The Latest News

A Phone Call Today….

From the Army Cadets Base where Hayden (our oldest Woody Boy) was attending for a course. He has been Hospitalised due to a bug that swept the camp but was in good hands, and in good condition.

The Person I spoke to could not tell me much more than that….and was only letting me know because the media got hold of the story and made it sound worse than what it really was.

As we don’t have a Telly, and never listen to news if we can help it, I was not sure what had happened.

I got the name of the hospital, found the number and gave it a call as soon as possible. I asked to speak with Hayden, and after speaking with a Army Personal I was handed over to my son.

He is doing well, and is being given a drip with fluids to help because he vomited so much earlier on in the day, and something to help with nausea feeling. He sounded terrible to me, but Hayden being the oldest Woody boy reassured me that he was doing better than he had been.

I spoke with him, to see if I needed to drive down to get him, but the hospital is the best place for him right now. It is fully air condition (which he needs because of his high temps) and the army personnel are taking really good care of him.

The way the media made it sound on the latest news, was worrying. I guess they played it up with fancy words to make it sound worse than what it was…..but then again the worse ones did go to the Gold Coast and that’s not where Hayden was taken too….

He rang again tonight and spoke with his Daddy Woody and we have decided for the time being that he is best off being where he is…Tomorrow will decide if and when I need to make a trip to pick him up. He was originally returning on Friday afternoon so maybe, with him getting the right treatment and cooling the date/time will still stand.

Being a Mother, the only thing I really wanted to do was get into my car and drive the 1 1/2 hours to the hospital….being a Mother of a 15 1/2 year old I had to re-strain myself and let him decide what was best….we asked him over and over if he wanted to come home straight away…..Hayden wants to stay and finish his camp, not sure if that is him trying to be brave and tough or if its because he is at that age where its not “cool” to be rescued by “mum”…..will be finding out tomorrow when I can speak with him again to make sure he is going to be fine…..

Gosh its tough being a Mum to a boy that is almost a man, one that wants to join the forces when he leaves school, so I know I need to accept his independence. And I am trying, really I am……..its just that its too far to give him a hug and kiss to make it all better – not that I can usually do that when he is at home anyways!!!!

The Latest News Made It Seem Worse Than It Really Is 🙂

Sending my love and thoughts to all the boys (men) at the army cadets that had to be hospitalised….Hoping you are doing well Hayden Wood…..Cant wait to see you soon.

Much Love To All The Men That Are In The Forces.

Lisa Wood.

Breaking The News…

Breaking The Latest News to our Woody Boys….

Tonight we broke the news about how we were moving just after Christmas and where we are moving to. All but the oldest Woody boy took it well.

We are looking at moving to Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. We have looked at all areas that are close bye….from Bribie Island, to Coolum and even up further. Due to our older two boys being in High School I was trying to stay close enough for them to continue in the same school but that now looks like it has to change.

Hubby Great Idea (NOT!!)

At first Hubby came up with the bright idea of camping around Australia for at least three months…BUT i put my foot down with this one. Camping with five Woody BOYS!!! Is he nuts or what?

So last night we drove up to Mt Mee and sat on top of the hill. We had two hours to ourselves (with out any kids getting into our conversation!!!) and had a huge talk about what/where/why/how we are  moving our life forward.

It was a really good way to talk…and because the five Woody boys all got along so well (our oldest was actually home and here to help out) we have decided that we make it a weekly event.  We so need the time to being just David/Lisa instead of Daddy/Mummy and to discuss what next step our life is taking.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Buderim to check the area out. I have been there many times and love the feel of the place but I really want to have a closer look. Especially to have a look at where schools/shops/parks etc are located.

They even have a University at Buderim so I really want to check that out. Would love to go back to school and study. Have always wanted to be a midwife!!!

By the end of next year (around Christmas holiday time) we would really like to travel Australia. I have suggested a bus….and David being David has agreed as long as he can work on it for about a year building it the way he wants it to be built!!! Being the perfectionist that he is, the bus will be one in a million. That way we can travel in style 🙂

So looking forward to different times ahead in our life with five Woody Boys!!

Lisa Wood.