Daddy Day Care Week 2

Daddy Is Home Alone, While I Am At My Nursing Course…..

This is our second week with Daddy home for three days while I am studying to be a nurse.

I am not sure how he is coping but this is my view on how our Woody Boys are going in our Woody House without their Mum 🙂

Week Two – Day One Of Daddy Day Care

  1. I woke and went for a walk

  2. I got back around 6.40 am – and had the quickest shower in history

  3. Daddy was pulling his hair out trying to get lunches made, breakfast made and encourage three boys to get dressed.

  4. So I decided to help by making the lunches, and getting Kyle dressed as well as Cameron.

  5. Then I quickly ate my breakfast while packing the boys lunch boxes. I am not sure I even tasted my breakfast – wait I think it was scrambled eggs, Oh that’s right I had a cuppa and breakfast while packing lunches and getting drink bottles filled. Yep it was eggs and it was yummy – thanks Daddy Day Care.

  6. I rushed out the door, late again.

  7. Got into the car and rushed back in the door. I had forgotten my notes!

  8. On the road late, had to get petrol so was late for my nursing course by a few minutes.

  9. Daddy Day Care had three Woody Boys to get out the door and to school on time. (I am not sure that he made it!!)

  10. I rang home after my exam to see how Daddy Day Care went on the school run. He got the boys to school, I think it was almost on time.

  11. Kyle was sick yesterday, and last night but bounced back this morning and went to school. I was worried about him all day, but Daddy being a Dad was like “OH his fine, nothing to worry about”

  12. This afternoon was a mad rush for Daddy Day Care to pick them up from school, unpacking of bags and getting home work done. I still have to get Cameron’s home work completed but that’s Ok, I will find the time.

  13. Dinner time – Daddy Day Care took care of Dinner for the boys – he is so good at cooking, BUT gee I have some cleaning up 🙂

  14. After Dinner its story time, and then bed time – I think he is really looking forward to having some time to sit and not think!

  15. Then Its clean up time, making lunches ready for tomorrow, getting the washing updated and the drink bottles filled.

  16. Tomorrow it starts all over again 🙂

I wondering if he had any hair, how much he would of pulled out by now!!! Maybe I should get Daddy Day Care to write on here, his thoughts on how to raise five boys without their Mum for three days a week? What are your thoughts – Should Daddy Day Care do his side of the story. How about this – “She Says” and then “He Says” ?? Would you like to see a blog on that?

How was your Day Today?

Lisa Wood.

My Kids Watch The Fridge

As A Mum To Five Boys I wrote this on how much they love to Watch the fridge and eat!!

Please Comment after reading the poem, I would love to hear your thoughts about how your family looks at food!


My Kids Watch The Fridge

My Boys are fit and healthy

They prefer to play outdoors from morning to-night.

It’s hard to keep them in doors,

we are a family without a

TV, a DVD, a Video Machine or a Wii,

We have books – Games and more.

My Kids Watch The Fridge

If they are not outdoors and you are looking for them

You will find them indoors with bum up and head down.

Bum up, Head Down, Fridge door ajar.

My Kids Watch The Fridge.

It’s funny to see, I am not sure what they expect

to find from the last time they explored.

Ask them what they are doing, and they give

you a look.

A look that says it all!

My Kids Watch The Fridge

And eat like they have never eaten before.

We only have wholefoods in our house,

which is fruit, vegetables, and anything that is fresh.

We do not have any thing that is round

like a donut or two.

We are not into packaged food with all those

hidden nasty food colourings, preservatives and chemicals.

We prefer to see them grow big and strong,

that is why they eat all day long.

If you were to come and stay at Woodys House

and see what Woody Boys can put away

You would be amazed at how fit and trim

they all look 🙂

My Kids Watch The Fridge.

Our food bill is growing bigger every week,

But we do not mind because,

they are so very happy and healthy.

We are amazed with how much their friends

have to eat,

their lunch boxes are filled to the brim with

all the food that makes us cringe.

