A Letter

An Important Letter From The High School….

Today we received an important letter from our oldest sons high school. Hayden has been sent home a letter to let us know that he has breached the school uniform….not once but FOUR times.

My first question is why was I not told the first time, even the second time, how about the third time? Why wait to the fourth time?

I don’t get how the school works. All the kids of the highschool are given computers this year – one on one 24/7. That is great, really great. We don’t have a T.V. nor play station nor a Wii, and the other Woody boys do not have access to a computer unless we log them onto our computer. We are always making sure what the boys watch, because we don’t like them to watch horror movies, or violent ones.

Only to find out that both of the two older boys have movies downloaded on to their laptops. The computers that the school gave out to each student with a policy that each student has to sign to say “that their computers would only have content on there that was approved by the school”. SO how do both Woody Older Boys have pirated movies on their computer to watch whenever they want. WHY do they have movies that one of the students is selling through out the school downloaded onto their computer, BUT no one from the I.T. department has done anything about it?

How can the school be worried about the “Correct Uniform Policy” but not the “Correct Laptop Policy”. Is it just me or this a screwed up world? I would think our kids minds are more important than how our kids are dressed. I still do not know what Hayden has done on four occasions to breach the policy, and I will need to find out when he gets home.

I do know this……I will NOT be signing any paperwork. It is not my responsibility to be there at school to make sure he has his uniform on…I send him to school with his correct uniform. I am not sure what he is doing at school to have his uniform changed. If there is to be any signing of paper work, Hayden can sign it.  He is almost 16 and needs to take responsibility for his own actions.

WHY cant the school re-enforce their own policy at the High School? It seems like a double standard to me, Worried about uniform, not worried about how they use the computers?

Looking forward to finding out why Hayden has the note, and how he can decide to fix this situation….will keep you posted.

Do you ever have A Letter from your kids school?


Lisa Wood.

Holiday Time Nearly Over

Holiday Time Draws To An End….

Due to feeling so Very Bad about not taking the boys out and about so much over these two weeks holidays, we tried to make up for it, by cramming as much in three days as possible….

  1. Friday Went to the movies to see “G Force”

  2. Picked up our second boy Zachery from the train Station as he had been staying with his grandparents for two weeks (at least he got to have some fun!!)

  3. Had a really yummy dinner, thanks to my amazing Hubby….their wonderful Dad. He even made a Australian  yummy dessert which the boys just loved.

  4. Saturday – Took the oldest to his Cricket game. Watched his cricket game, still do not understand any of it 🙂

  5. In the afternoon we escaped the house and went shopping. Gosh two days in a row with out staying at home, now that is a miracle!!

  6. Sunday. Hubby’s birthday. Damn forget to get him a present (I know. I know. Kick my butt right now).

  7. Cleaned the house up and got it ready in case another great buyer decided to pop on in, and left the house for the afternoon.  Yep You Guessed Right We are Selling our house and moving Closer to the Beach:)

  8. Had a picnic at the boys favorite park, “Platypus Park”.

  9. Watched boys have so much fun, I am sure that is why they are sleeping so well at the moment 🙂

  10. Took hubby and four of our five boys to Bunnings. A dream shop for all boys/men.  Oh ok. I like it too!!

  11. Spent so much time walking around Bunnings dreaming of all the wonderful items we could add to our house, but won’t because we don’t need anything else that will just sit and collect more dust.

  12. Came home and watched Hubby plant his vegetable plants into the veggie patch.

  13. Second oldest boy cooked our dinner, while I made yummy fruit salad.

Two Weeks Crammed Into Three Days!!!

Wow that was two weeks worth crammed into three days. Please accept my deepest apologies boys, I promise next school holidays will be better!!

Here’s to your School Holidays....may they be more filled then ours:)


Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun…..

I would have to say that the last two weeks have been the most boring holidays we have had to date.

No going swimming….No going to the beach, No going out and about.

WHY is that?

Well for our 101 excuses on why we had the most boring two weeks school holidays….

  1. Kyle broke his arm a little over three weeks ago and only got his cast off just a few days ago.

  2. The sand storm made for some interesting inside play time.

  3. We have our house on the market so I need to be here, cleaning it and getting it prepared for any potential buyers.

  4. Our two older boys went away for the first week. One to army cadets camp, the other to Grandma/Grandad, which left the younger three boys at home.  They get on better together with out the constant fighting of all five boys!!

  5. I felt to lazy to organise the three boys to get out the door.

  6. Loved the late morning sleep ins!!

  7. No need to keep to a time frame……No rushing around getting everyone out the door for the school bell (that was sheer bliss)

  8. To tired to worry about where to take them all so that they all enjoyed themselves.

  9. Need to chill out.

  10. Had to get to the hospital for our youngest to have his cast cut off. Which took three hours, because they had us sitting in the wrong waiting room 😦

  11. Not game enough to take three boys out for the day, because everywhere I could think of, Baby Woody might of hurt his arm!!

  12. Felt like it was time for the boys to learn to appreciate more out of life….with them having to find things to do around the house/backyard.

  13. Decided that I need to do some R and R, and made sure all three boys had quiet time in the afternoon.

  14. Just because I felt like doing nothing.

  15. Finally felt so very guilty for not doing anything for two weeks…..took them to see G Force at the Movies.

I have many other 101 reasons for having the most boring school holidays ever……but basically that would take my time to write it all down, and frankly who could be bothered to write that many, and who could be bothered to read that many!!

One thing I could say…..is G Force has now given my boys more imagination. They are keen to try and see how they can get their Guinea Pigs to become spy’s, and how they can go about making headsets for them to wear so that they can hear them speak……

OH NO, How can I stop that one!!!

Here’s hoping you all had a better fun filled holiday time for you and your family.

Promise boys, that I will make it up to you all next school Holidays.…I promise !!!

Love to you all