The Pyjama Foundation Appeal

Needs Your Help!!

The PJ’s Foundation Appeals is asking for your donations of NEW PJ’s for over 30,000 children across Australia who are without new Pyjamas. Image not having Pj’s to wear at night?

Please visit The Pyjama Foundation Appeal to see where your local drop off point is in your area…If every one gives at least one new Pyjama’s to the foundation then maybe they will be able to reach their goal 🙂

Here is a video I also made on YouTube….Please I ask you to share the video to your friends/your facebook page, twitter page, blogs/websites so that the video is shared and the message spreads…..

For the cost of about $10.00 for a new pair of PJ’s you will be giving some child a smile – image that 🙂

Lisa Wood.

Photo Of Rainbow Beach

A Quick getaway to Rainbow Beach.

I put together a video for the Woody Boys to enjoy their quick getaway. Most of the photos are from the boys taking photos, and even David taking photos (Mum got to have a photo with her boys for once!)

Love how cute children are.

Have you got a video of your children that I can see?


Lisa Wood.

How To Tell The Boys?

How Do I Tell Our Older Two Boys?

Today it came to me what I want to do with our life, before time is wasted. BUT how do I tell the older two Woody Boys?

I dropped the older boys off to high school this morning and then went out and about doing chores that needed to be done. While I was out it hit me how much time we are wasting in our life to find the right time to follow our heart. SO I came home and I got into gear. I checked out eBay and discovered a bus for sale that is big enough for all Five Woody Boys and David and I to travel Australia in.

I jumped in with both feet and placed a bid. Talk about scary stuff. I was shaking like a leaf…..but knew deep down that it is the right move ahead for our Woody boys and Woody house!!

I feel like I need to follow my heart. I need to follow my dreams. I am not sure what this burning desire is to jump with both feet in and chase my dreams, nor understand why I feel like I need to do it today – but I have learnt lately that when I listen to my inner voice I follow my heart and it all works out for the best.

How To Tell The Boys?

HOW do I tell the boys is my only concern? Our oldest is in High school – in year 10 and our second boy is in year 9 at high school. With our oldest I am concerned because it is an important time in his life. With our second oldest I am not too concerned because he is not doing too well at highschool at the moment. Actually he is falling behind in most of his subjects and failing most of his exams so  I think homeschooling on the road would be ideal for his needs/situation.

The younger three Woody boys are home from school today so they know what I have done, and are very excited:)

Wish me luck with the other two Woody Boys for tonight. If you hear fireworks sometime tonight after 5:00 pm – thats alright – its only my two older Woody Boys finding out what Mum has done!!

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can tell the older Woody Boys?


Lisa Wood.

Rainbow Beach – Woody Boys Having Fun.

A Weekend Away….Ends Up With Three Woody Boys Having Fun

Rainbow Beach

This weekend we decided to go on a Quick Getaway to Rainbow Beach. We had the most amazing weekend, it was too short but now that we know where Rainbow Beach is, and how magical the place is we will be back 🙂

Here are a few photos of our boys having fun…

Sitting around, at Carlo Sand Blow

two of our woody boys at Carlo Sand Blow

Here are two of our Woody Boys at Carlo Sand Blow – looking over the edge into Rainbow Beach. It would have to be the most amazing place on earth 🙂

Here is also a photo of Mummy Woody with Kyle and Cameron Wood, after we had finished our walk at Carlo Sand Blow we sat down on a log, and I asked David Woody to take a photo of Mum (me) with her boys. It is very rare for me to have a photo, normally I am the one taking the photos!!

Hugging two of my woody boys

Will put the photos into a clip so that you can see them all, as we took so many over the weekend 🙂 How was your weekend spent?

Lisa Wood.

From The Woody Boys

Here Is A Video from Two Of Our Woody Boys…

I have posted this video here on Woody Boys before, but this time I have edited the music/video so that you can hear the boys speak about the “Gratitude Rocks”

Stay tuned for more – in a week or two our third boy who is 11 years old will have his idea ready to go, with a website set up. His idea is pretty amazing, even if I say so 🙂 I am proud of how my Woody Boys think.

Have you got a proud moment to share? Please comment and let me know how proud you are of your children.