We only like to eat the foods that

are green, orange, red, purple, and brown,

Not all the colours of the rain bow

cause they will send you mad.

When my kids ask me

“Mum, why can’t we eat like our friends eat?”

I look them in the eye and say its

“Because I love You” that we do the things we do.

My Kids Watch The Fridge

They love to eat

so eat they can, we know that

they are growing men to be,

getting bigger every day – two are now taller than me!

It amazes me to see how much junk food

is packed for school. How can a kid concentrate at school,

when they are eating all the rainbow of colours or more?

I wish that they could understand how to give

them a helping hand…..

Wholefoods is the way of the land, the way of life to be

for our boys are strong and healthy and fit as can be.

My Kids Watch The Fridge.


Thank you for stopping on by here to share with me. This is a poem from the heart, and in no way reflects any light into how you should or shouldn’t be looking after your family. It’s what works for us 🙂

Can you let me know your thoughts? What did you feel when you read the poem?

Lisa Wood.

Maybe A New School?

Looking At A New School…..

With all that the two Older Woody boys have been telling me lately about there so-called “Catholic” private high school we are now in the process of looking for a new school.

I was so very upset the other day when one boy let me know how the year 11 boys and girls visit the toilets at lunch time for a bit more than using the facilities the way they are meant to be used.

Then how the year 10, year 11, and year 12 smoke more than cigarettes before/during/after school – before reaching the school grounds, and then on the school grounds.

So NOT happy. We are paying good money for the boys to receive a great education, to be told what really goes on behind the scenes.

The icing on the cake was when I received a letter sent home (to our old address, luckily for the school I have our mail redirected) for our oldest boy Hayden – to say that he had breached the uniform four times. I was not informed once, nor on the second occasion, nor on the third. It actually took four times before they contacted me. Hayden could not explain why the uniform breech notice was sent, so I contacted the school.

It was for not having his “Formal” hat with him on four different times. He had his sports hat instead!!!  Yet the school lets them get away with a lot more. They all have computers at the school – they have gone one on one.  Each and every student is not using the computer within the guidelines. NOTHING has been done about that situation.


So we are looking at a new school. One that is closer to start with, and one that is smaller…..a closer knit community so that the kids take pride in them selves and achieve more out of school. All I want for my two older Woody boys is to achieve the best that they can and with their school at the moment I don’t feel like they are reaching for the stars….

What are your thoughts?

Maybe A New School?


Lisa Wood.

Running To School

Getting To School ON Time !!!

The three younger woody boys decided that they wanted to ride their bikes to school.

Mind you school starts at 8,30 in the morning 🙂 And seen how I am so NOT a  morning person it sure is a effort and a half to get them there on time by driving, going by bike – that is like  mission impossible but we decided to brave it and try.

I woke up thinking that I would be going taking them by car, and dressed accordingly – in a dress and sandals !!

BIG MISTAKE number 1

David was on a bike so he got to keep up with them – I was on foot. I was only going to go half way to school, pushing Kyle through the dirt track. As soon as he hit the footpath my intention was to turn around and head home. That thought was soon out the window.

Kyle struggled to keep upright let alone ride the whole way to school. So I kept on running next to him holding his handle bar to give him a boost of confidence….I ran the whole way to School.

Hubby Woody kept saying to go home that they would continue on ok but me being the worry wort of a Mum I was determined to see them all get to school safe and sound.

THEN MISTAKE NUMBER 2 for the day –

I decided to walk the long way home – in a dress on a hot summers day – in sandals (ladies thongs!!) – on a hot summers day. NEED i tell you more – yep sweat dripping off me, dress clinging to me in all the wrong unlady like places and blisters on top of my blisters that I already had.

BUT At least I got my walk in and that is what is important 🙂

All in a days work being a Mum 🙂

How was your day?


Lisa Wood

Sometimes Words Are Never Enough

Sometimes I am not sure what to say…..

And this is one of those times. I am shocked and sadden by the news of two school boys in Brisbane whose lives will never be the same again.

One was killed. RIP Elliot Fletcher, your life was way too short. Hope you are sleeping with the Angels little man.

