Woody Baby Turns Five

Our Youngest Woody Boy has turned five.

On Friday 11 June Kyle Wood turned five. He was born at 3.30 in the morning on Saturday 11 June 2005. Gosh how time flys.

We decided to brave it and have a birthday party at Landsborough Park QLD. The day was perfect, not too cold, not too hot. We arrived around 8.40 in the morning to make sure we got a table and to set up his “Pirate” theme. There was already three tables set up for their birthday parties!!! We were lucky, and got a perfect spot…..next to the playground, with heaps of space around us and right next to the BBQ……Like I said it was the most perfect day.

Kyle favorite part of his Birthday was his pirate cake. It was so easy to make…..When we got to the park I decided to put cling wrap onto the cake….BIG MISTAKE. It took most of the pirates black outline off. So David had to race down to Woolworths at Beerwah and buy another Icing Pen. Luckily for the cake the icing Pen is so very easy to use 🙂

Here is a video of Kyle Pirate Party…..I hope years later Kyle can go back and remember how much fun he had with his friends….

Wish they could stay little and cute for ever….:)

Love you kyle, Happy Birthday Big Boy.

Lisa Wood.

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