Too Much Sun

Woodys Boys Are Sun Kissed

Yesterday we went to Caloundra Beach for the day. It was so very beautiful and so HOT!! I was so needing a day out and about with the surf and the sun.
I thought it was a bit hot, but did not realise how hot it was until I got home. I am Burnt. Kyle face is burnt, Nicholas face is burnt, Zac neck is burnt, Daddy (David) is burnt. I think Hayden and Cameron must have put on more sunscreen then all of us because they do not seem affected.
Today the boys were really tired. Tired and cranky. I asked Kyle if he wanted to stay home. But he wanted to go to school so that he could see his friends 🙂


Tonight is going to be an easy dinner and off to bed early. I need to catch up on Homework and also I think an early night sounds good. How was your weekend?
I am so over cooking the same meals over and over. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is tasty and quick to make? I am not really into cooking, only do it because my boys need to eat! Usually Daddy Day Care cooks dinner for us.


Tomorrow is Daddy Day Care and I am back to my course. David is going to be having fun next week when I am at my course and his home alone with five woody boys. Oh I almost forgot, we are having two of my brothers up for easter and my nephew 🙂 Gosh David will have his work cut out for him then !!
How was your weekend? What did you get up to?
Lisa Wood.

All Is Well….

All Is Well with our oldest Woody Boy

Hayden arrived home safe and sound, and thank the lord above, he was not affected by Norovirus as we were first told. It seems like it might of been the drinking water from a tank that made them really sick, or something to do with the food.

I got really panicky and upset, worried about our baby woody – he was suffering from a chest infection and did not need to be around anyone that was too sick. So I got Hubby to go to the shops and buy any cleaning products that would sterilize the house, and kept Hayden in a room by himself for 24 hours. Hubby even brought Wipes to wipe down the door handles/phone/fridge door or any where that Hayden touched for the period that he was in quarantine!!!

Luckily for Hayden he was fine within a few days, and double lucky for us none of the other WOODY BOYS came down with the bug.  I still think that there might of been a dead animal in the tank water that made the water not fit for drinking. Or maybe the cook was sick of cooking, and wanted to get rid of the camp!!!!

We have had a few weeks of interesting times….

I have not been able to get online due to our move, and the fact that I could not connect with a land line in the house because the telecommunication company   “sorry we made a mistake” and did not disconnect the line from the previous owners….so as the new owners of our current home we were not able to re-connect the line. Talk about a run around with the phone company…..It was only after that I threatened to take our business to some other company that anything was done.

So how our Woody boys coping with the biggest move of our married life?

Hayden – actually he is coping the best which really surprises me as he was so very against the move from day one.

Zachery – Man has that kid changed in the last week…..not sure where my sweet boy has gone to, but he has been replaced by one angry young man. So do not like the difference, and have been praying that he settles down in the next few weeks and goes back to being the sweet boy we know he is. I even took away his Harry Potter books because of the way he started to talk towards me….here is hoping for a better week ahead.

Nicholas – Surprise, Surprise…he loves his new school, wants to stay forever and has made some really good friends already. He is begging us to stay for next year so that he can do Year 7 at the same school and even take a trip to Canberra with his class mates. I pointed out that we will be going to Canberra any way with us traveling in a bus for a year!!!!

Cameron – Not sure how he is taking the new school, new house, new location. He worries me the most. Probably due to the fact the way his birth went down, and how we nearly lost him. He is very extra sensitive and I am hoping in time he will not feel so very nervous and make friends.

Kyle – my cheeky monkey has taken to the area, the house and has gone to school like he has always been there. He is so amazing….nothing has gotten to him. He keeps on smiling, gosh I hope that never ever changes !!!

Will update asap on how the move went down!!! THAT IS ONE VERY INTERESTING STORY, ONE THAT YOU WILL NOT BELIVE 🙂

Thank you to all of our friends that have sent us many wishes via text, and facebook…its much appreciated.

Looking forward to 2010 with many different experiences ahead for our family and our Wood Boys.

Lisa Wood

Mums Time Out.

Mums Escaped!!

Over the Last two days I have been away in Canberra with Paul Blackburn and his team, while David has been home with the boys.

I flew down and only stayed long enough to attend a one hour meeting to meet my new coach and to see family, flying back tonight.

So Daddy was home alone for a day and a half with the woody boys, but mind you he only had three out of five boys…..Teenagers grow up so quickly and are hardly ever home now days.

Surprisingly the house was cleaned, the washing was all done, and the dishes are in the dish washer. They even had a yummy dinner, and Daddy Woody got his computer work all finished as well. Maybe Mummy Woody needs to escape more often!!

Sometimes in life, you just need to do what you have to do. And if that means trusting your better half to look after a house and our very active boys….then so be it.

At the end of the day all that matters is that the boys are happy and safe….so I am thinking about planning my next trip away for “me” time……where should I go next is the big question?

My Time Away?

I have had some very confronting question on my time away….and now have some heavy thinking to go over. Thinking that I know can not be put off anymore, and its time to step up and answer to myself as well as my new coach….a coach that is going to be giving me three months of personal training, to help expel our life to the next level. So no more fluffing around, no more excuses and “No More Whips” as Stuart Zadel says from Think and Grow Rich Events.

The Woodys are in for interesting times ahead….times that will reflect with the results we are after.

So stay tuned to see what the Crazy Mad Woodys are up to next!!!

Take care, remember life is far too short to be wasting it….so forget about the dream Takers and focus on the people that are going to define who you are born to be….successful, happy, fulfilled, satisfied, and are also successful in their own right.

Cheers….Here’s to your time out.

