Mothers Day

Looking Forward To Mothers Day Tomorrow

I am so excited. On Sunday morning I expect to be woken at some ungodly hour in the morning by three little woody boys with numerous breakfast choices/a weird cup of coffee, grins all round, and giggles on the bed.

The older two woody boys – being teenagers –  will be fast asleep and will miss out on all the fun. I am sure that they will have more install for when they do surface from their bedrooms!!

Mothers Day

I have overheard the three younger Woody boys talking. I am not sure how I am going to eat all of their breakfast choices 🙂 Yoghurt, Strawberries, Muesli, Cup of tea, Cup of Coffee, Jam toast and who knows what else they can manage!! I am so happy and so looking forward to waking up. Mornings are not my thing, I am actually a night owl – but this is one time the boys are allowed to wake me early – besides Christmas that is.

I love to see their smiles, and the wonderful cards that they make at school. Baby Woody – Kyle has been telling me that he has a gift hidden in his room for me. Actually all day long he has been asking me if he can bring it out to show me. I keep distracting him so that I can receive it tomorrow. He is so excited that he was able to make his first gift for the first time. Being in Prep School is really good for Kyle, actually he is thriving at school. He is coping much better than I am, I still get sad dropping him off at school 🙂

How Are You Spending Mothers Day?

How are you going to spend Mothers Day tomorrow? For all the Mothers of the World – Happy Mothers Day sent your way. May it be spent with loved ones, full of laughter, and fun.

Here are The Top 10 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day. Do you have one of the top 10 gift ideas? I think that I have at least 2 of the gift ideas. Would love number 2 – Spa Gift Card !!

I am so looking forward to have cuddle’s, kisses, cold breakfast, tickles and a good day. May all Mothers enjoy the day doing what you love doing best.

We are heading off to the beach. It is my all time favorite activity and I love watching my boys spend their day having fun.

Love being a Mum, love being with my Woody Boys.

Lisa Wood.

Our Boys Had A Blast

Our Boys Had The Best Weekend.

Over the weekend our boys had an amazing time. We drove down to the Gold Coast and had an experience. We took four of our Woody boys, are youngest was too young and had to stay at home. But I am hoping that the older two understood what Don Tolman was teaching over the weekend.

He is an amazing man, full of knowledge and understanding of how the ancient world used to work. He was able to teach about inner health, self education, and how to learn by sight. I hope in time that my boys take on board all that they learnt so that they can study in half the time/ but get higher grades.

Here is a video of the man himself, so that you can see how our boys were amazed by what he knew

What do you think? Have you seen Don Tolman live?



Crazy Week, Crazy Household

Totally Mad House This Week.

We have been the most craziest house ever this week with our five Woody Boys, my two brothers and my nephew. Did you know that I worked out there are NINE boys in our house at the moment and one little old female – Me!!!!

Crazy Week, Crazy Household.

So we have been the craziest, loudest, maddest, wackiest  Woody House in the neighbour hood and I am sure that all the boys are looking forward to rest and relaxation this weekend. I know that I am!

How is that possible to have 9 boys and I girl in one house? Will with our five Woody boys, My two brothers, and my other brothers son (my nephew) plus one stressed out husband, that is how over populated this house is.

What is wrong here with that picture? Well I have to say that there are lots wrong with that picture. I am really over tired, over stressed and under paid!!! I am trying to keep the house clean, the kids happy and my studies up to date plus play tourist all at the same time 🙂 Gosh I am tired just reading about my week.

Yesterday I took the boys to Australia Zoo and gave Hubby a break at home. Our second oldest stayed home with Daddy to help out around the house.

What fun we had at Australia Zoo 🙂 We took two cars. My brothers took two of my boys and I took the rest of the family. We got there early so that we had plenty of time to walk around and see all the sites. We still did not get to see all the animals, the place is that huge. I will get my videos uploaded as soon as possible because I was camera proud and took heaps of footage.

We all had a fun time.

Today my two brothers took four kids to the beach. They were all laughing together when they got home so that must mean that they had a good time. Tonight we went to Hogs Breath Cafe for dinner to celebrate an early birthday treat for our oldest who is turning 16 in June. Oh by the way, has anyone got any suggestions for a 16th Birthday theme? What is the best way to celebrate a sons 16th Birthday??? Please let me know so I can think about how to celebrate his birthday in style.

