Say GoodBye To One And Hello To Another

Mixed Up Weird Day….

Today was flat out….so flat out that I was eating breakfast, filling up drink bottles and trying to vacuum the carpet all at the same time!!! Wished I had more hands some days.

Today I said good bye to Hayden, our oldest boy as he went away to two weeks of Army Cadets training in Brisbane.

Before he had to go he needed a hair cut (gosh why couldn’t he tell me that yesterday) and had to have his room completely packed up….He will be away when we are moving. I also had to pick up one of his friends from the other side of town at his house, and get back to Wamuran to drop them off to another of his friends before 12.30 – lunch time today!!!

Saying Good Bye To My Oldest.

I could not take him into Brisbane due to the fact that I was picking up Cameron from the train station. So today was a sad Goodbye to my oldest boy and a sweet Hello from our fourth boy 🙂

It was such a bitter sweet day today….My oldest boy is 15 1/2 and due to the strict rules with Army Cadets he had to shave his face on the weekend just gone!! Shaving and his only 15 1/2!! So Not Ready for any of this.

The icing on the cake was Cameron. I remember almost crying saying Goodbye to Hayden because this camp is really important to him. It will be two weeks of hard work/lots of study for him to pass his test and move up on his rank. I cried Tears Of Joy when Cameron got of the train. Three of us were sitting on the train station waiting for the train to pull in.  As soon as we saw the lights change colour we knew the train was coming.

We stood up and walked towards the front of the train because this is where the Woody boys and Grandma are usually sitting when they come back from Bundy to home. I saw Grandma and then saw Cameron but they were yet to see us….they had that look of “where is Mum? Where is Nicholas and Kyle?” searching the crowd of happy families waiting for their loved ones.

I spoke loud enough for Cameron to hear us…and he ran, throwing himself into my arms. It would have to be the first time any of the Woody boys have ever done that to me…..I suppose its the first time that I have been there for them to get of the train – normally I am running a few minutes late.

I cried…It was the sweetest moment from Cameron, the sweetest moment in a while, the love was pouring out of his arms with “I have so missed you mummy and have missed your cuddles. I couldn’t wait for one of your cuddles”

Oh please stay sweet and young forever Cameron.

Stay Safe Hayden on your two weeks away…..Bring you back to me in one piece!!!

Say Goodbye To One And Hello To Another was my day.

What was yours?


Lisa Wood 🙂

My Boy Is HomeSick

Our fourth Boy Cameron is Home Sick…

Cameron went back to his grandparents after New Years Eve and was meant to stay with them for over two weeks.

But with us moving, all his things packed and the house mostly in boxes, and all of the woody boys talking on the phone to him about our next house has made Cameron home Sick.

He was in tears Saturday night on the phone to me, which cut me up because I was too far away to do anything about it 😦 On Sunday he went to Church with his grandparents and they rang just after it was finished. He really wanted to be at home. SO they went to the train station and found out when they could book the next train back home.

Tuesday was the earliest available day for the train.

It hurt so much that I could not go and get him. Hurt that I could not hug him or kiss him to make it better…..this is the first time that he has gotten homesick while being away. I think it might be because of the changes in our lives at the moment. So happy that I will have the chance to give him lots of hugs/kisses on Tuesday.

So looking forward to Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s to all the hugs you can get from your children (until they consider it beyond them to be hugged!!!). Have any of your kids been home sick before?

Lisa Wood.