How To Tell The Boys?

How Do I Tell Our Older Two Boys?

Today it came to me what I want to do with our life, before time is wasted. BUT how do I tell the older two Woody Boys?

I dropped the older boys off to high school this morning and then went out and about doing chores that needed to be done. While I was out it hit me how much time we are wasting in our life to find the right time to follow our heart. SO I came home and I got into gear. I checked out eBay and discovered a bus for sale that is big enough for all Five Woody Boys and David and I to travel Australia in.

I jumped in with both feet and placed a bid. Talk about scary stuff. I was shaking like a leaf…..but knew deep down that it is the right move ahead for our Woody boys and Woody house!!

I feel like I need to follow my heart. I need to follow my dreams. I am not sure what this burning desire is to jump with both feet in and chase my dreams, nor understand why I feel like I need to do it today – but I have learnt lately that when I listen to my inner voice I follow my heart and it all works out for the best.

How To Tell The Boys?

HOW do I tell the boys is my only concern? Our oldest is in High school – in year 10 and our second boy is in year 9 at high school. With our oldest I am concerned because it is an important time in his life. With our second oldest I am not too concerned because he is not doing too well at highschool at the moment. Actually he is falling behind in most of his subjects and failing most of his exams so  I think homeschooling on the road would be ideal for his needs/situation.

The younger three Woody boys are home from school today so they know what I have done, and are very excited:)

Wish me luck with the other two Woody Boys for tonight. If you hear fireworks sometime tonight after 5:00 pm – thats alright – its only my two older Woody Boys finding out what Mum has done!!

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can tell the older Woody Boys?


Lisa Wood.

Mothers Day

Looking Forward To Mothers Day Tomorrow

I am so excited. On Sunday morning I expect to be woken at some ungodly hour in the morning by three little woody boys with numerous breakfast choices/a weird cup of coffee, grins all round, and giggles on the bed.

The older two woody boys – being teenagers –  will be fast asleep and will miss out on all the fun. I am sure that they will have more install for when they do surface from their bedrooms!!

Mothers Day

I have overheard the three younger Woody boys talking. I am not sure how I am going to eat all of their breakfast choices 🙂 Yoghurt, Strawberries, Muesli, Cup of tea, Cup of Coffee, Jam toast and who knows what else they can manage!! I am so happy and so looking forward to waking up. Mornings are not my thing, I am actually a night owl – but this is one time the boys are allowed to wake me early – besides Christmas that is.

I love to see their smiles, and the wonderful cards that they make at school. Baby Woody – Kyle has been telling me that he has a gift hidden in his room for me. Actually all day long he has been asking me if he can bring it out to show me. I keep distracting him so that I can receive it tomorrow. He is so excited that he was able to make his first gift for the first time. Being in Prep School is really good for Kyle, actually he is thriving at school. He is coping much better than I am, I still get sad dropping him off at school 🙂

How Are You Spending Mothers Day?

How are you going to spend Mothers Day tomorrow? For all the Mothers of the World – Happy Mothers Day sent your way. May it be spent with loved ones, full of laughter, and fun.

Here are The Top 10 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day. Do you have one of the top 10 gift ideas? I think that I have at least 2 of the gift ideas. Would love number 2 – Spa Gift Card !!

I am so looking forward to have cuddle’s, kisses, cold breakfast, tickles and a good day. May all Mothers enjoy the day doing what you love doing best.

We are heading off to the beach. It is my all time favorite activity and I love watching my boys spend their day having fun.

Love being a Mum, love being with my Woody Boys.

Lisa Wood.

You Say, I Say, Who Says?

This Poem Is Dedicated to my amazing Woody Teenage Boys 🙂

You Say, I Say, Who Says?

You Say One Thing

I say Another

Your Friends say something and I wonder

Who you really believe, who you really trust

For I have walked your path before

as a Mum, as friend, as a lover,

as a small girl, as a daughter, as a sister,

as a Aunt and as a Granddaughter

Who Says what you need to hear?

What you need to know?

I say what I think is best to keep you safe

You say what you think you know you are talking about

BUT do you really know who says the words that will have

the best impact on your life?

Who says the right words so you can become the best person you were born to be?

I say I love you,

I say I want you to be happy

You Say I know.

Who says what you need to know?

Who says the words that are right?

Who says you will become what may?

I say that please do stay true to yourself so that one day you have the chance

to have your say.

You Say, I Say, Who Says?


Please Keep My Boys safe into young men, into young adults and into grown Men.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you 🙂

Do you have teenage children? Stop by here and let me know your thoughts.

With love and wishes


Lisa Wood.


Kids…To Be More Precise, Boys!!!

Today was not the best day ever.

It started off with being a great day, and then soon went out the door…. until I just wished that the day could be started all over again.

I was woken by two beautiful boys, Hayden and Zachery going out the door to the movies.  They kissed me good bye so I jumped out of bed and got the day started.

Baby Sitting.

It was going to be a different day from one of my normal every day to day…I needed to baby sit for a beautiful friend. Which in itself is not any thing different in our house. I normally end up with one or two kids extra on a regular basis. I think because we already have five kids, that friends think we can handle any extras. Which is so true….I prefer to have extras in the holidays because it takes away the fighting going on between my five.

