Photo Of Rainbow Beach

A Quick getaway to Rainbow Beach.

I put together a video for the Woody Boys to enjoy their quick getaway. Most of the photos are from the boys taking photos, and even David taking photos (Mum got to have a photo with her boys for once!)

Love how cute children are.

Have you got a video of your children that I can see?


Lisa Wood.

How To Tell The Boys?

How Do I Tell Our Older Two Boys?

Today it came to me what I want to do with our life, before time is wasted. BUT how do I tell the older two Woody Boys?

I dropped the older boys off to high school this morning and then went out and about doing chores that needed to be done. While I was out it hit me how much time we are wasting in our life to find the right time to follow our heart. SO I came home and I got into gear. I checked out eBay and discovered a bus for sale that is big enough for all Five Woody Boys and David and I to travel Australia in.

I jumped in with both feet and placed a bid. Talk about scary stuff. I was shaking like a leaf…..but knew deep down that it is the right move ahead for our Woody boys and Woody house!!

I feel like I need to follow my heart. I need to follow my dreams. I am not sure what this burning desire is to jump with both feet in and chase my dreams, nor understand why I feel like I need to do it today – but I have learnt lately that when I listen to my inner voice I follow my heart and it all works out for the best.

How To Tell The Boys?

HOW do I tell the boys is my only concern? Our oldest is in High school – in year 10 and our second boy is in year 9 at high school. With our oldest I am concerned because it is an important time in his life. With our second oldest I am not too concerned because he is not doing too well at highschool at the moment. Actually he is falling behind in most of his subjects and failing most of his exams so  I think homeschooling on the road would be ideal for his needs/situation.

The younger three Woody boys are home from school today so they know what I have done, and are very excited:)

Wish me luck with the other two Woody Boys for tonight. If you hear fireworks sometime tonight after 5:00 pm – thats alright – its only my two older Woody Boys finding out what Mum has done!!

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can tell the older Woody Boys?


Lisa Wood.

Rainbow Beach – Woody Boys Having Fun.

A Weekend Away….Ends Up With Three Woody Boys Having Fun

Rainbow Beach

This weekend we decided to go on a Quick Getaway to Rainbow Beach. We had the most amazing weekend, it was too short but now that we know where Rainbow Beach is, and how magical the place is we will be back 🙂

Here are a few photos of our boys having fun…

Sitting around, at Carlo Sand Blow

two of our woody boys at Carlo Sand Blow

Here are two of our Woody Boys at Carlo Sand Blow – looking over the edge into Rainbow Beach. It would have to be the most amazing place on earth 🙂

Here is also a photo of Mummy Woody with Kyle and Cameron Wood, after we had finished our walk at Carlo Sand Blow we sat down on a log, and I asked David Woody to take a photo of Mum (me) with her boys. It is very rare for me to have a photo, normally I am the one taking the photos!!

Hugging two of my woody boys

Will put the photos into a clip so that you can see them all, as we took so many over the weekend 🙂 How was your weekend spent?

Lisa Wood.

A Day At The Beach

Yesterday we took the boys to the beach.

We had so much fun. All three younger Woody Boys love the water, and the sand. We stayed nearly all day. They were so into making a sandcastle that it was almost impossible to get them off the beach for lunch. In the end I had to put my foot down and say no lunch, no going back to the beach after lunch.

We have a saying in our house “What Was The Best Part Of Your Day” and then the boys tell us what they enjoyed the most. Both Cameron and Kyle answer was digging holes 🙂

A Day At The Beach

The waves were that big some times that us adults got dumped into them. I was surprised with how big some of the waves were. Kyle was amazing. He had his first go on a boggy board and even though he was thrown off numerous times, he still got back on. Cameron, being Cameron was not going out far on the boggy board, he stayed close to the edge.

At the end of the day the boys had hot chips at the beach. I was good, I did not touch any of the hot chips even though I wanted to!! I am on Day 9 of my 14 Day Water Fast. Nearly finished 🙂 To see my story of how I am coping go here.

I love the Day at the Beach. If I could I would live at the beach. All the boys slept so much better last night, and even slept in this morning.

Next time I will remember to take my camera and get photos – some of those waves were gold.

Looking forward to our weekend of camping coming up in a few weeks time.

How was your weekend?


Lisa Wood.

Listening To My Boys Needs

Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy, BUT There Comes A Time When You Have To Slow Down.

Lately our house, Woodys House, has become so full on that there is never enough time to do the little things that matter, that really count.

