So Much Has Happened…..

SO Much has Happened in the past two weeks……

Where do I start?

I have been really slack with getting on here lately, and for the past two weeks have been so busy that I have not set the time aside to write here.

Gosh Time is flying by too quickly.

So not ready for Christmas!!!

Have not even brought any presents as yet…..Not too worried though because I have faith that it will all get done some how before Xmas.

What has Happened?

Well it looks like our house has sold. We have a contract on the house, with a pest/building inspection booked in for Thursday at 12 noon.

Once that goes through and gets approved we will be settling by the late January. Which means we need to be moved by no later than 15th January!!!

So we are having our last Christmas at our house. Sad but also Happy at the same time because that means we get to move our life forward.

What else has happened with the Woody boys?

Well last night we went to Carols by Candlelight at Mt Mee. without our oldest as he decided to drag his heels and not get ready in time. Which was a shame because it was just so a magical night.

Today was Cameron Birthday. He is our fourth boy, and I can not believe he turned 8!!! My the years fly by.

It only seems like yesterday he was born by emergency C-section. The only reason he had to be born quickly was because the Doctor broke my waters too soon, with the Midwife behind her saying “No, Don’t touch her waters yet because she is not ready” So wished I had spoken up against the Doctor. It was the first time that a doctor had stepped in with one of my labors and was the only time that I needed to have a C-section. But at least he was born safe and sound.

So our house has been full on here…..

We also had David’s parents down for the week just gone, to celebrate Cameron Birthday, and a late Celebration for Zachery 14th Birthday.!!!

Never a dull moment in our Woody House, with five Woody Boys!!

How has your week been?


Trying so very hard to stay sane raising five boys 🙂

PS:- Will post photos of Cameron Birthday as soon as possible!!!

Holiday Time Nearly Over

Holiday Time Draws To An End….

Due to feeling so Very Bad about not taking the boys out and about so much over these two weeks holidays, we tried to make up for it, by cramming as much in three days as possible….

  1. Friday Went to the movies to see “G Force”

  2. Picked up our second boy Zachery from the train Station as he had been staying with his grandparents for two weeks (at least he got to have some fun!!)

  3. Had a really yummy dinner, thanks to my amazing Hubby….their wonderful Dad. He even made a Australian  yummy dessert which the boys just loved.

  4. Saturday – Took the oldest to his Cricket game. Watched his cricket game, still do not understand any of it 🙂

  5. In the afternoon we escaped the house and went shopping. Gosh two days in a row with out staying at home, now that is a miracle!!

  6. Sunday. Hubby’s birthday. Damn forget to get him a present (I know. I know. Kick my butt right now).

  7. Cleaned the house up and got it ready in case another great buyer decided to pop on in, and left the house for the afternoon.  Yep You Guessed Right We are Selling our house and moving Closer to the Beach:)

  8. Had a picnic at the boys favorite park, “Platypus Park”.

  9. Watched boys have so much fun, I am sure that is why they are sleeping so well at the moment 🙂

  10. Took hubby and four of our five boys to Bunnings. A dream shop for all boys/men.  Oh ok. I like it too!!

  11. Spent so much time walking around Bunnings dreaming of all the wonderful items we could add to our house, but won’t because we don’t need anything else that will just sit and collect more dust.

  12. Came home and watched Hubby plant his vegetable plants into the veggie patch.

  13. Second oldest boy cooked our dinner, while I made yummy fruit salad.

Two Weeks Crammed Into Three Days!!!

Wow that was two weeks worth crammed into three days. Please accept my deepest apologies boys, I promise next school holidays will be better!!

Here’s to your School Holidays....may they be more filled then ours:)


Bindi Irwin Birthday At Australia Zoo

Bindi Irwin 11th Birthday Party.

On Friday Australia Zoo celebrated Bindi Birthday. So I took my three younger boys to the Zoo to help celebrate the day.

Bindi is sure growing up…and Bob is just amazing. He had a “Normal” boys tantrum when it was revealed that he was not allowed to feed the crocodiles…so cute!!

Here is just a short film from the day

Great to see Terri smiling again…and I am sure Steve is smiling down from above, proud as punch at how amazing his family are.

Steve Irwin, a true Australian legend.

Steve Irwin, a true Australian legend.

Here’s To Steve Irwin…RIP Mate…CRIKEY:)

Bindi 11th Birthday Party

Bindi 11th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Bindi

Family is so important, here’s to you and your family



Trying to Stay Sane…..

Trying to Stay Sane this week…just before school Holidays hit.

After helping out at the Think and Grow rich event in Brisbane on the weekend, I am madly trying to catch up on work before school holidays hit!!

Time has gone quickly this year, and it amazes me to think that it is 1/2 way through the year already!!

I am trying to catch up with all my work before I fly down to Canberra next week….I am going to be seeing my younger brothers for the day as I have been accepted into personal coaching with Paul Blackburn teams, Personal Coaching for the mindset.

It is only a flying visit and is such a shame that it will not be longer…

Home Alone…..

That means Daddy Woody will once again be at home with the boys for just over a day without Mama Woody to give a helping hand!!!

Then it will be full steam ahead in our house with two weeks of school holidays….if you have kids I so know how you are feeling.

This weekend is also going to be time out for all of us. Its My birthday, which I did not realised had come up so soon until David told me yesterday!!

I am hoping to go to the beach with the whole family and relax on the sand/park while the boys have lots of fun.  Must remember to take the picnic basket with us this time:)

A few wines (hey I am not driving), and a few laughs with my family and it will be the best birthday ever.

So I am trying to Stay Sane just before the storm hits with two weeks school holidays.

What are you and your family going to be doing for the two weeks?

Keep on Smiling…it makes the day brighter


From woodys

Birthday Boys

Birthday Boys…..

Two Birthday in one Month for the Woody’s Boys….

Interesting enough our first Boy was born 15 years ago on the 17th June, and our baby Woody was born 4 years ago on the 11th June.

It was not planned that way, it just happened. With all five of my babies, they came overdue. Hayden was meant to be born at the end May or early june. Kyle was meant to be born Mid May to late May but came on the 11th June!!!

So on Wednesday just gone I am feeling very old as my first born baby turned 15. I can remember the day he was brought home from the hospital, all wrapped up in as many blankets as possible because it was winter time down south and it was cold.

There was no birthday party planned this year because “Mum that’s for little Kids!!!” But there was still a nice dinner and cake.

Now he is taller then me, with Muscles because he plays so much sport and works out in the gym….my how time fly’s!

Here is the birthday boy…with his favourite Cheesecake as his birthday cake….

Birthday boy turns 15.

Birthday boy turns 15.

A very rare moment in deed…all five boys in one photo together:)

Because I have recently being following another gorgeous family “The Spohrs are Multiplying” with their beautiful Maddie, I now treasure family time more than ever.

I will never have a daughter of my own, but don’t feel sorry for me as I have five gorgeous boys that are healthy, happy and full of life.

Sweet Maddie has made me realise the important day to day events in life, like taking more photos, treasuring more hugs and having more kisses.

Even though he turned 15, I still asked for a birthday Hug from Hayden and a kiss. Which he did but was mightly embrassed about!!!

Hayden with baby woody!!

Hayden with baby woody!!

Love you boys to bits, even when you are so active that you are driving me nuts!!!

Happy 15th Birthday Hayden.

Stay Safe, Well, Happy, Healthy and With a Smile…Till Next time

Lisa Wood

From Woody’s