One Spoilt Mummy!!

Today Was A Great Day !

It started with Coffee and Fruit Toast, brought to me in bed. Then we went for a walk up Mt Ngungun, and back home for lunch. After a quick bite to eat I drove our oldest boy to his friends house…..who live on a Strawberry Farm 🙂 They gave us a whole tray of strawberries – the best we have ever had.

Then tonight David made Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce, and then for afterwards a Black Forest Cake for my Birthday Cake….gosh it was so very yummy, and so naughty !!

Here are the photos of the cake

Birthday Cake made by hubbyBlack Forest Cake Made By David

It was the most yummy cake David has made as yet….a Black Forest Cake for my Birthday. I was so very conscious of how much cream was involved in the cake so had the smallest slice possible……well it was smaller than Davids slice 🙂

Flowers brought yesterday for my BirthdayYesterday Cameron brought me these gorgeous flowers….he wanted to hide them and give them to me for my Birthday which was today, but David said that they needed water and a pot. I was over the moon with the flowers because Pink is my favorite colour, and because they were such a nice surprise.

Kyle wearing his Pirate hat for My birthday cake

Cute Kids

Here is Kyle, Baby Woody, helping me to celebrate my birthday, with him wearing his “Pirate Party Hat” that was left over from his birthday party. I think he was hoping that by being that close to the cake he would get a bigger slice !! Actually it was funny to watch him eating the cake because he got to the Berries and one of them must have been tart…the look on his face, Priceless 🙂

Here it says how high Mt Ngungun is, I hope it shows you how high up it is……Will include a video of Kyle Climbing as soon as I find where the video has been stored to on my computer 🙂

All in All it was a great Birthday – spent with loved ones, good food – great quality time together and lots of fun.

Thanks Woody Boys for spoiling me – love you boys.

Lisa Wood.


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