How To Tell The Boys?

How Do I Tell Our Older Two Boys?

Today it came to me what I want to do with our life, before time is wasted. BUT how do I tell the older two Woody Boys?

I dropped the older boys off to high school this morning and then went out and about doing chores that needed to be done. While I was out it hit me how much time we are wasting in our life to find the right time to follow our heart. SO I came home and I got into gear. I checked out eBay and discovered a bus for sale that is big enough for all Five Woody Boys and David and I to travel Australia in.

I jumped in with both feet and placed a bid. Talk about scary stuff. I was shaking like a leaf…..but knew deep down that it is the right move ahead for our Woody boys and Woody house!!

I feel like I need to follow my heart. I need to follow my dreams. I am not sure what this burning desire is to jump with both feet in and chase my dreams, nor understand why I feel like I need to do it today – but I have learnt lately that when I listen to my inner voice I follow my heart and it all works out for the best.

How To Tell The Boys?

HOW do I tell the boys is my only concern? Our oldest is in High school – in year 10 and our second boy is in year 9 at high school. With our oldest I am concerned because it is an important time in his life. With our second oldest I am not too concerned because he is not doing too well at highschool at the moment. Actually he is falling behind in most of his subjects and failing most of his exams so  I think homeschooling on the road would be ideal for his needs/situation.

The younger three Woody boys are home from school today so they know what I have done, and are very excited:)

Wish me luck with the other two Woody Boys for tonight. If you hear fireworks sometime tonight after 5:00 pm – thats alright – its only my two older Woody Boys finding out what Mum has done!!

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can tell the older Woody Boys?


Lisa Wood.


Think We Have Found It

We Think We Have Found It

Yesterday we went for yet another drive to have a look at another house to rent.  I am getting over looking for the Perfect place to rent for the year!!!

I went down to Davids work and picked him up. He drove us to Glass House Mountains which is just simply stunning. From the views, to the town, to the country fresh air….I simply fell in love!!! OH no David watch out 🙂

We drove down a very VERY long dirt track to the back of beyond.  At the end was a very dark brick house. It was covered with such long long grass around the boarder of the property. I am talking about grass that is past your knee, almost touching past your waist.  I was standing there wondering why some of the grass had been mowed but then some was beyond being long. As we stood there waiting for the real estate three other couples turned up to look as well. Just before we left more couples came!!!

The house is not new by any means, and has had years of neglect. The previous tenants had chickens, cows and other animals walking around the house, the yard, the garage…..(according to the Real estate, they even had the animals in the house!!!). Luckily the owner has repainted and put in new carpet. There are no curtains, and the kitchen is old. BUT there is the most gorgeous pool out the back.

SO We Think We Have Found It.

I decided that the 2 acres, the pool, the views, the peace and quiet, the potential to turn the property back into a palace….that we would put in a application to be approved to rent the place.

Its only for year, while David does up a bus. That was also another reason why I wanted the place….there is so many flat places to put a bus on, and even room for a caravan (the older two are going to share a caravan to give them there own space).

SO now the question is……Does anyone know what animal will be best to place on a 2 acre property that will eat the grass down? I really want the grass to be down at a normal level in record time because I am scared of snakes. Woodys boys and Snakes so do not mix. Oh all right….so I don’t mix with snakes either!!!

Tell me…..will a goat eat the grass, sheep, cows, or even a pony? I know that Cameron wants cows, Kyle wants a pony and I just want an animal that will help so I don’t have to work out how to get a lawn mover through all that grass!!!

Here’s to your wonderful day.

Wish me luck….hope the other couples did not place a application in either.

Lisa Wood.