Lisa Wood.

Its Raining Too Much

Its Raining Again…

It is really raining here, so much so that we are not able to get out and about. Its driving us all mad, the boys are extremely bored and house bound.

We even let them play out in the rain yesterday so that they could get rid of some of their extra energy.

I have been putting them to bed so very early because they are sleepy from the rain!! Which means I was in bed and asleep by 9.20 last night which is a first for me.

If this weekend clears up then I will try to take them to the beach, they love the waves and the sand, and I love the ocean on my skin. It helps clean my face, really clean it so that I feel fantastic. The boys also sleep so much better after swimming/running on the sand.

How has your week been?

Be great to hear from you, has it been wet where you live – is there any stories of swimming in back yards for fun!! If this rain keeps coming we have to use our canoe to pick the boys up from school because the roads will be under 🙂

Have a great week, stay safe

Lisa Wood.

On His Way Home

15 Army Cadets Were Hospitalised Yesterday….

They were at a Army Cadets Camp, and became ill yesterday morning…

I was given a call last night to let me know Hayden Wood was one of the Cadets affected by the “bug” and was allowed to speak with him on the phone…

On His Way Home…..

Today he called to let me know that he was discharged from hospital last night and today he will be on his way home.

Working out with Daddy Woody how we can get into Brisbane to collect him, and then bring him home.

Looking forward to giving him a big Bear hug and to make sure he is fully recovered. The press made out that we hard training when in actually fact they were at the Army Base to study, and pass a course. The bug came in fast and hit some of the Cadets hard…..nothing to do with the heat.

So glad he sounded better on the phone today then he did last night….will let you know how he goes as soon as I have seen him.

Thanks for your support.

Lisa Wood.

The Latest News

A Phone Call Today….

From the Army Cadets Base where Hayden (our oldest Woody Boy) was attending for a course. He has been Hospitalised due to a bug that swept the camp but was in good hands, and in good condition.

The Person I spoke to could not tell me much more than that….and was only letting me know because the media got hold of the story and made it sound worse than what it really was.

As we don’t have a Telly, and never listen to news if we can help it, I was not sure what had happened.

I got the name of the hospital, found the number and gave it a call as soon as possible. I asked to speak with Hayden, and after speaking with a Army Personal I was handed over to my son.

He is doing well, and is being given a drip with fluids to help because he vomited so much earlier on in the day, and something to help with nausea feeling. He sounded terrible to me, but Hayden being the oldest Woody boy reassured me that he was doing better than he had been.

I spoke with him, to see if I needed to drive down to get him, but the hospital is the best place for him right now. It is fully air condition (which he needs because of his high temps) and the army personnel are taking really good care of him.

The way the media made it sound on the latest news, was worrying. I guess they played it up with fancy words to make it sound worse than what it was…..but then again the worse ones did go to the Gold Coast and that’s not where Hayden was taken too….

He rang again tonight and spoke with his Daddy Woody and we have decided for the time being that he is best off being where he is…Tomorrow will decide if and when I need to make a trip to pick him up. He was originally returning on Friday afternoon so maybe, with him getting the right treatment and cooling the date/time will still stand.

Being a Mother, the only thing I really wanted to do was get into my car and drive the 1 1/2 hours to the hospital….being a Mother of a 15 1/2 year old I had to re-strain myself and let him decide what was best….we asked him over and over if he wanted to come home straight away…..Hayden wants to stay and finish his camp, not sure if that is him trying to be brave and tough or if its because he is at that age where its not “cool” to be rescued by “mum”…..will be finding out tomorrow when I can speak with him again to make sure he is going to be fine…..

Gosh its tough being a Mum to a boy that is almost a man, one that wants to join the forces when he leaves school, so I know I need to accept his independence. And I am trying, really I am……..its just that its too far to give him a hug and kiss to make it all better – not that I can usually do that when he is at home anyways!!!!

The Latest News Made It Seem Worse Than It Really Is 🙂

Sending my love and thoughts to all the boys (men) at the army cadets that had to be hospitalised….Hoping you are doing well Hayden Wood…..Cant wait to see you soon.

Much Love To All The Men That Are In The Forces.

Lisa Wood.