Ear Infection Gone

Ear Infections Gone

If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it possible.

This morning Kyle woke up. and he was smiling 🙂 It was so gorgeous. I was so very surprised but was all so wondering how long it would last.

Through out the day I texted home, and called. Kyle was back to his normal bouncing self. I was over the moon.

Was it the Colloidal Silver? Was it the Echinacea? Or was it the drops of Hydrogen peroxide in the ear? Not sure what helped, only so very happy that his ear Infection was gone. Don Tolman explained to our family how to use Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears safely. If you are interested in finding out how to use it for your family stop by here.

Here is a photo of Kyle and Daddy cooking Anzac cookies this very afternoon

Kyle Cooking in the kitchen   Kyle actually spilt the mixture all over himself. It was so very funny – one minute he was stirring and the next the mixture was all over him. I had to run to get a photo. Love his cheeky grin – it’s so gorgeous.

I think that half the mixture went onto the floor.

Mixing and MissingMaking Cookies, or trying  to.

Gosh He is so cute.

Love how he is feeling better and the Ear Infection Is Gone.

Thanks for checking back here to see how young Woody Boy is going.



Thank You Don Tolman

So Very Grateful To Don Tolman

Our fourth boy Cameron has had leaning challenges with regards to learning and reading. I still believe it dates back to the time that he was without oxygen at birth.

Well today he came home super excited. After David going through his spelling words with Cameron yesterday, using Don Tolmans method – (Drum Roll Please) he came home with a smile from ear to ear and his card in his hand. HE GOT 10/10 FOR SPELLING 🙂

That was the first time in a very long time that he got 10/10 for spelling and had all his homework completed in one day. Don Tolman “Boot Camp for Brains” was so very worth it. It all payed off.

Have you heard of Don Tolman? Or been to his event?

If not here is a small clip from You tube on how Don teachers

If only I had his method of learning when I was at school. Imagine how much time it would take to study the smarter way, instead of how they teach at school now days !!



Our Boys Had A Blast

Our Boys Had The Best Weekend.

Over the weekend our boys had an amazing time. We drove down to the Gold Coast and had an experience. We took four of our Woody boys, are youngest was too young and had to stay at home. But I am hoping that the older two understood what Don Tolman was teaching over the weekend.

He is an amazing man, full of knowledge and understanding of how the ancient world used to work. He was able to teach about inner health, self education, and how to learn by sight. I hope in time that my boys take on board all that they learnt so that they can study in half the time/ but get higher grades.

Here is a video of the man himself, so that you can see how our boys were amazed by what he knew

What do you think? Have you seen Don Tolman live?



A Night Out On The Town

Last Night We Out On The Town….

But we didn’t paint it red!!!

We took all five Woody boys into Brisbane, late at night, for the very first time. We went to see Don Tolman, The wholefood specialist.

Our younger boys were excited but our oldest two Woody boys were dragging their feet the whole time….its so not cool to be out in Brisbane with your parents, and to have to go to an event with them 😦 oh the horror of it.

BUT I think that they really enjoyed seeing Don Tolman….they laughed and really hard.

He has a wicked sense of humor and had the audience in stitches the whole time. It was so good. The event actually helped us to relax and unwind as a family and for that I am very grateful….

Have you been to see Don Tolman? If not, find out where he will be next by going to Don Tolman International and check him out.

He has the best accent and the boys thought he was a real crack up 🙂

Was a fun filled night.

Be great to hear what you think of him?


Lisa Wood