The Pyjama Foundation Appeal

Needs Your Help!!

The PJ’s Foundation Appeals is asking for your donations of NEW PJ’s for over 30,000 children across Australia who are without new Pyjamas. Image not having Pj’s to wear at night?

Please visit The Pyjama Foundation Appeal to see where your local drop off point is in your area…If every one gives at least one new Pyjama’s to the foundation then maybe they will be able to reach their goal 🙂

Here is a video I also made on YouTube….Please I ask you to share the video to your friends/your facebook page, twitter page, blogs/websites so that the video is shared and the message spreads…..

For the cost of about $10.00 for a new pair of PJ’s you will be giving some child a smile – image that 🙂

Lisa Wood.

How To Tell The Boys?

How Do I Tell Our Older Two Boys?

Today it came to me what I want to do with our life, before time is wasted. BUT how do I tell the older two Woody Boys?

I dropped the older boys off to high school this morning and then went out and about doing chores that needed to be done. While I was out it hit me how much time we are wasting in our life to find the right time to follow our heart. SO I came home and I got into gear. I checked out eBay and discovered a bus for sale that is big enough for all Five Woody Boys and David and I to travel Australia in.

I jumped in with both feet and placed a bid. Talk about scary stuff. I was shaking like a leaf…..but knew deep down that it is the right move ahead for our Woody boys and Woody house!!

I feel like I need to follow my heart. I need to follow my dreams. I am not sure what this burning desire is to jump with both feet in and chase my dreams, nor understand why I feel like I need to do it today – but I have learnt lately that when I listen to my inner voice I follow my heart and it all works out for the best.

How To Tell The Boys?

HOW do I tell the boys is my only concern? Our oldest is in High school – in year 10 and our second boy is in year 9 at high school. With our oldest I am concerned because it is an important time in his life. With our second oldest I am not too concerned because he is not doing too well at highschool at the moment. Actually he is falling behind in most of his subjects and failing most of his exams so  I think homeschooling on the road would be ideal for his needs/situation.

The younger three Woody boys are home from school today so they know what I have done, and are very excited:)

Wish me luck with the other two Woody Boys for tonight. If you hear fireworks sometime tonight after 5:00 pm – thats alright – its only my two older Woody Boys finding out what Mum has done!!

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can tell the older Woody Boys?


Lisa Wood.

Sometimes Words Are Never Enough

Sometimes I am not sure what to say…..

And this is one of those times. I am shocked and sadden by the news of two school boys in Brisbane whose lives will never be the same again.

One was killed. RIP Elliot Fletcher, your life was way too short. Hope you are sleeping with the Angels little man.

The other will never be the same boy who woke up and went to school that morning armed with a knife.

As a Mother to five boys, I am stunned. I am shocked. I am so very sad. I still can not understand what either boy has been through. What the boy that is accused is going through.

Both families will never be the same. One has lost their only son. The other family has lost the boy they thought they knew, and have to come to terms with what he did. The boy that took another life has to come to terms with what he did.

WHAT has our world come to? What has AUSTRALIA come to?

Is it too much Video games? Is it too much T.V.? Is it too much violent DVD/Videos? Are our children too used to seeing and being a part of a Violent world?

We do not have a T.V. – nor playstation – nor a DS – nor a Wii, no DVD’s, No computer games……is this going to benefit our children in the long run? Not sure but whatever is affecting our kids that badly that they act out with so much violence that it kills then we all need to have a big deep think about what we are doing in our society to have an understanding on how to prevent this tragic event again.

May Elliot Fletcher know how much he is loved and missed. May his parents know how much we are all thinking about them…..

I have had extra words with my boys about how it happened at school. How to feel safe, How to keep safe. What to do if they do not feel safe, where to go to get away from the feeling of danger…..Is it enough to keep my boys alive? I send them to school with the idea that they are in the best place to learn. My oldest two Woody boys go to a private high school which is Catholic….Are they going to be in the place where this will not happen? Not sure, but I have not had to think this way before.

This senseless death has affected not one family, not two families, but all families across Australia……

Please – Be on the look out so that all children stay safe. If you are a child that is being bullied (and I am in no way saying this is what it was all about) then stand up and tell someone until they listen. Tell your teacher. Tell your Mum/Dad, Tell your family, tell your best friend. If you are a witness to bullying then stop it by telling. Make sure all of our kids are safe because they are too precious to all of those that love them.


My thoughts go out to both families. So very tragic. So very senseless…..How can I explain this effectively to my Five Woody Boys when I am trying to understand how this can happen?

PLEASE Love our children more each day so that they can grow old, can have their bright future, be the best they can be and have their own families……

So very Sorry Elliot Fletcher that you were let down….

Please send love and thoughts to both families….because really they both lost Sons that fateful day.

Lisa Wood.

Breaking The News…

Breaking The Latest News to our Woody Boys….

Tonight we broke the news about how we were moving just after Christmas and where we are moving to. All but the oldest Woody boy took it well.

We are looking at moving to Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. We have looked at all areas that are close bye….from Bribie Island, to Coolum and even up further. Due to our older two boys being in High School I was trying to stay close enough for them to continue in the same school but that now looks like it has to change.

Hubby Great Idea (NOT!!)

At first Hubby came up with the bright idea of camping around Australia for at least three months…BUT i put my foot down with this one. Camping with five Woody BOYS!!! Is he nuts or what?

So last night we drove up to Mt Mee and sat on top of the hill. We had two hours to ourselves (with out any kids getting into our conversation!!!) and had a huge talk about what/where/why/how we are  moving our life forward.

It was a really good way to talk…and because the five Woody boys all got along so well (our oldest was actually home and here to help out) we have decided that we make it a weekly event.  We so need the time to being just David/Lisa instead of Daddy/Mummy and to discuss what next step our life is taking.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Buderim to check the area out. I have been there many times and love the feel of the place but I really want to have a closer look. Especially to have a look at where schools/shops/parks etc are located.

They even have a University at Buderim so I really want to check that out. Would love to go back to school and study. Have always wanted to be a midwife!!!

By the end of next year (around Christmas holiday time) we would really like to travel Australia. I have suggested a bus….and David being David has agreed as long as he can work on it for about a year building it the way he wants it to be built!!! Being the perfectionist that he is, the bus will be one in a million. That way we can travel in style 🙂

So looking forward to different times ahead in our life with five Woody Boys!!

Lisa Wood.