Ear Infections

Our Youngest Woody Boy Has Come Down With Another Ear Infection

Last night David and I got woken up with Kyle standing next to the bed and screaming. His ear was hurting again. We only got him over an ear infection last week. I was so upset to see him in that much pain. He is normally the happiest little boy in our family, full of smiles and giggles. Actually we call him “Cheeky Monkey” because he is so full of life.

When I saw him in that much pain I was almost crying with him. We both got up and tried everything to comfort him. In the end we gave him Pain Stop – I normally try to say away from Panadol because its dangerous for their little livers but I was not going to let Kyle be in pain. Then we put on chest rub, eucalyptus oil on his shirt, gave him a big drink, then a cough lolly, and also a calm drop (in a lolly form).

Within half an hour he was screaming again. I was beside myself. David got a really warm face washer and placed that on his ear. That seemed to do the trick.

Needless to say I was sleep deprived today. Being on a 14 day Water Fast, and lack of sleep is not a good condition.

At Lunch time today I went to the health food shop and brought two natural remedies to help with his ear. I purchased colloidal Silver and Echinacea. I knew that we had used Colloidal Silver once on our older boy, so wanted to give it a go with Kyle. I am still not sure what made me pick up the Colloidal Silver, but I sure am glad that I did.

When I got home this afternoon Kyle started to scream again. His ear was hurting once again.  I got David to give him Echinacea drops, then layed him down and put drops of Colloidal Silver into his ear. Within minutes he was sleeping 🙂 I was so very relieved to see his pain/discomfort gone. It was instant, he fell asleep within minutes of the drops in his ear, and some in his mouth.

I was not sure where to go for hints and tips about how to use the Colloidal Silver in his ear so I googled my question and came up with this site “Colloidal Silver Secrets”. To see how to use Colloidal Silver for Ear Infections go here. Much appreciated for the great information on the Site.

Fingers crossed we all get some sleep tonight, and Kyle’s pain is gone. I love to see his smiling face, and will be posting one here as soon as he is better.

Here’s to Happiness, Health, Love and Living with Gorgeous Kids.

Lisa Wood

From The Mouths Of Babes

From Our Youngest Woody Boy

He decided to take the washing off the line….with no prompting from any family members…so wish they could stay this age for ever 🙂

Here is how cute he is….From The Mouths Of Babes!!

Did you hear how much he wanted to be paid for his job? !!

From the previous post, we let our kids down again.  We could not find a Halloween costume, the shop that David took the boys to was closed and the other shop had nothing suitable.

Our boys did not like going to school with no costume, and I ended up letting Cameron stay home for the day (that was last Thursday). We really enjoyed having him home.  Kyle got to play with him, under the house creating a “science lab”. Gosh the imagination of the kids is so wonderful.

On Friday I took Zachery out of School for the day and we spent some bonding time together. He is in Year 8 at high School and has had a few weeks of being tired and stressed….This week is Nicholas time….one day this week Nic gets to stay home.  Then I need to find time for Hayden’s day off 🙂

Oh the joys of boys….

So wish that they stayed as cute and innocent as Baby Woody, from the mouths of babes they say the most cutest things…..saying what they want.

From the mouths of Babes….

Mother to five Woody Boys, trying to stay sane while raising them.

Lisa Wood.

Cute Kids

Cutest Kid on earth.

We have the cutest kid on earth….and I am not being a “Mum”!!

Our baby woody who is four has the most cutest personality ever. He has all four of his brothers personality rolled into one.  Don’t know how he got to be so cute, not sure where he gets all cute sayings from 🙂

Cute Sayings….

The latest saying is ” I love you for a week”. I keep laughing and say “I love you for ever and ever”. He smiles and reply’s “I love you for a week”. How did he learn that? Where did he learn that from? Not sure because the other boys have never said it to us before.  The other Woody’s say “I love you” which we reply back “I love you”.

He is so cute that I want to bottle him up, I don’t want him to grow up. I know that he will need to grow as the others have grown.  I know that he is the age for school next year, but I do not want him to loose his cutie pie personality. Why should I let him go to school, to mix with other children and pick up there habits. Can’t he stay this age for ever and ever as a Cute Kid.

Look at my cutie pie smile!!

Look at my cutie pie smile!!

Cutie Pie Saying!!

We have a saying between Baby Woody and I.

Mummy Woody:- Can I eat you all up?

Baby Woody:- No you can’t eat Kyle all up.

Mummy Woody:- Why not, you are so yummy I want to kiss you all over and eat you up!!

Baby Woody:- But if you eat me up, you will have no more Kyles and then you will be sad because you love me.

Mummy Woody:- Oh that’s right, I forgot that!! I do love you and I always want Kyle. Mummy is only kidding.

Baby Woody:- But I told you that before (with a look on his face that says “you are silly”!) ….he has the most funny voice when he says it !!

So cute. Never want him to change.

But Change they do….and in the blink of an eye as well.

Here’s to Cute Kids. Do you have the cutest kid story? Share and laugh with us Woody’s as we raise them and try to stay sane.

Lisa Wood

From woodys gomangosteen.com

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Yesterday (11th June) was Kyle Birthday.

Our Baby Woody turned four. Its seems like only yesterday that he was born, and now he is four. Time goes by so very quickly.

