A Day At The Beach

Yesterday we took the boys to the beach.

We had so much fun. All three younger Woody Boys love the water, and the sand. We stayed nearly all day. They were so into making a sandcastle that it was almost impossible to get them off the beach for lunch. In the end I had to put my foot down and say no lunch, no going back to the beach after lunch.

We have a saying in our house “What Was The Best Part Of Your Day” and then the boys tell us what they enjoyed the most. Both Cameron and Kyle answer was digging holes 🙂

A Day At The Beach

The waves were that big some times that us adults got dumped into them. I was surprised with how big some of the waves were. Kyle was amazing. He had his first go on a boggy board and even though he was thrown off numerous times, he still got back on. Cameron, being Cameron was not going out far on the boggy board, he stayed close to the edge.

At the end of the day the boys had hot chips at the beach. I was good, I did not touch any of the hot chips even though I wanted to!! I am on Day 9 of my 14 Day Water Fast. Nearly finished 🙂 To see my story of how I am coping go here.

I love the Day at the Beach. If I could I would live at the beach. All the boys slept so much better last night, and even slept in this morning.

Next time I will remember to take my camera and get photos – some of those waves were gold.

Looking forward to our weekend of camping coming up in a few weeks time.

How was your weekend?


Lisa Wood.

House For Sale Queensland

House For Sale Queensland

I have found OneTrueMedia.com and have made my first video.

Not sure if that is a good thing or not!!

But please check it out, and let me know what you think? If you have the time please go to YouTube and leave your thoughts for our family. Thanking you in advance.

Do you have a Clip that I can check out? I love to look at You Tube and see what is on offer!!

Looking forward to our house being sold, and moving our life forward.

Here’s to Summer Days, lazy days around the beach/pool.

Lisa Wood.

Canoe At Bribie Island

Canoe Time!!

Yesterday we took the Woody Boys to Bribie Island with our Canoe. Its not a normal size canoe, and its really heavy to lift onto the car but gee its so much fun!!

Hubby David made the canoe while he was learning how to make boats and we love taking it out to use….which we don’t do enough.

Daddy Woody with the boys.

Daddy Woody with the boys.

We had all of our boys with us yesterday which seems like a miracle….I made them all come!!

Usually the older two go out and about with their friends but this time I put my foot down…which I am so glad about because they all had so much fun.

It was a good feeling to see them smiling, laughing and getting along as one.

Zachery Smiling in the sun

Zachery Smiling in the sun

Zachery and Hayden hoped into the Canoe and rowed to the other side of the Canal…..and it was so much fun watching them trying to get back around all the boats, the waves and rowing without getting sore arms 🙂

Brotherly love is so very cute to see.

Hayden and Zachery Smiling together

Hayden and Zachery Smiling together

Even standing nearly close enough to have a photo taken….smiling!!

It was a fun filled day, and we even had a couple look at our house so maybe very very soon we will be sold and moved closer to the beach so that I get to see the boys having more fun together 🙂  Looking forward to that day.

Even our Baby Woody Had fun!

Baby woody playing in the mud

Baby woody playing in the mud

Woody Enjoying our Canoe

Woody Enjoying our Canoe

Such gross mud!! But so much fun

Even Zachery, Nicholas and Cameron had fun in the Canoe…It brought a huge smile to my face to see them having fun trying to move the canoe in the direction that they wanted it to go in.

Love the Beach, So looking forward to when we are moved there.

Laughter, Sun, Fun, Beach, All my Boys…..what more could I ask for?

Yesterday was a good day.  Looking forward to more good days ahead



Mad House!

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Mad House!!!

Sometimes I feel like I am caught up in a Mad House, with five very active woody boys, and all their different personalities.

These Kids look they had fun...so glad I they are not in my house!!

These Kids look they had fun...so glad that they are not in my house!!

Days when it is like to talking to a brick wall, and the boys just get wilder and wilder….

Those days are far and few between now (thanks) to our Health Fruit Juice Beverage but when they do happen….gosh is hits our house hard.

Today is one of those days where I feel like I live with Mad Kids.

It starts off with high pitch screams, running through the house, teasing each other until there is tears, ignoring my voice (even when i am starting to hit boiling point!!), and running around like a Mad House. It seems like they are climbing the walls, and sending me around the bend.

Is this Me as a Mum or the Kids?

Is this Me as a Mum or the Kids?

Those are the days that I wish I could just climb into bed, pull the covers over my head and disappear for a few hours. Is that selfish of me? As a Mum…I know that I should be the one in control, and setting a good example BUT some days I feel like the 2 year old that just wants to lay down, and throw a huge tantrum….

If it is good for the kids why isn’t good for the Mum?

OH well….a better solution is up ahead….Get Out Of The Mad House!!!

So our second oldest Zachery has packed the drink bottles, got the fruit ready, has the hats/beanies and we are off to the beach for afternoon fun times 🙂

Its either that or hide under the dona.

Until next time….

Stay Healthy, Well, Sane, Smiling and Enjoy your day..

Life is far too short to worry about the smaller things in life:)

Lisa Wood

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Trying to Stay Sane…..

Trying to Stay Sane this week…just before school Holidays hit.

After helping out at the Think and Grow rich event in Brisbane on the weekend, I am madly trying to catch up on work before school holidays hit!!

Time has gone quickly this year, and it amazes me to think that it is 1/2 way through the year already!!

I am trying to catch up with all my work before I fly down to Canberra next week….I am going to be seeing my younger brothers for the day as I have been accepted into personal coaching with Paul Blackburn teams, Personal Coaching for the mindset.

It is only a flying visit and is such a shame that it will not be longer…

Home Alone…..

That means Daddy Woody will once again be at home with the boys for just over a day without Mama Woody to give a helping hand!!!

Then it will be full steam ahead in our house with two weeks of school holidays….if you have kids I so know how you are feeling.

This weekend is also going to be time out for all of us. Its My birthday, which I did not realised had come up so soon until David told me yesterday!!

I am hoping to go to the beach with the whole family and relax on the sand/park while the boys have lots of fun.  Must remember to take the picnic basket with us this time:)

A few wines (hey I am not driving), and a few laughs with my family and it will be the best birthday ever.

So I am trying to Stay Sane just before the storm hits with two weeks school holidays.

What are you and your family going to be doing for the two weeks?

Keep on Smiling…it makes the day brighter


From woodys gomangosteen.com