Bush Walking

Our Gorgeous Walk To Mt Ngungun

Yesterday was such a perfect day – sunny but not too hot. So much so that I dragged hubby out of the house and our three younger Woody Boys to go for a Bush Walk upto Mt Ngungun.

Here are some of the photos of the most amazing place on earth 🙂

Mt Ngungun

Best place on earth

Mummy With Kyle and CameronSitting on Mt NgungunCameron, Kyle, Mum 

The view on top of Mt Ngungun is stunning….we can actually see our house from sitting on a rock at the top of the mountain…

This is woodys house!!

I zoomed in to capture our house from the peak of Mt gungun. I was amazed that sitting up there and looking down – how many houses are now in Glasshouse Mountains.

To think that over a year ago I sat up on that very spot and said to Nicholas “Gosh its beautiful up here, I wished we lived at Glasshouse Mountains” – and then it came true. So be very careful what you wish for…the Universe provides every single time!!

I love Bush Walking and am so looking forward to when Woodys House hits the road in our new bus, and we get to see Australia.

How was your weekend best spent?


Lisa Wood.

Riding His Bike And Guardian Angels.

Riding His Bike….And Kyle’s Guardian Angel.

Today I so needed to get out of the house. I have being feeling really house bound lately and just needed to escape.

So a bright idea came to me…”Let’s go the LONG way for a walk/ride”.

Kyle rode.

I walked.

I ended up pushing him on his bike for over an hour because the road was not smooth.

We forgot to put suncream on, we got burnt on the arms…..swooped by a Magpie (its a bird that we have in Australia) and finally made it home in time for lunch.

Wow what a day….

But it is a day that I count my blessing for.

Its a day that I got to experience a road trip with my son.

Lately I have been thinking about how much of a good guardian angel Kyle has looking down on him…and who it  could be.

Guardian Angel.

My Grandmother and I were really close, and with her passing away two years ago I like to think she is smiling down from above, watching out over him.

Or my wonderful Aunty who passed over about 14 years ago, but I really think my Aunty is my oldest son Guardian Angel….I am sure all of my boys have one.

They must, with the amount of amazing free spirit activity my boys have had in there short time…..some one big must be guarding them.

Take Kyle for example…He is just the cheekiest Monkey ever…with his red hair will have nicknamed him “Orangutan”.

How Cheeky Is This?

How Cheeky Is This?

He is only four years old, and if he was a cat with nine lives I would be very worried…In his short time here with us he has

  1. Walked from 71/2 mths of age

  2. Ran into a horse paddock about 15 mths of age…his big Brother Hayden ran for him as fast as possible…picked him up and swung him around to miss the horse running for them….with the horse missing them both by centimeters

  3. Was lost at a school and sitting in a car for over 20 minutes but thank you god it was not a hot summers day, and he walked away with Mum being a nervous wreck.

  4. Oh and broke his leg before 12 mths while playing with toys…he fell and landed hard on them.

  5. Climbs every tree possible from such a early age, at first I really freaked out but now I am used to it.

  6. Climbs on top of our washing line. We have one of those really old original washing lines and he manages to stand on top with his feet, hands in the air (need to get a photo one day because Its hard to imagine that he could do that!!)

  7. Climbed onto a concrete pillar that is under our house and fell off, breaking his collar bone.

  8. Last year he managed to swallow a Marble. The doctors at the hospital could not understand how quickly it moved through his stomach so fast…the xray guy thinks Kyle is one in a Million!!

  9. Broke his arm about two months ago…in three different spots. He climbed onto a chair in our lounge room.  Placed a mattress at the bottom of our Sunroom, which has two stairs going down into it. He jumped off the chair, over the stairs, and YEP missed the mattress. Off to the hospital again 😦

  10. Oh and almost forgot. When he was a baby he rolled off our bed while we were sleeping and fell in between the wall and the bed. Luckily I knew straight away and I woke up Hubby so he could help me to pick him up.

YEP all before he gets to the age of five…..Like I said “if he was a cat with nine lives I would be so worried”.

But thank you god for guardian angels…I wonder what you have in store for Kyle when he grows up?

This is Kyle on Daddys Lap.

This is Kyle In Daddy's Arms, with his broken arm only a few weeks ago.

Here is Kyle in Daddy’s loving arms. This was his latest cheeky act…..his superman jump which broke his arm. Was so very happy when that cast had to be cut off because it was so very smelly!!!

To be told that he had to be careful for the next three weeks while it was still healing or it could be broken again 😦

Love you Baby Woody…..Love your Free Spirit but Please stay safe.

Sending love to all the families and little ones who are adventures as our boys…

Love To All The Guardian Angels out there.