Our Kids Today

Here are my thoughts about the society of our young children, our future generation…….

This Poem “Our Kids Today” is dedicated to all who are concerned about our Children



What has become of our kids today?

Can you remember the times it was safe to roam?

Can you remember the times we had fun,

for hours on end and no one knew where we were?

What has become of our kids today?

They are happy to play computer games,

have a television in their room, with their own DVD, Game Station,

a Wii, D.S  and internet too.

But ask them to put it all down,

Switch it all off,

Open up the window for fresh air,

Turn off the Air Conditioner,

Switch off the mobile phone.

Turn it all off, Tune it all out and go for a walk.

It’s like we are asking them to cut off their own leg arm or both.

WHat has become of our kids today?

If the kids do not have all of the above they ask why?

Kids don’t get how to have fun anymore.

Send them out in the great outdoors and they have not a clue……

It’s such a shame, Such a Shame.

To see our kids locked up in doors, with no sun or surf or fun

Is a crime.

Turn off the power Mum’s and Dads

Let our kids become kids once again,

Push them out the door and let them explore.

What Has Become Of Our Kids Today?


These are my thoughts and feelings. They may not be yours, or you may agree!!! I write from the heart and am not here to write to upset anyone. So if you do not agree with my poem please be nice with your comments. All negative (horrible) comments will be deleted.

What are your thoughts about “Our Kids Today”.

Lisa Wood.


Is Anyone Listening?

Is Anyone Listening?

The world seems against you,

while you stumble upon your path

You walk through a haze and wonder how

You will embark on your next journey

With wonder, with questions

Searching for answers, aksing questions.

Is anyone Listening?

You are quiet for long periods of time

and I can see your thoughts running through your head,

if only you could express the words you need to say.

Is anyone listening?

Life goes so very fast

from the moment you awake,

its a pace that is like a race,

But from time to time I feel you

are not with us. You are far away,

In your mind with so many thoughts going through your head

round and round – it becomes clear to me

You are wondering if



I dedicate this poem to my teenage boys. I have two going through teenage years and one that is almost there. I can see that they are working through the thoughts in their head, and sometimes having to make choices/decision. I have my fingers crossed that they make it out to the other side in one piece.

Thank you so very much for letting me get off my chest what I am experiencing every day. Writing poems has become my life line with coping with five Woody Boys, let me know if you too have teenage children, or will have soon 🙂

My thoughts and love are sent out to the children in the world – especially to those that are finding their way in life.


Lisa Wood.

You Say, I Say, Who Says?

This Poem Is Dedicated to my amazing Woody Teenage Boys 🙂

You Say, I Say, Who Says?

You Say One Thing

I say Another

Your Friends say something and I wonder

Who you really believe, who you really trust

For I have walked your path before

as a Mum, as friend, as a lover,

as a small girl, as a daughter, as a sister,

as a Aunt and as a Granddaughter

Who Says what you need to hear?

What you need to know?

I say what I think is best to keep you safe

You say what you think you know you are talking about

BUT do you really know who says the words that will have

the best impact on your life?

Who says the right words so you can become the best person you were born to be?

I say I love you,

I say I want you to be happy

You Say I know.

Who says what you need to know?

Who says the words that are right?

Who says you will become what may?

I say that please do stay true to yourself so that one day you have the chance

to have your say.

You Say, I Say, Who Says?


Please Keep My Boys safe into young men, into young adults and into grown Men.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you 🙂

Do you have teenage children? Stop by here and let me know your thoughts.

With love and wishes


Lisa Wood.