Daddy Day Care Week 3

In the House Of Daddy Day Care Week Three there was a mixed week 🙂

Daddy Day Care Week 3 was so very busy that I have not had time to update how our week went. So with being Good Friday, and all the boys at home I have decided to take the time to sit this morning and reflect on how our week went.

It was a full on week, with many different situations arising that I was trying to step back from and let Daddy Day Care take care of. I think that I am the peace maker amongst them all because I do not like confrontations within our house.

Not sure if it is because I am a Mum and Daddy see things differently because lets face it he is a Man!! But there has been certain situations this week that I have had to take a back seat on and let Daddy Day Care work it out. Are you one of those Mum’s that like to help out and do anything and everything for others? I am what is consider a “Southey Personality” – from Paul Blackburn – so I am always putting my needs last and trying to do too much. Needless to say I have been exhausted this week.

Daddy Day Care has been very tired and CRANKY each morning so I am rushing around to try to help out before I leave for my course. I really should be gone way before 7.45 am each morning to make it my course by 8.30am but this week I have been leaving around 7.55 am – almost 8.00 am. Needless to say I have been late to my course.

Do You Have Times Like That In Your House? Where you are running around like a mad chook with your head cut off? I have to say that I have been feeling like I am being pulled into all directions.

I want to make sure my boys make it to school on time, have their bags packed, their school clothes on and eating their breakfast. Within all of this going on I am trying to keep the peace between all of the boys, and Daddy Day Care from being too stressed. Then Daddy gets even more upset because he knows I am going to be late for my course!!

Isn’t it funny how as a Mum I can have three different conversations, do at least three different task at once and try to sort out the house at the same time but Daddies can only do one thing at a time. That is the difference between a Man and Women 🙂 I suppose that is why opposites attract.

Needless to say I am looking forward to the four days break with today being Good Friday, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and then Easter Sunday. That will ease the tension in our Daddy Day Care for a short period of time. Next week will be Daddy Day Care Week 4 and I am thinking that it will full steam ahead because it is school holidays and we are having family staying in the house 🙂 Maybe next Week in Daddy Day Care House I will be the” Peace Army Corps Lady Officer” so much that I will book myself on a one way cruise out of here!! Do you feel like you have to be everywhere, help out in any way and put everyone needs before your own?

I wonder what Daddy Day Care thoughts were of the week?

Interesting to see how Men and Women think differently.

Thanks for sharing our experience with our Woody Boys in our Woody House where Daddy is the Mummy and Mummy is returning to studying 🙂

Until next week, Happy Easter and have a safe holiday. Take care over the week and driving safely.

Lisa Wood.

Too Much Sun

Woodys Boys Are Sun Kissed

Yesterday we went to Caloundra Beach for the day. It was so very beautiful and so HOT!! I was so needing a day out and about with the surf and the sun.
I thought it was a bit hot, but did not realise how hot it was until I got home. I am Burnt. Kyle face is burnt, Nicholas face is burnt, Zac neck is burnt, Daddy (David) is burnt. I think Hayden and Cameron must have put on more sunscreen then all of us because they do not seem affected.
Today the boys were really tired. Tired and cranky. I asked Kyle if he wanted to stay home. But he wanted to go to school so that he could see his friends 🙂


Tonight is going to be an easy dinner and off to bed early. I need to catch up on Homework and also I think an early night sounds good. How was your weekend?
I am so over cooking the same meals over and over. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is tasty and quick to make? I am not really into cooking, only do it because my boys need to eat! Usually Daddy Day Care cooks dinner for us.


Tomorrow is Daddy Day Care and I am back to my course. David is going to be having fun next week when I am at my course and his home alone with five woody boys. Oh I almost forgot, we are having two of my brothers up for easter and my nephew 🙂 Gosh David will have his work cut out for him then !!
How was your weekend? What did you get up to?
Lisa Wood.

Listening To My Boys Needs

Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy, BUT There Comes A Time When You Have To Slow Down.

Lately our house, Woodys House, has become so full on that there is never enough time to do the little things that matter, that really count.

Today I made a choice to change that. I listened to My older Boy last night, and I could hear in his tone of voice that he really wanted someone from his family to watch him play his first football game for this season. Now I am not a sporty type of person, and I still can’t understand how the football game is played (all the rules and all that!!) but I listened to his needs and I responded with my heart.

