Cute Kids

Cutest Kid on earth.

We have the cutest kid on earth….and I am not being a “Mum”!!

Our baby woody who is four has the most cutest personality ever. He has all four of his brothers personality rolled into one.  Don’t know how he got to be so cute, not sure where he gets all cute sayings from 🙂

Cute Sayings….

The latest saying is ” I love you for a week”. I keep laughing and say “I love you for ever and ever”. He smiles and reply’s “I love you for a week”. How did he learn that? Where did he learn that from? Not sure because the other boys have never said it to us before.  The other Woody’s say “I love you” which we reply back “I love you”.

He is so cute that I want to bottle him up, I don’t want him to grow up. I know that he will need to grow as the others have grown.  I know that he is the age for school next year, but I do not want him to loose his cutie pie personality. Why should I let him go to school, to mix with other children and pick up there habits. Can’t he stay this age for ever and ever as a Cute Kid.

Look at my cutie pie smile!!

Look at my cutie pie smile!!

Cutie Pie Saying!!

We have a saying between Baby Woody and I.

Mummy Woody:- Can I eat you all up?

Baby Woody:- No you can’t eat Kyle all up.

Mummy Woody:- Why not, you are so yummy I want to kiss you all over and eat you up!!

Baby Woody:- But if you eat me up, you will have no more Kyles and then you will be sad because you love me.

Mummy Woody:- Oh that’s right, I forgot that!! I do love you and I always want Kyle. Mummy is only kidding.

Baby Woody:- But I told you that before (with a look on his face that says “you are silly”!) ….he has the most funny voice when he says it !!

So cute. Never want him to change.

But Change they do….and in the blink of an eye as well.

Here’s to Cute Kids. Do you have the cutest kid story? Share and laugh with us Woody’s as we raise them and try to stay sane.

Lisa Wood

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