Our Kids Today

Here are my thoughts about the society of our young children, our future generation…….

This Poem “Our Kids Today” is dedicated to all who are concerned about our Children



What has become of our kids today?

Can you remember the times it was safe to roam?

Can you remember the times we had fun,

for hours on end and no one knew where we were?

What has become of our kids today?

They are happy to play computer games,

have a television in their room, with their own DVD, Game Station,

a Wii, D.S  and internet too.

But ask them to put it all down,

Switch it all off,

Open up the window for fresh air,

Turn off the Air Conditioner,

Switch off the mobile phone.

Turn it all off, Tune it all out and go for a walk.

It’s like we are asking them to cut off their own leg arm or both.

WHat has become of our kids today?

If the kids do not have all of the above they ask why?

Kids don’t get how to have fun anymore.

Send them out in the great outdoors and they have not a clue……

It’s such a shame, Such a Shame.

To see our kids locked up in doors, with no sun or surf or fun

Is a crime.

Turn off the power Mum’s and Dads

Let our kids become kids once again,

Push them out the door and let them explore.

What Has Become Of Our Kids Today?


These are my thoughts and feelings. They may not be yours, or you may agree!!! I write from the heart and am not here to write to upset anyone. So if you do not agree with my poem please be nice with your comments. All negative (horrible) comments will be deleted.

What are your thoughts about “Our Kids Today”.

Lisa Wood.


Canoe At Bribie Island

Canoe Time!!

Yesterday we took the Woody Boys to Bribie Island with our Canoe. Its not a normal size canoe, and its really heavy to lift onto the car but gee its so much fun!!

Hubby David made the canoe while he was learning how to make boats and we love taking it out to use….which we don’t do enough.

Daddy Woody with the boys.

Daddy Woody with the boys.

We had all of our boys with us yesterday which seems like a miracle….I made them all come!!

Usually the older two go out and about with their friends but this time I put my foot down…which I am so glad about because they all had so much fun.

It was a good feeling to see them smiling, laughing and getting along as one.

Zachery Smiling in the sun

Zachery Smiling in the sun

Zachery and Hayden hoped into the Canoe and rowed to the other side of the Canal…..and it was so much fun watching them trying to get back around all the boats, the waves and rowing without getting sore arms 🙂

Brotherly love is so very cute to see.

Hayden and Zachery Smiling together

Hayden and Zachery Smiling together

Even standing nearly close enough to have a photo taken….smiling!!

It was a fun filled day, and we even had a couple look at our house so maybe very very soon we will be sold and moved closer to the beach so that I get to see the boys having more fun together 🙂  Looking forward to that day.

Even our Baby Woody Had fun!

Baby woody playing in the mud

Baby woody playing in the mud

Woody Enjoying our Canoe

Woody Enjoying our Canoe

Such gross mud!! But so much fun

Even Zachery, Nicholas and Cameron had fun in the Canoe…It brought a huge smile to my face to see them having fun trying to move the canoe in the direction that they wanted it to go in.

Love the Beach, So looking forward to when we are moved there.

Laughter, Sun, Fun, Beach, All my Boys…..what more could I ask for?

Yesterday was a good day.  Looking forward to more good days ahead