Cute Kids

Cutest Kid on earth.

We have the cutest kid on earth….and I am not being a “Mum”!!

Our baby woody who is four has the most cutest personality ever. He has all four of his brothers personality rolled into one.  Don’t know how he got to be so cute, not sure where he gets all cute sayings from 🙂

Cute Sayings….

The latest saying is ” I love you for a week”. I keep laughing and say “I love you for ever and ever”. He smiles and reply’s “I love you for a week”. How did he learn that? Where did he learn that from? Not sure because the other boys have never said it to us before.  The other Woody’s say “I love you” which we reply back “I love you”.

He is so cute that I want to bottle him up, I don’t want him to grow up. I know that he will need to grow as the others have grown.  I know that he is the age for school next year, but I do not want him to loose his cutie pie personality. Why should I let him go to school, to mix with other children and pick up there habits. Can’t he stay this age for ever and ever as a Cute Kid.

Look at my cutie pie smile!!

Look at my cutie pie smile!!

Cutie Pie Saying!!

We have a saying between Baby Woody and I.

Mummy Woody:- Can I eat you all up?

Baby Woody:- No you can’t eat Kyle all up.

Mummy Woody:- Why not, you are so yummy I want to kiss you all over and eat you up!!

Baby Woody:- But if you eat me up, you will have no more Kyles and then you will be sad because you love me.

Mummy Woody:- Oh that’s right, I forgot that!! I do love you and I always want Kyle. Mummy is only kidding.

Baby Woody:- But I told you that before (with a look on his face that says “you are silly”!) ….he has the most funny voice when he says it !!

So cute. Never want him to change.

But Change they do….and in the blink of an eye as well.

Here’s to Cute Kids. Do you have the cutest kid story? Share and laugh with us Woody’s as we raise them and try to stay sane.

Lisa Wood

From woodys

Mums Time Out.

Mums Escaped!!

Over the Last two days I have been away in Canberra with Paul Blackburn and his team, while David has been home with the boys.

I flew down and only stayed long enough to attend a one hour meeting to meet my new coach and to see family, flying back tonight.

So Daddy was home alone for a day and a half with the woody boys, but mind you he only had three out of five boys…..Teenagers grow up so quickly and are hardly ever home now days.

Surprisingly the house was cleaned, the washing was all done, and the dishes are in the dish washer. They even had a yummy dinner, and Daddy Woody got his computer work all finished as well. Maybe Mummy Woody needs to escape more often!!

Sometimes in life, you just need to do what you have to do. And if that means trusting your better half to look after a house and our very active boys….then so be it.

At the end of the day all that matters is that the boys are happy and safe….so I am thinking about planning my next trip away for “me” time……where should I go next is the big question?

My Time Away?

I have had some very confronting question on my time away….and now have some heavy thinking to go over. Thinking that I know can not be put off anymore, and its time to step up and answer to myself as well as my new coach….a coach that is going to be giving me three months of personal training, to help expel our life to the next level. So no more fluffing around, no more excuses and “No More Whips” as Stuart Zadel says from Think and Grow Rich Events.

The Woodys are in for interesting times ahead….times that will reflect with the results we are after.

So stay tuned to see what the Crazy Mad Woodys are up to next!!!

Take care, remember life is far too short to be wasting it….so forget about the dream Takers and focus on the people that are going to define who you are born to be….successful, happy, fulfilled, satisfied, and are also successful in their own right.

Cheers….Here’s to your time out.

Lisa Wood
from Woodys

Trying to Stay Sane…..

Trying to Stay Sane this week…just before school Holidays hit.

After helping out at the Think and Grow rich event in Brisbane on the weekend, I am madly trying to catch up on work before school holidays hit!!

Time has gone quickly this year, and it amazes me to think that it is 1/2 way through the year already!!

I am trying to catch up with all my work before I fly down to Canberra next week….I am going to be seeing my younger brothers for the day as I have been accepted into personal coaching with Paul Blackburn teams, Personal Coaching for the mindset.

It is only a flying visit and is such a shame that it will not be longer…

Home Alone…..

That means Daddy Woody will once again be at home with the boys for just over a day without Mama Woody to give a helping hand!!!

Then it will be full steam ahead in our house with two weeks of school holidays….if you have kids I so know how you are feeling.

This weekend is also going to be time out for all of us. Its My birthday, which I did not realised had come up so soon until David told me yesterday!!

I am hoping to go to the beach with the whole family and relax on the sand/park while the boys have lots of fun.  Must remember to take the picnic basket with us this time:)

A few wines (hey I am not driving), and a few laughs with my family and it will be the best birthday ever.

So I am trying to Stay Sane just before the storm hits with two weeks school holidays.

What are you and your family going to be doing for the two weeks?

Keep on Smiling…it makes the day brighter


From woodys