Climbing Mt Ngungun At The Glass House Mountains

Taking Two Woody Boys Up To Mt Ngungun…

After walking around and seeing all there is to see at Eumundi Markets, for quite some time this morning with a great friend, I decided to be very crazy and head up to Mt Ngungun at the glass house Mountains.

Seen as how we live right in front of the mountain, and I mean that – we are with walking distance from the base of the Mountain –  I decided to brave the weather conditions, the mosquitoes (they are so very bad at the moment) and take two of our woody boys with me.

As soon as they unpacked their bags, got changed out of there uniforms we headed off on foot. Within minutes of getting down the road it looked like it was going to bucket down, it even started to sprinkle. But I was determined to get my exercise today, and spend some quality time with Nicholas and Cameron.

We forgot to spray with insect repellent – oops – will remember next time, so they were having a great feast on all three of us.

Considering Cameron is only 8 years old we didn’t do to bad….He could easily keep up with me, and even at one stage I had to tell him to slow down.

Nicholas being the billy goat that he is, was way ahead of us. I think that I posted that last time we went up to Mt Ngungun how quick he was 🙂

Me being that much older took a bit more time, but I was very happy with myself. This time I could walk up without stopping, and that’s amazing because we almost made it to the top. The only reason we did not keep going was because it was getting late, and the clouds were starting to come in really dark. I was also a bit concerned – if it got dark, there was no street lights and all three of us did not think about a torch.

All in All it was a fantastic way to spend our afternoon, taking up a fair bit of time. I think the boys are keen to go back again which is good because I forgot to take our camera and I really want to take a photo of their smiling faces as they climb. They both were very proud of themselves and so they should be – its not a very hard climb but its also no picnic. It uses muscles that they have not used before, so tomorrow will be interesting!

Wonder how many I times I will hear in the morning –  “I am too sore to walk to school, I am too sore to get out of bed, I am too sore to get my bag packed – so can I stay home?” 🙂

What A Climb Mt Ngungun Is

A great way to end a Great day.

Looking forward to making it all the way to the top once again, and kick my butt if I forget the camera again 🙂

How did you spend your day?


Lisa Wood.

Woody Boys Are Over Excited

The Woody Boys Are Over The Moon….

Today we have very good news, the best.

We got told that we were approved for a house at the Glass House Mountains. We have only missed out on two houses so far!!!

But today I had my paper work in super early, all the “ticks” ticked, all the “crosses” crossed, and enough information to put us in the lead.

Then returned home to wait…thinking it takes at least 24 hours to be approved. Within three hours we got the phone call “Yes” you have been approved.

I shouted with joy and jumped around the house screaming…not sure what the three younger woody boys thought of a screaming Mama!!

Not sure how the older boy is going to take the news but we will cross that bridge when we get to it….he returns from a army cadet camp this Friday!!!

Oh Happy Days 🙂

Now I am madly packing and cleaning so that by this weekend we are gone.

The best news is the house has a Cubby house. The boys have ALWAYS wanted one and I promised that we would get one when we moved, the house comes with one!!! Be great to get photos of there smile when we have moved, so I must remember not to pack the camera.

Here’s to 2010 be our year, the year the boys have fun in their new house and for a year of getting ready to hit the road.

Love The Law Of Attraction

Lisa Wood.

Think We Have Found It

We Think We Have Found It

Yesterday we went for yet another drive to have a look at another house to rent.  I am getting over looking for the Perfect place to rent for the year!!!

I went down to Davids work and picked him up. He drove us to Glass House Mountains which is just simply stunning. From the views, to the town, to the country fresh air….I simply fell in love!!! OH no David watch out 🙂

We drove down a very VERY long dirt track to the back of beyond.  At the end was a very dark brick house. It was covered with such long long grass around the boarder of the property. I am talking about grass that is past your knee, almost touching past your waist.  I was standing there wondering why some of the grass had been mowed but then some was beyond being long. As we stood there waiting for the real estate three other couples turned up to look as well. Just before we left more couples came!!!

The house is not new by any means, and has had years of neglect. The previous tenants had chickens, cows and other animals walking around the house, the yard, the garage…..(according to the Real estate, they even had the animals in the house!!!). Luckily the owner has repainted and put in new carpet. There are no curtains, and the kitchen is old. BUT there is the most gorgeous pool out the back.

SO We Think We Have Found It.

I decided that the 2 acres, the pool, the views, the peace and quiet, the potential to turn the property back into a palace….that we would put in a application to be approved to rent the place.

Its only for year, while David does up a bus. That was also another reason why I wanted the place….there is so many flat places to put a bus on, and even room for a caravan (the older two are going to share a caravan to give them there own space).

SO now the question is……Does anyone know what animal will be best to place on a 2 acre property that will eat the grass down? I really want the grass to be down at a normal level in record time because I am scared of snakes. Woodys boys and Snakes so do not mix. Oh all right….so I don’t mix with snakes either!!!

Tell me…..will a goat eat the grass, sheep, cows, or even a pony? I know that Cameron wants cows, Kyle wants a pony and I just want an animal that will help so I don’t have to work out how to get a lawn mover through all that grass!!!

Here’s to your wonderful day.

Wish me luck….hope the other couples did not place a application in either.

Lisa Wood.

Climbing Mt Ngungun

Bush Walking…..Well Actually it was more like Mountain Climbing, Climbing Mt Ngungun!!

On Sunday just gone a great friend Sabine invited our family out for a fun easy bush walk:)

Hubby David was to busy to go so it was down to me, Zachery and Nicholas. Then Zac being a typical 13 year old (almost 14) decided that he was so NOT getting up early on a Sunday to get out of bed and go for a bush walk.

Then there was two…just myself and Nicholas, the only Woodys interested in going.  We meet with Sabine, Pam and Pam’s Husband Geoff and another wonderful friend of Sabine’s.

At The Bottom!!

We meet at the bottom of Mt Ngun Ngun around 8:00am (I think I was a little bit late….as usual!!). I was nervous going on the walk as I had not been on a bush walk for a very long time, and the last Mountain Climb I had done was 15 years ago!!

Nicholas being Nic…..found it so very easy:)

He was the first to the top and the first to the bottom!!

Here is the most amazing views ever

Mt Ngun Ngun...amazing place

Mt Ngun Ngun...amazing place

Nic thinking that was SOO easy!!

Nic thinking that was SOO easy!!

Nicholas was just amazingly quick getting up and getting down…..

He had the best time and now wants to go every Sunday with three Mountains each and every day….

We ended up climbing two mountains and then set off for Lunch at the Glass House Mountains lookout.

Nicholas and I (well alright me!!) decided not to do the third Mountain for the day….I had a really good reason…I needed to pick up the oldest Woody from Army Cadets! (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it)

Thanks Sabine!!

Cheers to Staying Healthy on the inside and on the outside.

Till our next big climb….

Lisa Wood.