So that was our Crazy Week, Crazy household.

How was your week/weekend?

Happy late Easter 🙂

Lisa Wood

Listening To My Boys Needs

Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy, BUT There Comes A Time When You Have To Slow Down.

Lately our house, Woodys House, has become so full on that there is never enough time to do the little things that matter, that really count.

Today I made a choice to change that. I listened to My older Boy last night, and I could hear in his tone of voice that he really wanted someone from his family to watch him play his first football game for this season. Now I am not a sporty type of person, and I still can’t understand how the football game is played (all the rules and all that!!) but I listened to his needs and I responded with my heart.

So even after a full on day of study, and Daddy Day Care holding down the fort at home, I chose to drive home for a pit stop. I picked up Daddy, and two of younger boys. Our other two decided that they wanted to stay home. OH No home alone!!! We had enough time for a cuppa and then on the road again. I did not tell my older boy that we were going to turn up to watch him, I wanted to surprise him.

SURPRISE HIM we did. I so wished I thought to take the camera so I could have seen his face when we pulled up in the car park. He must have been hoping we were coming and looking out for our car because before I knew it he was upon us, with hugs and kisses 🙂

So It Was Worth Listening To My Boys Needs…….Forgetting about homework for one evening, and forgetting about the house work. I even had to leave the computer at home and turn my mind of from that !!!

 Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy And You Need to Sit Back And Relax. Speaking of Relaxing – Hop on over to this Blog – Click Here – and see how layed back this band is. They are too cool. You might need to sit back, kick your heels up and have a cocktail or two, only so you can feel like you are there with them.

Hey tell me did you listen to your heart today?


Lisa Wood.

My Kids Watch The Fridge

As A Mum To Five Boys I wrote this on how much they love to Watch the fridge and eat!!

Please Comment after reading the poem, I would love to hear your thoughts about how your family looks at food!


My Kids Watch The Fridge

My Boys are fit and healthy

They prefer to play outdoors from morning to-night.

It’s hard to keep them in doors,

we are a family without a

TV, a DVD, a Video Machine or a Wii,

We have books – Games and more.

My Kids Watch The Fridge

If they are not outdoors and you are looking for them

You will find them indoors with bum up and head down.

Bum up, Head Down, Fridge door ajar.

My Kids Watch The Fridge.

It’s funny to see, I am not sure what they expect

to find from the last time they explored.

Ask them what they are doing, and they give

you a look.

A look that says it all!

My Kids Watch The Fridge

And eat like they have never eaten before.

We only have wholefoods in our house,

which is fruit, vegetables, and anything that is fresh.

We do not have any thing that is round

like a donut or two.

We are not into packaged food with all those

hidden nasty food colourings, preservatives and chemicals.

We prefer to see them grow big and strong,

that is why they eat all day long.

If you were to come and stay at Woodys House

and see what Woody Boys can put away

You would be amazed at how fit and trim

they all look 🙂

My Kids Watch The Fridge.

Our food bill is growing bigger every week,

But we do not mind because,

they are so very happy and healthy.

We are amazed with how much their friends

have to eat,

their lunch boxes are filled to the brim with

all the food that makes us cringe.

We only like to eat the foods that

are green, orange, red, purple, and brown,

Not all the colours of the rain bow

cause they will send you mad.

When my kids ask me

“Mum, why can’t we eat like our friends eat?”

I look them in the eye and say its

“Because I love You” that we do the things we do.

My Kids Watch The Fridge

They love to eat

so eat they can, we know that

they are growing men to be,

getting bigger every day – two are now taller than me!

It amazes me to see how much junk food

is packed for school. How can a kid concentrate at school,

when they are eating all the rainbow of colours or more?

I wish that they could understand how to give

them a helping hand…..

Wholefoods is the way of the land, the way of life to be

for our boys are strong and healthy and fit as can be.

My Kids Watch The Fridge.


Thank you for stopping on by here to share with me. This is a poem from the heart, and in no way reflects any light into how you should or shouldn’t be looking after your family. It’s what works for us 🙂

Can you let me know your thoughts? What did you feel when you read the poem?

Lisa Wood.

Maybe A New School?

Looking At A New School…..

With all that the two Older Woody boys have been telling me lately about there so-called “Catholic” private high school we are now in the process of looking for a new school.