Lisa Wood
from Woodys

Weekend Events

Weekend Events.…for Woody Daddy while I am away!!

Over the weekend I was at Stuart Zadel “Think and Grow Rich Property Event” while David stayed home with five boys:)

Weekend Events

They were doing ok Saturday. The older two went off to the shops and then Saturday evening our second oldest Woody boy went to a birthday party…..a party full of girls and only a hand full of boys!

I was actually on the phone to David while he went to drop off Zachery to the party and again I rang him just as was to pick up Zac. Daddy Woody picked Zac up about 9pm and then called me back……While David and Zac were getting into the car to leave a girl called out “I will see you later on tonight Zac when I jump through your window to hop into bed with you”. As i was in Brisbane, and too far away to help out with that Weekend event…I was trying to stay calm while asking nicely “that was a joke from the girl, and she so does not know where we lived”

David being David……made a joke and said “no worries, I am looking all the windows tonight”. The fun of being a Mum!

Weekend Events Trashed!

On Sunday it all went out the window…it was raining and so David got stuck at home with five house bound boys……

Now my house is trashed, and then have gone to school (except for baby woody) and Daddy Woody is at work, I am trying to ignore the trashed house and get back into the swing of work:)

I will have at least five days to catch up after the weekend events…but at least while I was in Brisbane at the Event Daddy Woody got to see how much fun five boys can be, and how much they can achieve in trashing a house in such a short amount of time…..

Maybe next time Daddy Woody will realize how much work it takes to arrange a Weekend Event, how much planning is involved and organizing them all so that they are all not stuck at home…..the wet weather did not help.

Think and Grow Rich Property Event

At least the Weekend Event in Brisbane was a smashing success, and I got a lot of behind the scenes information about how an Event is run…

Till next time

Stay Safe, Happy, Well, Wealthy and Sane!!!

Lisa Wood.

trying to raise five boys and stay sane.

Its A Caravan World!

Caravan show in Brisbane.

Yesterday (Monday 8th June) David and I took four of the Woody Boys to the Caravan Show In Brisbane.

Where we got to drool over all the wonderful caravans. We got to see the good, the bad, the ugly and the down right tacky. There was such a variety of quality of vans. From going inside to the top of the line, to the next shed where the vans are massed produced so they lack detail. To heading outside where the vans are budget line, and it shows.

The first shed had the best of the best of all of the Caravans. Top quality, with fine precise details. Quality layouts, Quality fittings and quality material. You can see that the Caravans have been given special attention, right down to how the wielding  looked on the outside.  Caravans in that shed cost more, but you know that you are getting the top of the line that will last forever.

Woody Boys Delights.

Our four Woody boys were in heaven….in and out of every single van they came across. It was like watching them looking for chocolate at Easter time. They were so hyped up, checking out the layouts, comparing the one they saw to the one before. It was actually very funny to watch and see their faces. We soon could tell which ones they liked compared to which ones they did not like!!!

Kyle and Cameron even got to have balloons made into shapes from a balloon guy while we checked out the Surf Life Savers prize that was on display. A huge Truck with a fifth wheeler, that is going to be drawn on the 17th June, which the Woody’s are going to win because Cameron brought a ticket.

Oh I forgot to mention that. Cameron wins no matter where we go or what we do. If there is a ticket for a raffle, and it has his name on it, then he almost certainly wins it!!!

He wins raffles at school, CD’s from Paul Blackburn The Mental Toolbox Workshop, chocolate from that competition at the moment where every mars bar has one in six win (he won three in one day)  and lots more. He has the Secret Working for him. He tells us “Mum/Dad I am going to win this….” He tells everyone…”I am very lucky”.

Here are some photos from The Caravan Day Out…..

Gym (locker room) made out of a caravan

Gym (locker room) made out of a caravan

I took this photo for my older son Hayden…he is sport mad but could not come with us on Monday because he had to go to work. Its a Retro Caravan Turned into a trophy/gym/locker room.

Here are Four of the Woody Boys:)

Cameron Woody (was meant to be our baby!)

Cameron Woody (was meant to be our baby!)

Baby of the Woody's with his dog Balloon. Baby of the Woody’s with his dog Balloon.
Nicholas Wood

Cheeky Grin Nicholas Wood

Woody Teenager Who does not like the Camera!!

Woody Teenager Who does not like the Camera!!

Did You get to see the Caravan Show In Brisbane?  What was your favorite Caravan?

Stay Safe, Happy and Well, and keep on smiling.

It’s the only way to stay Sane while Raising five boys!!

Lisa Wood:)

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Hello world!

Hello World!!!

My names is Lisa Wood and I am a Mum to five boys and one amazing husband David. The Woody’s Boys are so full on, I am sure that they took all of my energy when they were born because they sure can run rings around me:)

My boys are my WHY for living, working and educating myself for more out of life.

They drive me nuts, they make me smile, they make me laugh, they make me cry….but my world would not be the same without them.

Every morning I love to wake up and see how many jump into bed for a quick cuddle before our day starts.

Mornings…..Yuck, who invented morning rushes? So do NOT like the person that made mornings so rushed. From the moment I wake to the moment they are at school, its a mad house. I feel sorry for the neighbors having to listen to us getting ready for school. Can’t remember the last time we got to school early or on time!!

If there was one thing I could change in my life? More time…More time to spend with our boys one on one, traveling the world.

Here you can enjoy our fun days, our mad days and our crazy fun days!! I will be sharing how a Mum of Five Boys try’s to stay sane.

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Cheers…Looking forward to sharing our crazy household!!

Lisa Wood  Mum to Five boys, Hayden, Zachery, Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle….. Woody’s