Today I made a choice to change that. I listened to My older Boy last night, and I could hear in his tone of voice that he really wanted someone from his family to watch him play his first football game for this season. Now I am not a sporty type of person, and I still can’t understand how the football game is played (all the rules and all that!!) but I listened to his needs and I responded with my heart.

So even after a full on day of study, and Daddy Day Care holding down the fort at home, I chose to drive home for a pit stop. I picked up Daddy, and two of younger boys. Our other two decided that they wanted to stay home. OH No home alone!!! We had enough time for a cuppa and then on the road again. I did not tell my older boy that we were going to turn up to watch him, I wanted to surprise him.

SURPRISE HIM we did. I so wished I thought to take the camera so I could have seen his face when we pulled up in the car park. He must have been hoping we were coming and looking out for our car because before I knew it he was upon us, with hugs and kisses 🙂

So It Was Worth Listening To My Boys Needs…….Forgetting about homework for one evening, and forgetting about the house work. I even had to leave the computer at home and turn my mind of from that !!!

 Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy And You Need to Sit Back And Relax. Speaking of Relaxing – Hop on over to this Blog – Click Here – and see how layed back this band is. They are too cool. You might need to sit back, kick your heels up and have a cocktail or two, only so you can feel like you are there with them.

Hey tell me did you listen to your heart today?


Lisa Wood.

Daddy Woody Was Mr Mum

On The Weekend David Was Mr Mum….

Over the weekend just gone David played Mr Mum….I was off at the Think and Grow Rich Event by Stuart Zadel in Brisbane, helping out behind the scenes.

It was a blast for me, and I really enjoyed the time out.

Not sure how David coped with five very active woody boys.

Lately I have been dealing with two teenagers, and their very active hormones. Combined with our third boy who is 11 year old….and very active over the top behavior is a recipe for disaster.

But this past weekend David got to see first hand what I have had to cope with. ITS no picnic and I have been at my wits end with all of them.

Interesting enough David coped better than I thought he would. I came home to a clean house, fresh flowers, heart sharped biscuits (for valentines Day) and five woody boys still alive 🙂

It was a very good break for me, to charge my batteries.

I sure missed my boys, especially their hugs and kisses, but did not miss their active fast going cheeky behavior.

Its funny what comes out of there mouths….

Here is a conversation (I will try to remember how it went down) with my 8 year old boy – Cameron

Cam “Mum, I am on the lookout for the secret on how to get our family to nice to each other again and act like a close family”.

Me – “Oh and where do you think you will find the Secret”.

Cam – “where is the nearest library to us now. Because they will have my answer in a book”.

Me – “Not sure if there is a library at Glass House Mountains, and will need to look to find where one is”.

Cam – “Caboolture is close enough and they have a library”

Me – “Will there is a book in the book shelf over there, Its Called “The Secret” and it might have what you are looking for?”

So….Cameron jumps up and gets the book off the Book Shelf. He asks me to read it to him after dinner because its actually what he was looking for – “Mum, Mum its called “The Secret”, so it must be a book about my answer.

After Dinner I snuggle down on the lounge with Baby Woody (kyle) in one arm, and Cameron in my other arm.

Kyle only hears the first few pages….Cameron listens until he gets very tired and asks to go to bed. But before he heads of to bed I finish the page I am on……Its where it says “The Law Responds To Your Thoughts, no Matter What They May Be”…..

I ask Cameron if he understands those words….Does he get what it means?

His gorgeous reply “Sure Mum I get it….IF I think about our family getting along it will happen. If I think about our family being nice it will be. It will happen and we will all be happy together”

HOW COOL IS THAT? MY EIGHT YEAR OLD GETS THE SECRET easier than any Adult can understand it, including me 🙂

How to be a kid again? How to have the faith, the acceptance and the belief that what will happen will happen because of thoughts…….

Maybe Daddy Woody Needs To play Mr Mum again!!!

To next time, how was your weekend? Hope you all had a good Valentines Day wherever you are.

Lisa Wood

One Mum trying to stay sane with raising five Woody Boys.

Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun…..

I would have to say that the last two weeks have been the most boring holidays we have had to date.

No going swimming….No going to the beach, No going out and about.

WHY is that?

Well for our 101 excuses on why we had the most boring two weeks school holidays….

  1. Kyle broke his arm a little over three weeks ago and only got his cast off just a few days ago.

  2. The sand storm made for some interesting inside play time.

  3. We have our house on the market so I need to be here, cleaning it and getting it prepared for any potential buyers.

  4. Our two older boys went away for the first week. One to army cadets camp, the other to Grandma/Grandad, which left the younger three boys at home.  They get on better together with out the constant fighting of all five boys!!