But this was not a everyday baby sitting job. Today was different….Today I had the pleasure of baby sitting a gorgeous horse. I have been on this gorgeous horse many times, and he is just a dream to ride. So smooth and so full of grace. But today was not a good day. He was very sick….so sick that I spent most of my day trying to get him to drink water. I followed him around with a water bottle full of Mangosteen Fruit Juice, a dish of water, and a watering can.  I poured the water into my hand, I even brought over the other horses to show him that the water was yummy. NOTHING worked. I could not get him to drink…..

Nothing Worked

All day I tried and tried to get him to drink water….I pleaded, I asked, I even followed him around….but nothing would entice him to drink.

I spent over an hour just brushing his coat….a coat that was hiding the fact that all his bones were showing through. All of his muscle and shinny coat was gone. The feeling coming from the horse was not good….even baby woody who is four, picked up that the horse was really sick.

Out of the Mouths of Babes.

NOT sure how this works….but Kyle Wood said to me today “mum, that horse just let me know he is feeling really bad….His not well Mum”.  He is only four but his words stopped me in my tracks.

He was right.

Late this afternoon the Vet was called again. The most beautiful horse was no longer able to stand.  He was swaying from leg to leg….his heart rate was way above 90, and for a horse that was huge. It should not be above 45.

The vet was able to check him over one last time.  His liver had packed it in….and there was nothing they could do. I was not there when the horse was put to rest, but was called back just after….to give my goodbyes.

It was a bitter sweet goodbye….I knew that he was in a better place, but why did he have to be in the situation where going to sleep was kinder for him…..

Makes you question life all of over again…

Then to top the day off, my boys get home from going to the Movies…To tell me that they were pushed around at the bus stop this morning trying to get on the bus. And then on there way home, the same boys tried to chase them down.

I was not in a good mood by then…so I let loose. I walked down to the end of the road and told the two boys and there two girlfriends what for…

Of course they laughed in my face and said “They were looking forward to hitting my boys again”…..I was so close to hitting them, really close…

I rang the police but of course there is not much they can do….We need to attend the police station and make a statement, and let the police see what they can do. But because the boys are under age (and they know that) the police hands are tied.


Here’s to a better day from here on in….

Here’s to your Kids!! Here’s to trying to stay sane raising five boys!!

Lisa Wood

from Woodys gomangosteen

Mad House!

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Mad House!!!

Sometimes I feel like I am caught up in a Mad House, with five very active woody boys, and all their different personalities.

These Kids look they had glad I they are not in my house!!

These Kids look they had glad that they are not in my house!!

Days when it is like to talking to a brick wall, and the boys just get wilder and wilder….

Those days are far and few between now (thanks) to our Health Fruit Juice Beverage but when they do happen….gosh is hits our house hard.

Today is one of those days where I feel like I live with Mad Kids.

It starts off with high pitch screams, running through the house, teasing each other until there is tears, ignoring my voice (even when i am starting to hit boiling point!!), and running around like a Mad House. It seems like they are climbing the walls, and sending me around the bend.

Is this Me as a Mum or the Kids?

Is this Me as a Mum or the Kids?

Those are the days that I wish I could just climb into bed, pull the covers over my head and disappear for a few hours. Is that selfish of me? As a Mum…I know that I should be the one in control, and setting a good example BUT some days I feel like the 2 year old that just wants to lay down, and throw a huge tantrum….

If it is good for the kids why isn’t good for the Mum?

OH well….a better solution is up ahead….Get Out Of The Mad House!!!

So our second oldest Zachery has packed the drink bottles, got the fruit ready, has the hats/beanies and we are off to the beach for afternoon fun times 🙂

Its either that or hide under the dona.

Until next time….

Stay Healthy, Well, Sane, Smiling and Enjoy your day..

Life is far too short to worry about the smaller things in life:)

Lisa Wood

from woodys

Trying to Stay Sane…..

Trying to Stay Sane this week…just before school Holidays hit.

After helping out at the Think and Grow rich event in Brisbane on the weekend, I am madly trying to catch up on work before school holidays hit!!

Time has gone quickly this year, and it amazes me to think that it is 1/2 way through the year already!!

I am trying to catch up with all my work before I fly down to Canberra next week….I am going to be seeing my younger brothers for the day as I have been accepted into personal coaching with Paul Blackburn teams, Personal Coaching for the mindset.

It is only a flying visit and is such a shame that it will not be longer…

Home Alone…..

That means Daddy Woody will once again be at home with the boys for just over a day without Mama Woody to give a helping hand!!!

Then it will be full steam ahead in our house with two weeks of school holidays….if you have kids I so know how you are feeling.

This weekend is also going to be time out for all of us. Its My birthday, which I did not realised had come up so soon until David told me yesterday!!

I am hoping to go to the beach with the whole family and relax on the sand/park while the boys have lots of fun.  Must remember to take the picnic basket with us this time:)

A few wines (hey I am not driving), and a few laughs with my family and it will be the best birthday ever.

So I am trying to Stay Sane just before the storm hits with two weeks school holidays.

What are you and your family going to be doing for the two weeks?

Keep on Smiling…it makes the day brighter


From woodys