The other will never be the same boy who woke up and went to school that morning armed with a knife.

As a Mother to five boys, I am stunned. I am shocked. I am so very sad. I still can not understand what either boy has been through. What the boy that is accused is going through.

Both families will never be the same. One has lost their only son. The other family has lost the boy they thought they knew, and have to come to terms with what he did. The boy that took another life has to come to terms with what he did.

WHAT has our world come to? What has AUSTRALIA come to?

Is it too much Video games? Is it too much T.V.? Is it too much violent DVD/Videos? Are our children too used to seeing and being a part of a Violent world?

We do not have a T.V. – nor playstation – nor a DS – nor a Wii, no DVD’s, No computer games……is this going to benefit our children in the long run? Not sure but whatever is affecting our kids that badly that they act out with so much violence that it kills then we all need to have a big deep think about what we are doing in our society to have an understanding on how to prevent this tragic event again.

May Elliot Fletcher know how much he is loved and missed. May his parents know how much we are all thinking about them…..

I have had extra words with my boys about how it happened at school. How to feel safe, How to keep safe. What to do if they do not feel safe, where to go to get away from the feeling of danger…..Is it enough to keep my boys alive? I send them to school with the idea that they are in the best place to learn. My oldest two Woody boys go to a private high school which is Catholic….Are they going to be in the place where this will not happen? Not sure, but I have not had to think this way before.

This senseless death has affected not one family, not two families, but all families across Australia……

Please – Be on the look out so that all children stay safe. If you are a child that is being bullied (and I am in no way saying this is what it was all about) then stand up and tell someone until they listen. Tell your teacher. Tell your Mum/Dad, Tell your family, tell your best friend. If you are a witness to bullying then stop it by telling. Make sure all of our kids are safe because they are too precious to all of those that love them.


My thoughts go out to both families. So very tragic. So very senseless…..How can I explain this effectively to my Five Woody Boys when I am trying to understand how this can happen?

PLEASE Love our children more each day so that they can grow old, can have their bright future, be the best they can be and have their own families……

So very Sorry Elliot Fletcher that you were let down….

Please send love and thoughts to both families….because really they both lost Sons that fateful day.

Lisa Wood.

The Pressure Of Children

The Pressure Of Children…..

Do you ever give in because it is the easiest thing to do? Or go along with their ideas to keep the peace?

I don’t normally like to “Give In” to the Woody Boys demands/ideas but today they have got under my radar and have succeeded. They have won, and they know it.

Our Year 5 Student and our Year 2 Student so want to go to school tomorrow dressed up in a Halloween Costume.

In Australia we don’t make a big thing about Halloween, and have never celebrated the day with a party, or dressing up.

But the school is fund raising for the Year 7 to have a “Graduation Party” so all the kids in the school can arrive dressed up with a gold coin donation.

I normally say “nope, no can do” but lately I have been listening to my seven year old and it breaks my heart to hear how much we don’t participate in.

Sometimes we don’t join in the schools activities because our boys are very sensitive to what is in food (which makes a sausage sizzle day ruled out) or because we are not into joining in because of different reasons. But to hear how much it upsets Cameron to be left out and not part of the crowd….Oh the Pressure Of Children!!!!

So hubby is off to the shops to see what he can purchase for Cameron and Nicholas dress up day at school. Will they be scary and horrible? Yep most likely. Will they ever wear the costume again after tomorrow? Not likely.

Will it make them happy to be joining their friends?

Sure hope so.

What will happen next time the school has another event that they beg me to join in? Will I give in as easily? Not sure…..with food, No Way. With dress Up? I am Under the Influence Of Children….Is that as dangerous as “Under The Influence Of Alcohol?” I personally think it is more lethal!!!


Oh to Be a Kid Again….

What can your children do to get under your radar and fold to their Pressure?

Be great to know that I am not the only Mum out there that is sucked in by their gorgeous smiles, their puppy dog eyes and their way of talking me around.

Trying so hard to stay sane raising five Woody boys!!

Lisa Wood.