happy. We are paying good money for the boys to receive a great education, to be told what really goes on behind the scenes.

The icing on the cake was when I received a letter sent home (to our old address, luckily for the school I have our mail redirected) for our oldest boy Hayden – to say that he had breached the uniform four times. I was not informed once, nor on the second occasion, nor on the third. It actually took four times before they contacted me. Hayden could not explain why the uniform breech notice was sent, so I contacted the school.

It was for not having his “Formal” hat with him on four different times. He had his sports hat instead!!!  Yet the school lets them get away with a lot more. They all have computers at the school – they have gone one on one.  Each and every student is not using the computer within the guidelines. NOTHING has been done about that situation.


So we are looking at a new school. One that is closer to start with, and one that is smaller…..a closer knit community so that the kids take pride in them selves and achieve more out of school. All I want for my two older Woody boys is to achieve the best that they can and with their school at the moment I don’t feel like they are reaching for the stars….

What are your thoughts?

Maybe A New School?


Lisa Wood.

A Night Out On The Town

Last Night We Out On The Town….

But we didn’t paint it red!!!

We took all five Woody boys into Brisbane, late at night, for the very first time. We went to see Don Tolman, The wholefood specialist.

Our younger boys were excited but our oldest two Woody boys were dragging their feet the whole time….its so not cool to be out in Brisbane with your parents, and to have to go to an event with them 😦 oh the horror of it.

BUT I think that they really enjoyed seeing Don Tolman….they laughed and really hard.

He has a wicked sense of humor and had the audience in stitches the whole time. It was so good. The event actually helped us to relax and unwind as a family and for that I am very grateful….

Have you been to see Don Tolman? If not, find out where he will be next by going to Don Tolman International and check him out.

He has the best accent and the boys thought he was a real crack up 🙂

Was a fun filled night.

Be great to hear what you think of him?


Lisa Wood

Lost Santa Present

Oh Crap….My Homesick Boy Left His Christmas Present ON The Train!!!

Cameron woke up this morning to go through all his Santa toys this morning, to discover he left one of his Santa Present in the train….

With lots of tears and screaming, and trying to calm him down…. I now am left with the fun task of trying to find out how to contact the train station to see if there is a lost item department. And pray and hope that there is such a number, And double pray that some kind soul decided to hand it in and not keep it.

His toy was a Three D book, glasses, and pens to use on the book. It was a really cool present and I have to say that it can not be replaced as “Santa” has not seen one like it before and will be hard up trying to find the same anywhere. It was one of those “specials” at Christmas time and not an item that is in everyday stores!!

So wish me luck, and pray that at the end of the day I will be able to find the “Lost Santa Present” 🙂



So Much Has Happened…..

SO Much has Happened in the past two weeks……

Where do I start?

I have been really slack with getting on here lately, and for the past two weeks have been so busy that I have not set the time aside to write here.

Gosh Time is flying by too quickly.

So not ready for Christmas!!!

Have not even brought any presents as yet…..Not too worried though because I have faith that it will all get done some how before Xmas.

What has Happened?

Well it looks like our house has sold. We have a contract on the house, with a pest/building inspection booked in for Thursday at 12 noon.

Once that goes through and gets approved we will be settling by the late January. Which means we need to be moved by no later than 15th January!!!

So we are having our last Christmas at our house. Sad but also Happy at the same time because that means we get to move our life forward.

What else has happened with the Woody boys?

Well last night we went to Carols by Candlelight at Mt Mee. without our oldest as he decided to drag his heels and not get ready in time. Which was a shame because it was just so a magical night.

Today was Cameron Birthday. He is our fourth boy, and I can not believe he turned 8!!! My the years fly by.

It only seems like yesterday he was born by emergency C-section. The only reason he had to be born quickly was because the Doctor broke my waters too soon, with the Midwife behind her saying “No, Don’t touch her waters yet because she is not ready” So wished I had spoken up against the Doctor. It was the first time that a doctor had stepped in with one of my labors and was the only time that I needed to have a C-section. But at least he was born safe and sound.

So our house has been full on here…..

We also had David’s parents down for the week just gone, to celebrate Cameron Birthday, and a late Celebration for Zachery 14th Birthday.!!!

Never a dull moment in our Woody House, with five Woody Boys!!

How has your week been?


Trying so very hard to stay sane raising five boys 🙂

PS:- Will post photos of Cameron Birthday as soon as possible!!!

The Pressure Of Children

The Pressure Of Children…..

Do you ever give in because it is the easiest thing to do? Or go along with their ideas to keep the peace?

I don’t normally like to “Give In” to the Woody Boys demands/ideas but today they have got under my radar and have succeeded. They have won, and they know it.

Our Year 5 Student and our Year 2 Student so want to go to school tomorrow dressed up in a Halloween Costume.

In Australia we don’t make a big thing about Halloween, and have never celebrated the day with a party, or dressing up.

But the school is fund raising for the Year 7 to have a “Graduation Party” so all the kids in the school can arrive dressed up with a gold coin donation.

I normally say “nope, no can do” but lately I have been listening to my seven year old and it breaks my heart to hear how much we don’t participate in.

Sometimes we don’t join in the schools activities because our boys are very sensitive to what is in food (which makes a sausage sizzle day ruled out) or because we are not into joining in because of different reasons. But to hear how much it upsets Cameron to be left out and not part of the crowd….Oh the Pressure Of Children!!!!

So hubby is off to the shops to see what he can purchase for Cameron and Nicholas dress up day at school. Will they be scary and horrible? Yep most likely. Will they ever wear the costume again after tomorrow? Not likely.

Will it make them happy to be joining their friends?

Sure hope so.

What will happen next time the school has another event that they beg me to join in? Will I give in as easily? Not sure…..with food, No Way. With dress Up? I am Under the Influence Of Children….Is that as dangerous as “Under The Influence Of Alcohol?” I personally think it is more lethal!!!


Oh to Be a Kid Again….

What can your children do to get under your radar and fold to their Pressure?

Be great to know that I am not the only Mum out there that is sucked in by their gorgeous smiles, their puppy dog eyes and their way of talking me around.

Trying so hard to stay sane raising five Woody boys!!

Lisa Wood.