Weekend Events

Weekend Events.…for Woody Daddy while I am away!!

Over the weekend I was at Stuart Zadel “Think and Grow Rich Property Event” while David stayed home with five boys:)

Weekend Events

They were doing ok Saturday. The older two went off to the shops and then Saturday evening our second oldest Woody boy went to a birthday party…..a party full of girls and only a hand full of boys!

I was actually on the phone to David while he went to drop off Zachery to the party and again I rang him just as was to pick up Zac. Daddy Woody picked Zac up about 9pm and then called me back……While David and Zac were getting into the car to leave a girl called out “I will see you later on tonight Zac when I jump through your window to hop into bed with you”. As i was in Brisbane, and too far away to help out with that Weekend event…I was trying to stay calm while asking nicely “that was a joke from the girl, and she so does not know where we lived”

David being David……made a joke and said “no worries, I am looking all the windows tonight”. The fun of being a Mum!

Weekend Events Trashed!

On Sunday it all went out the window…it was raining and so David got stuck at home with five house bound boys……

Now my house is trashed, and then have gone to school (except for baby woody) and Daddy Woody is at work, I am trying to ignore the trashed house and get back into the swing of work:)

I will have at least five days to catch up after the weekend events…but at least while I was in Brisbane at the Event Daddy Woody got to see how much fun five boys can be, and how much they can achieve in trashing a house in such a short amount of time…..

Maybe next time Daddy Woody will realize how much work it takes to arrange a Weekend Event, how much planning is involved and organizing them all so that they are all not stuck at home…..the wet weather did not help.

Think and Grow Rich Property Event

At least the Weekend Event in Brisbane was a smashing success, and I got a lot of behind the scenes information about how an Event is run…

Till next time

Stay Safe, Happy, Well, Wealthy and Sane!!!

Lisa Wood.

trying to raise five boys and stay sane.


Daddy’s Weekend

Daddy’s Weekend with Five Boys:)

This Weekend I am off to Stuart Zadel “Think and Grow Rich Property” Event in Brisbane so Daddy has the weekend to himself with five wonderful Loud Boys!!

I expect to return to the house trashed, but a good time had by all.

When I usually attend conferences, and David is not with me…I still try to make it home each night. But this time I am going as a Volunteer and not part of the audience…and due to me needing to be there by 6.30 am tomorrow morning, and finishing by 9.30pm Saturday night….I decided that staying was an easier option.

Sunday will be a little bit later as the venue has already been set up.

So this weekend will be Woody Boys and Daddy Woody time together……it should be really funny. Wish I could be a fly on the wall:)

Weekend is Planned!

Saturday….Baby Woody has a day at the park in mind. With Teenagers Woody’s wanting to catch a bus to the shopping centre. So that should be a reasonable day for all.  That means Oldest Teenage Boy and second oldest Teenage Woody will be out of the house…and then in the afternoon second oldest will be at a party.

On Sunday Daddy is going to brave it and take four fishing with him up to the Sunshine Coast with a great Mate from Work. Personally I think that they are nuts and not much fishing will be done:)

But you know Men, you can never tell them anything because they know what they are doing.

So I wish them Well for a great weekend. I know I am going to be enjoying myself and loving the inside knowledge from the Think and Grow Rich Event in Brisbane.

Here’s To Daddy’s Weekend OUT


from Woody’s GoMangosteen.