  5. I felt to lazy to organise the three boys to get out the door.

  6. Loved the late morning sleep ins!!

  7. No need to keep to a time frame……No rushing around getting everyone out the door for the school bell (that was sheer bliss)

  8. To tired to worry about where to take them all so that they all enjoyed themselves.

  9. Need to chill out.

  10. Had to get to the hospital for our youngest to have his cast cut off. Which took three hours, because they had us sitting in the wrong waiting room 😦

  11. Not game enough to take three boys out for the day, because everywhere I could think of, Baby Woody might of hurt his arm!!

  12. Felt like it was time for the boys to learn to appreciate more out of life….with them having to find things to do around the house/backyard.

  13. Decided that I need to do some R and R, and made sure all three boys had quiet time in the afternoon.

  14. Just because I felt like doing nothing.

  15. Finally felt so very guilty for not doing anything for two weeks…..took them to see G Force at the Movies.

I have many other 101 reasons for having the most boring school holidays ever……but basically that would take my time to write it all down, and frankly who could be bothered to write that many, and who could be bothered to read that many!!

One thing I could say… G Force has now given my boys more imagination. They are keen to try and see how they can get their Guinea Pigs to become spy’s, and how they can go about making headsets for them to wear so that they can hear them speak……

OH NO, How can I stop that one!!!

Here’s hoping you all had a better fun filled holiday time for you and your family.

Promise boys, that I will make it up to you all next school Holidays.…I promise !!!

Love to you all


Trip To Canberra

Two Days In Canberra was not long enough.

I recently went to Canberra to meet a coach within Paul Blackburns team and to spend time with my brothers.

The meeting was very productive, and will be helping our family to move our life forward but what was also the best bit over the 1 1/2 days was showing my brother the sites of Canberra.

Mind you he has lived in Canberra for eight years but has not seen the sights!!

He drove (i dragged him) to the New Parliament House, The War Memorial and then we went to see ADFA (the outside of ADFA) and to see the outside of his work.

David, My Brother and Me!!

David, My Brother and Me!!

I love the trees in Canberra. Here in Queensland we don’t get to see the seasons change through out the year but in Canberra you can tell by the trees what time of the year it is.

David standing proud next to the Man!!

David standing proud next to the Man!!

Here is a statue outside the War Memorial, for the lost men in the war that can not be accountable for. David (my brother) loved the look of how proud this statue is.

David was getting Camera Happy

David was getting Camera Happy

Outside the New Parliament House.  David was getting very excited by seeing all the sites and started to experiment with taking shots with the camera!!

My brother David and I had a ball, but one and 1/2 days was far too short. We went sight seeing but it was a very quick glipse seeing trying to see the major spots.

Next Trip To Canberra

I have sent postcards from the airport so that the boys can get excited with seeing the sites of Canberra, and I so can not wait to I return again…this time with all of my family, showing them how beautiful Canberra is.

Love sent to my Brothers and Step Dad and his wife in Canberra.

Looking Forward to our Next Trip To Canberra.

Till next time…

stay Safe, Happy, Well, Healthy, Rich and true to yourself.

Lisa Wood

From Woodys Mangosteen In your

Time Out!

Trying to stay sane this week….with Time Out

For Me or for the boys? Well….sometimes I think that I need time out more than the boys need it.

Isn’t it funny how until you have children, what you think and how you act is different without children, compared to when they are here and have a mouth to speak with.

When I was pregnagnt with my first, I swore that I would never smack them, never raise my voice, and understand my baby better than I was ever understood.

If only I had the insight that I have now!! When a fourteen year old (almost 15) is speaking the way that I do not agree with, well staying calm is almost impossible. Gotta love teenagers.

Its Time Out for Mum!! Gee all I ask is that he has a shower before Dinner, as he really does smell after a full on day at school. You would think that I am cutting off his leg.!!!

It starts out with the looks, and then the back chatter and then more looks.

It ends with me saying “ENOUGH…already. Get in the Shower or I will have your mobile phone for a week”

Why does get to that stage?

This woman says it all…..I just wished I could say it like this….

Will have to smile and play this for Hayden….

Teenagers….give me a baby any day. They Smile, feed, Sleep and Burp…just like a teenager but there is one huge difference – They Can’t Talk Back!

Love you boys but gee I so will be smiling when you have your own.

Time Out for Mum is needed this week.

Take care to all Mums with Boys, Smile it will help when you are pushed against the wall.

Till next time

Lisa Wood