So even after a full on day of study, and Daddy Day Care holding down the fort at home, I chose to drive home for a pit stop. I picked up Daddy, and two of younger boys. Our other two decided that they wanted to stay home. OH No home alone!!! We had enough time for a cuppa and then on the road again. I did not tell my older boy that we were going to turn up to watch him, I wanted to surprise him.

SURPRISE HIM we did. I so wished I thought to take the camera so I could have seen his face when we pulled up in the car park. He must have been hoping we were coming and looking out for our car because before I knew it he was upon us, with hugs and kisses 🙂

So It Was Worth Listening To My Boys Needs…….Forgetting about homework for one evening, and forgetting about the house work. I even had to leave the computer at home and turn my mind of from that !!!

 Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy And You Need to Sit Back And Relax. Speaking of Relaxing – Hop on over to this Blog – Click Here – and see how layed back this band is. They are too cool. You might need to sit back, kick your heels up and have a cocktail or two, only so you can feel like you are there with them.

Hey tell me did you listen to your heart today?


Lisa Wood.

Daddy Day Care Week 2

Daddy Is Home Alone, While I Am At My Nursing Course…..

This is our second week with Daddy home for three days while I am studying to be a nurse.

I am not sure how he is coping but this is my view on how our Woody Boys are going in our Woody House without their Mum 🙂

Week Two – Day One Of Daddy Day Care

  1. I woke and went for a walk

  2. I got back around 6.40 am – and had the quickest shower in history

  3. Daddy was pulling his hair out trying to get lunches made, breakfast made and encourage three boys to get dressed.

  4. So I decided to help by making the lunches, and getting Kyle dressed as well as Cameron.

  5. Then I quickly ate my breakfast while packing the boys lunch boxes. I am not sure I even tasted my breakfast – wait I think it was scrambled eggs, Oh that’s right I had a cuppa and breakfast while packing lunches and getting drink bottles filled. Yep it was eggs and it was yummy – thanks Daddy Day Care.

  6. I rushed out the door, late again.

  7. Got into the car and rushed back in the door. I had forgotten my notes!

  8. On the road late, had to get petrol so was late for my nursing course by a few minutes.

  9. Daddy Day Care had three Woody Boys to get out the door and to school on time. (I am not sure that he made it!!)

  10. I rang home after my exam to see how Daddy Day Care went on the school run. He got the boys to school, I think it was almost on time.

  11. Kyle was sick yesterday, and last night but bounced back this morning and went to school. I was worried about him all day, but Daddy being a Dad was like “OH his fine, nothing to worry about”

  12. This afternoon was a mad rush for Daddy Day Care to pick them up from school, unpacking of bags and getting home work done. I still have to get Cameron’s home work completed but that’s Ok, I will find the time.

  13. Dinner time – Daddy Day Care took care of Dinner for the boys – he is so good at cooking, BUT gee I have some cleaning up 🙂

  14. After Dinner its story time, and then bed time – I think he is really looking forward to having some time to sit and not think!

  15. Then Its clean up time, making lunches ready for tomorrow, getting the washing updated and the drink bottles filled.

  16. Tomorrow it starts all over again 🙂

I wondering if he had any hair, how much he would of pulled out by now!!! Maybe I should get Daddy Day Care to write on here, his thoughts on how to raise five boys without their Mum for three days a week? What are your thoughts – Should Daddy Day Care do his side of the story. How about this – “She Says” and then “He Says” ?? Would you like to see a blog on that?

How was your Day Today?

Lisa Wood.

Wet Boy, Tired Dad

This Morning Adventures…..

Now that I am not at home and at Caloundra Studying Daddy Day Care ie; David Wood has to get the three younger boys to school each morning and pick them up.

That’s fine when it’s not raining, but due to all the rain we have had lately the track that the Woody boys rides down is very wet….too wet to even be using it.

So this morning I ring home on our first break to see how David is getting on, and to see if the boys made it to school OK. WELL….

Kyle was riding through the track when he decided to ride straight through the big wet puddle that is almost like quick sand. HE fell off, bum first into the juicy red mud which ended up covering him almost from head to toe. Luckily the other two boys kept riding to school and made it on time.

Wet Boy

Daddy Day Care and Kyle had to come home from the bus track, quickly bath Kyle, find more school clothes, find more shoes and start again.

Luckily second time around they made. Late to school but made it.

This evening Daddy Day Care is so EXHAUSTED he has fallen asleep on the lounge, fast asleep without having a shower.

Tired Dad

The  million Dollar Question is – should I wake him or let him sleep? What are your suggestions?

Here’s to another fun day with the Woody Boys!!!

Lisa Wood.