I was so very upset the other day when one boy let me know how the year 11 boys and girls visit the toilets at lunch time for a bit more than using the facilities the way they are meant to be used.

Then how the year 10, year 11, and year 12 smoke more than cigarettes before/during/after school – before reaching the school grounds, and then on the school grounds.

So NOT happy. We are paying good money for the boys to receive a great education, to be told what really goes on behind the scenes.

The icing on the cake was when I received a letter sent home (to our old address, luckily for the school I have our mail redirected) for our oldest boy Hayden – to say that he had breached the uniform four times. I was not informed once, nor on the second occasion, nor on the third. It actually took four times before they contacted me. Hayden could not explain why the uniform breech notice was sent, so I contacted the school.

It was for not having his “Formal” hat with him on four different times. He had his sports hat instead!!!  Yet the school lets them get away with a lot more. They all have computers at the school – they have gone one on one.  Each and every student is not using the computer within the guidelines. NOTHING has been done about that situation.


So we are looking at a new school. One that is closer to start with, and one that is smaller…..a closer knit community so that the kids take pride in them selves and achieve more out of school. All I want for my two older Woody boys is to achieve the best that they can and with their school at the moment I don’t feel like they are reaching for the stars….

What are your thoughts?

Maybe A New School?


Lisa Wood.

A Letter

An Important Letter From The High School….

Today we received an important letter from our oldest sons high school. Hayden has been sent home a letter to let us know that he has breached the school uniform….not once but FOUR times.

My first question is why was I not told the first time, even the second time, how about the third time? Why wait to the fourth time?

I don’t get how the school works. All the kids of the highschool are given computers this year – one on one 24/7. That is great, really great. We don’t have a T.V. nor play station nor a Wii, and the other Woody boys do not have access to a computer unless we log them onto our computer. We are always making sure what the boys watch, because we don’t like them to watch horror movies, or violent ones.

Only to find out that both of the two older boys have movies downloaded on to their laptops. The computers that the school gave out to each student with a policy that each student has to sign to say “that their computers would only have content on there that was approved by the school”. SO how do both Woody Older Boys have pirated movies on their computer to watch whenever they want. WHY do they have movies that one of the students is selling through out the school downloaded onto their computer, BUT no one from the I.T. department has done anything about it?

How can the school be worried about the “Correct Uniform Policy” but not the “Correct Laptop Policy”. Is it just me or this a screwed up world? I would think our kids minds are more important than how our kids are dressed. I still do not know what Hayden has done on four occasions to breach the policy, and I will need to find out when he gets home.

I do know this……I will NOT be signing any paperwork. It is not my responsibility to be there at school to make sure he has his uniform on…I send him to school with his correct uniform. I am not sure what he is doing at school to have his uniform changed. If there is to be any signing of paper work, Hayden can sign it.  He is almost 16 and needs to take responsibility for his own actions.

WHY cant the school re-enforce their own policy at the High School? It seems like a double standard to me, Worried about uniform, not worried about how they use the computers?

Looking forward to finding out why Hayden has the note, and how he can decide to fix this situation….will keep you posted.

Do you ever have A Letter from your kids school?


Lisa Wood.

Is Anyone Listening?

Is Anyone Listening?

The world seems against you,

while you stumble upon your path

You walk through a haze and wonder how

You will embark on your next journey

With wonder, with questions

Searching for answers, aksing questions.

Is anyone Listening?

You are quiet for long periods of time

and I can see your thoughts running through your head,

if only you could express the words you need to say.

Is anyone listening?

Life goes so very fast

from the moment you awake,

its a pace that is like a race,

But from time to time I feel you

are not with us. You are far away,

In your mind with so many thoughts going through your head

round and round – it becomes clear to me

You are wondering if



I dedicate this poem to my teenage boys. I have two going through teenage years and one that is almost there. I can see that they are working through the thoughts in their head, and sometimes having to make choices/decision. I have my fingers crossed that they make it out to the other side in one piece.

Thank you so very much for letting me get off my chest what I am experiencing every day. Writing poems has become my life line with coping with five Woody Boys, let me know if you too have teenage children, or will have soon 🙂

My thoughts and love are sent out to the children in the world – especially to those that are finding their way in life.


Lisa Wood.