Woody Boys Are Over Excited

The Woody Boys Are Over The Moon….

Today we have very good news, the best.

We got told that we were approved for a house at the Glass House Mountains. We have only missed out on two houses so far!!!

But today I had my paper work in super early, all the “ticks” ticked, all the “crosses” crossed, and enough information to put us in the lead.

Then returned home to wait…thinking it takes at least 24 hours to be approved. Within three hours we got the phone call “Yes” you have been approved.

I shouted with joy and jumped around the house screaming…not sure what the three younger woody boys thought of a screaming Mama!!

Not sure how the older boy is going to take the news but we will cross that bridge when we get to it….he returns from a army cadet camp this Friday!!!

Oh Happy Days 🙂

Now I am madly packing and cleaning so that by this weekend we are gone.

The best news is the house has a Cubby house. The boys have ALWAYS wanted one and I promised that we would get one when we moved, the house comes with one!!! Be great to get photos of there smile when we have moved, so I must remember not to pack the camera.

Here’s to 2010 be our year, the year the boys have fun in their new house and for a year of getting ready to hit the road.

Love The Law Of Attraction

Lisa Wood.

Think We Have Found It

We Think We Have Found It

Yesterday we went for yet another drive to have a look at another house to rent.  I am getting over looking for the Perfect place to rent for the year!!!

I went down to Davids work and picked him up. He drove us to Glass House Mountains which is just simply stunning. From the views, to the town, to the country fresh air….I simply fell in love!!! OH no David watch out 🙂

We drove down a very VERY long dirt track to the back of beyond.  At the end was a very dark brick house. It was covered with such long long grass around the boarder of the property. I am talking about grass that is past your knee, almost touching past your waist.  I was standing there wondering why some of the grass had been mowed but then some was beyond being long. As we stood there waiting for the real estate three other couples turned up to look as well. Just before we left more couples came!!!

The house is not new by any means, and has had years of neglect. The previous tenants had chickens, cows and other animals walking around the house, the yard, the garage…..(according to the Real estate, they even had the animals in the house!!!). Luckily the owner has repainted and put in new carpet. There are no curtains, and the kitchen is old. BUT there is the most gorgeous pool out the back.

SO We Think We Have Found It.

I decided that the 2 acres, the pool, the views, the peace and quiet, the potential to turn the property back into a palace….that we would put in a application to be approved to rent the place.

Its only for year, while David does up a bus. That was also another reason why I wanted the place….there is so many flat places to put a bus on, and even room for a caravan (the older two are going to share a caravan to give them there own space).

SO now the question is……Does anyone know what animal will be best to place on a 2 acre property that will eat the grass down? I really want the grass to be down at a normal level in record time because I am scared of snakes. Woodys boys and Snakes so do not mix. Oh all right….so I don’t mix with snakes either!!!

Tell me…..will a goat eat the grass, sheep, cows, or even a pony? I know that Cameron wants cows, Kyle wants a pony and I just want an animal that will help so I don’t have to work out how to get a lawn mover through all that grass!!!

Here’s to your wonderful day.

Wish me luck….hope the other couples did not place a application in either.

Lisa Wood.

Moving On….

Moving On….

We are looking for our next house. The Woody boys are all upset that we have sold and are moving on 😦

But I keep telling them that we are moving to bigger and better things. I have been madly searching all week for a house that fits all of our needs, and there are some really nice ones out there.

We applied for one at Landsborough the other day and we would of got it, but the previous tenants have decided to move back in. Is that weird or what? Not sure how that works. They had moved out and was gone for at least three weeks. They were paying more rent then what the Landlord is asking for at the moment. Perhaps they went on holidays? And decided that they would like to live back in the same house? Not sure but now I am back to the drawing board of looking for somewhere else to live.

Here is what I would like :-

  1. Five Bedrooms

  2. Two Bathrooms

  3. Nice BIG kitchen

  4. At least a bath tub

  5. A swimming pool

  6. Acreage

  7. Close to the Older Two Woody’s boys HighSchool

  8. Close to shopping center

  9. Not to long a drive to the beach

  10. Houses not too close to each other

  11. A decent area.

  12. Happy Five Woody Boys with our decision to move!!!

Am I asking for Too Much?

Maybe, Maybe not!!!

Here’s to your day being the best.

Much Love sent your way

Lisa Wood

PS:- Wish me luck!!!

A Road Trip Nightmare

Today’s Road Journey Nightmare!!!

It rained nearly all the way to the Sunshine Coast today. Not your every day little bit of rain….but rain that came down so hard we could not see the road.

That really freaked me out. My heart was pounding, and I was giving the chair a death grip.

When I was about 19 I rolled my new car (a second hand car that was new for me) on a bend while it was raining. It was raining and I hit a oil slick. I ended up rolling my car three times over, ending up the right way just before a huge drop off a cliff. The Car was totaled….so badly that the roof had moved back from the car and the front widow was completely gone.

