My Boy Is HomeSick

Our fourth Boy Cameron is Home Sick…

Cameron went back to his grandparents after New Years Eve and was meant to stay with them for over two weeks.

But with us moving, all his things packed and the house mostly in boxes, and all of the woody boys talking on the phone to him about our next house has made Cameron home Sick.

He was in tears Saturday night on the phone to me, which cut me up because I was too far away to do anything about it 😦 On Sunday he went to Church with his grandparents and they rang just after it was finished. He really wanted to be at home. SO they went to the train station and found out when they could book the next train back home.

Tuesday was the earliest available day for the train.

It hurt so much that I could not go and get him. Hurt that I could not hug him or kiss him to make it better…..this is the first time that he has gotten homesick while being away. I think it might be because of the changes in our lives at the moment. So happy that I will have the chance to give him lots of hugs/kisses on Tuesday.

So looking forward to Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s to all the hugs you can get from your children (until they consider it beyond them to be hugged!!!). Have any of your kids been home sick before?

Lisa Wood.

Schools Back

School Has Gone Back

For that I am into two minds about…..

I am glad that the house is quieter during the day, but also at the same time sad that it is quiet.

Does that make sense? Not sure if does, but it is what it is.

I love being busy, and having the five boys at home sure keep me busy. But I also love the quiet times.

Take yesterday for instance. It was NOT one of my good days. I was low on energy and then the boys picked up on that and became even more loud, even more boisterous then normal. Which soon became like a never ending circle….me trying to keep calm (which did not last for long) with the boys becoming even more difficult to get back down off the ceiling.

You may laugh but it is not a funny matter.

I had pleaded with David take at least one of the boys with him to a conference in Brisbane that he was attending but he did not really understand my “Please don’t leave me home with five boys by myself today as I am so very tired!!” pleading…pleading.

So here I was trying to take deep breathes while they ran through the house, stirring and teasing each other. To which they thought was so very funny. I even (silly me!!) asked my second oldest to clean out the fridge for me…for which would be a job that he would be payed for.  It was all going really well, until he thought it would be funny to get a capsicum out of the fridge and proceed to throw it through the house. Of course the said capsicum did not stay intact…in fact it ended up in three different rooms of the house 🙂

While I was taking double breathes…..and trying my hardest not to cry, the same gorgeous child then decided cleaning out the fridge was way too boring….left the fridge door ajar and went out the back yard to tie his younger brothers bike up a tree as a “silly joke”. Will that was when I really lost it….I am sorry but no deep breathing would work this time.

I let rip…..”please take the bike out of the tree” at the top of my voice.  Second oldest was not happy with being pulled up for his so called “Joke”. I was at my wits end, so what did I do? Stuck my bum in the air…head down and cleaned out the fridge. Well it needed to be done and it was the only way I could think of to cool down 🙂 Oh and had a good cry!!

So at the end of the day…the house was finally cleaned. The kids were feed and I let David have it!! Not sure if he was game enough to come to bed last night as I went to bed early, and he was left to get his own dinner.

Today was a better day….So much better.

David did not even have to ask if he should take some of the boys shopping with him….he just let me know that he was taking two of them!!

I did not ask any of them to help with cleaning the house…..actually I did not even try to clean the house.

Today I let it all go….and for that I am smiling.

Smiling and thinking, tomorrow is another day.

Oh and its Monday, which means schools on again!

Love sent to all the families that have children as fun as ours, and to all parents that stay as sane as me:)