I can still remember how quickly he was born, and how amazing his birth was. With our fourth boy we had to have an emergency C-Section because the doctors had broken my waters too early which pushed his cord out.  Which lead to him not breathing and ended with a frantic  dash to get to him safely.

While I was pregnant with our Baby Woody, all the doctors kept advising me to book in for another C-section so that I did not go through the same experience again. I put my foot down. I kept saying that I was having him natural and that was that. Yet each doctor kept telling me telling me that I would need to have a c-section.

Towards the end of my pregnancy my waters broke. Then one week went by and nothing was happening. I went to a Herbalist/Naturopath and she gave him a massage on my legs/ankles and feet. She also gave me drops to place on my tongue, and add to water. Another week went by and still nothing…. I returned to the wonderful lady and again she gave me a deep massage, with a few tips to use at home.

By then I was two weeks over due and the hospital was concerned because the baby seemed to be too big.  I went for ultrasound on the Thursday, to discover that I had no water around the baby. I had told them that my waters had broken but they did not believe me.  They booked me in for the Saturday to be induced. Which I was not looking forward to. I then rang the Herbalist, who advised me to double the dosages of the drops, and to also practice what got us there in the first place. Mind you that was hard to do as we had a full house with my parents-in-law staying with us!!!

So I took on board all that she said and by Friday night I was in full on labour.  I was not totally convinced that this was “it” so I sent Hubby David to bed.  I also sent my parent-in-law to bed, with “Don’t worry, its probably only fake labour!!!”

But the pains were coming in thick and fast.  By 11:30 pm I woke up David to get me some socks for my cold feet. He took one look at me and freaked out!!! He placed me in the car very quickly and drove the normal 20 minute drive within 15 minutes!!!

Once at the hospital everything happened really quickly. They were saying that I was in labour but that I had hours to go. Baby then went into distress. They took some samples of blood from baby woody(while inside of me!!!) with a very long needle. The results were not good, baby was not breathing and not getting enough oxygen. The doctors and midwife went off to get the paper work organised for another C-Section. While they were out of the room I started to really suck on the gas.

So much so that David thought I was going to break the ball out of the glass because when I sucked on it, the ball was hitting the top with a loud bang!!! I had two really strong contractions, squeezed David’s hand and told him to get the midwife because baby was coming.

The two midwifes did not believe me, saying that I was only four centimeters and had hours to go. When they pulled back the blankets they were in for a shock. The baby’s head was already out. Then all hell broke loose, with David screaming in my ear and the midwife in the other ear. Baby had his cord around his neck, twice!!! “Stopping pushing, stop pushing, So that we can get babys cord of”

Don’t know about you, but how was I supposed to stop pushing? My body took over completely and I had no idea how to stop pushing. Luckily the midwife worked quickly because as she was ripping his cord of his neck Baby was there. Both David and I was so over joyed that we forgot to ask if it was a boy or girl for over 10 minutes. Due to baby Woody quick entrance the pediatrician had to work on him to make sure he was alright.

He was placed in my arms and doing really well. He feed for over 30 minutes and then had a cuddle with his Daddy while I had a shower.

No NEED for a C-section, and four years later he is one Healthy, Happy, Kind Hearted, Cheeky Monkey that keeps us on our toes:)

Baby Woody

He could not wait for his birthday cake, so he got to eat one cupcake before eating Dinner. I used Mangosteen in his icing so that it turned it pink without having to use food coluring (which our boys react to!!)

As you can see, He has the most beautiful SMILE.

He has four older brothers, and I am sure that he has bits of their traits rolled into one package:)

Happy Birthday Baby Wood. We love you.

Mummy and Daddy

Lisa and David Wood

Hayden, Zachery, Nicholas and Cameron xxxx

Playgroup Time

Playgroup Time

I love going to Playgroup, I think even more than my kids!! With our first Woody Boys I went on a regular basis. Every Thursday I went with Hayden and Zachery to a playgroup in Mackay, and then with Baby Nicholas.

With Cameron I was very slack, I hardly went at all because we moved when he was just learning to crawl.

Then our fifth Woody came along and I have been going on and off for over the last three years. There never seems to be enough time in the day or week to achieve all I need to achieve. But this year I am making more of an effort to get to playgroup each Tuesday so that Baby Woody will have more time with children his own age:)

It does mean Morning rush Hour, which as you know is my pet hate. But sometimes in life there is times when I need to sacrifice my needs for the benefit of our children.

Good friends are also hard to find, when there are already so many woody boys in one house, the baby seems to be left out!!

Now that we have sent back two children to school (we homeschooled two of them last year) I also feel that Playgroup is important for our youngest of the house. He really enjoys going, and seeing his friends. Kyle is very gentle, and because he does have to share all of his toys at home, it has payed off because he also shares with his friends.

He has a heart of gold, and I can only hope that he continues on through his growing years, especially the teenage years.

Here is Baby Woody with his Favorite hat, His Very Own Xango Hat:)

The Youngest Woody smiling at playgroup

The Youngest Woody smiling at playgroup

Giving his Mum Flowers....How sweet are you?

Giving his Mum Flowers....How sweet are you?

Playgroup Time is where Baby Woody has me to himself!!

Love you boys….even when you are cheeky:)

Lisa Wood. Woodys.Gomangosteen.com