I remember sitting there thinking “oh no I am going to be late for work, and I need to be there because I was the manager and I had the keys to the place”. I even thought about trying to drive the car but soon realised that was not a good option when my door would not even open. The window wipers were still going even though the window was god knows where (i never did find that window!!).

Looking back I still can not believe that I walked away from that accident. I sure had a very good guardian angel looking down on me that day.

Today’s Road Trip Nightmare

Today I kept thinking about that accident. I kept telling the boys to be quiet so that Daddy could keep driving safely. We had four of our woody boys (our oldest stayed at home) and it was not a good trip.  They fought, They really fought. I was so stressed out by the end that I needed Pain relief to help my headache. I normally don’t like to take anything for the pain (prefer to ride it out) but I just knew that for me to travel home at the end of the day I was going to need something!!!

Our Next Home

So We checked out the area we have decided to settle on for the next 12 months. Buderim. It is a really pretty place, with lots of trees and so very green. Its really dry here at D’aguilar so to see green grass for a change was nice. I am looking forward to the move now that we have decided where we are going to.

Before it was too up in the air. But since we had a talk on Friday night we now have a plan to work with for the next 12 months and it is going to be a exciting year in 2010. So looking forward to moving….Christmas……….fun times ahead for us. What has been different in your household lately?

Merry Christmas and have a Safe Happy New Year.

Lisa Wood.

Breaking The News…

Breaking The Latest News to our Woody Boys….

Tonight we broke the news about how we were moving just after Christmas and where we are moving to. All but the oldest Woody boy took it well.

We are looking at moving to Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. We have looked at all areas that are close bye….from Bribie Island, to Coolum and even up further. Due to our older two boys being in High School I was trying to stay close enough for them to continue in the same school but that now looks like it has to change.

Hubby Great Idea (NOT!!)

At first Hubby came up with the bright idea of camping around Australia for at least three months…BUT i put my foot down with this one. Camping with five Woody BOYS!!! Is he nuts or what?

So last night we drove up to Mt Mee and sat on top of the hill. We had two hours to ourselves (with out any kids getting into our conversation!!!) and had a huge talk about what/where/why/how we are  moving our life forward.

It was a really good way to talk…and because the five Woody boys all got along so well (our oldest was actually home and here to help out) we have decided that we make it a weekly event.  We so need the time to being just David/Lisa instead of Daddy/Mummy and to discuss what next step our life is taking.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Buderim to check the area out. I have been there many times and love the feel of the place but I really want to have a closer look. Especially to have a look at where schools/shops/parks etc are located.

They even have a University at Buderim so I really want to check that out. Would love to go back to school and study. Have always wanted to be a midwife!!!

By the end of next year (around Christmas holiday time) we would really like to travel Australia. I have suggested a bus….and David being David has agreed as long as he can work on it for about a year building it the way he wants it to be built!!! Being the perfectionist that he is, the bus will be one in a million. That way we can travel in style 🙂

So looking forward to different times ahead in our life with five Woody Boys!!

Lisa Wood.

House For Sale Queensland

House For Sale Queensland

I have found OneTrueMedia.com and have made my first video.

Not sure if that is a good thing or not!!

But please check it out, and let me know what you think? If you have the time please go to YouTube and leave your thoughts for our family. Thanking you in advance.

Do you have a Clip that I can check out? I love to look at You Tube and see what is on offer!!

Looking forward to our house being sold, and moving our life forward.

Here’s to Summer Days, lazy days around the beach/pool.

Lisa Wood.

So Need More Time!!

Wishing For More Hours In The Day!!

Sorry I have not been on here for some time. I am going crazy trying to pack and get the house ready to be on the market.

Our family are slowly accepting that we are moving house, into a new area and changing schools.

Only our older boy is having a hard time accepting that we have to move at all.

The Need To Move?

Its not a case of we have to move, but more of a case that we want to move. David and I have been talking about moving to the beach for a little while, and I have finally got the message through loud and clear that I want to Move SOONER, rather than later!!

Its our oldest boy who is having a really hard time with the move. And I really feel for him.

I totally get how he does not want to move. I totally get how he wants to stay at the same highschool.  I totally get how he is scarred about losing friends, and making new friends.

BUT…..we are trying everything in our power to make the move a bit easier for him.  We are looking at new sporting groups in the Sunshine Coast, new places for him to fit into the area so that he can still be active in his life.

Fingers crossed that when we head up there tomorrow to show him around he gets used to the idea and fulls in love with the lifestyle.

Here’s To Fingers Crossed…..to understanding and to love.

Sorry its been awhile….but keep me in mind when you are sleeping at night, that David and I are only crawling into bed at midnight each and every night!!

Can’t Wait To Sit On The Beach And Chill With The Kids 🙂

Until next time,

Here’s to your family, sharing time and enjoying life.

Lisa Wood from Woodys Mangosteen Fruit.