Gratitude Rocks!!

Two Boys On A Mission !!!

Here is a video that I made for my two youngest Woody Boys.  Searching for “Gratitude Rocks“. I think these GUYS rock 🙂

What Do you Think?


Lisa Wood.

Searching For Gratitude Rocks

Kids Get It!!

Our Woody Boys (youngest three) get “The Secret” – They understand the Gratitude ROCKS – without questions…without asking why.

Funny how smart our kids are – and how easy it is for them to understand the workings of the Gratitude Rocks…

Here are a few photos…will post a video soon.

Cameron and Kyle Wood - looking for the best gratitude rock ever!!!

Our Fourth Woody Boy

Here we are heading off in the rain in search of gratitude rocks.

Kyle Wood - dressed himself for the occassion 🙂

Check out the bag. It's almost bigger than Baby Woody!!


How Cute do they look?  They bugged me all morning to go to the bush track to search for the Best Gratitude Rock ever!!!

Oh to be a kid that believes:)

I have brought three of the rocks alreay, I suggested that they take the rest to school to sell.

Here’s To Gratitude, It rocks to say thank you for all that you have and all that you will have 🙂


Lisa Wood.

Adding More To The Ingredients

More Flavour To The House……

Today we have two extra boys in the house. With five Woody boys already that makes the total of seven boys!!! Gosh that is far too many. Sleep Overs are fun for the kids, not sure about for us Mum’s?

I have forgotten how much cheeky mischief that young two-years old can get into. And add another four year old to the house and it has been interesting day…..a long day:)

We got them ready for bed after giving them as much as possible to eat – was hoping that with full tummies that they would go to sleep quickly and easily!!!

Gosh good thoughts but having a 11 year old, 8 year old, two 4 years old and a 2 year old in one room sure means no sleeping at all !!!

So the 11 year old was put back to his own room, the 8 year old was told that he would be sleeping in my room if he kept it up and the four year old and his two year old brother had to be separated. My four year old amazingly crashed – he was the first to go to sleep. Fingers are crossed that the others go to sleep very soon, actually toes and fingers are crossed.

Oh how come I can go to sleep so very quickly, as soon as my head hits the pillow I am asleep – actually my head doesn’t even have to hit the pillow !!!

Wish I had half the energy that the Woody Boys and a friends two boys have.

Do you have kids that are too excited to go to sleep?


Lisa Wood.

A Day Of Rest

Today Was Sunday….

So we spent the day resting.

It was a first for a very long time. The first Sunday in ages where we did not have to rush off for sports, shopping, unpacking, picking up cars/caravans/bikes/furniture….

The most relaxing day by far…so relaxing that I even had a sleep. Even baby woody Kyle had a sleep….such a deep sleep that he wet the bed. He is going to be five in June, and is the laziest boy with toilet training amongst our boys. By now all of the boys were totally toilet trained day and at night.  He sometimes has a sleep during the day, most days he has a “rest” where he plays or reads. I think because of the late night Friday and the beach yesterday must of worn him out….and he went into a really deep sleep.

I am going to have to think of a reward chart to help with getting him up at of bed 🙂 Oh the joys of toilet trainng. Have you had any lazy little ones that finding it easier to wee the bed instead of getting up to go to the toilet? What was your solution? Really would love to hear any ideas/solutions for this!!!

A day of rest was really needed, and appreciated 🙂


Lisa Wood

All My Babies Are At School

This Year All Of My Babies Are At School….

For the very first time in over 14 years all of my boys are at school…

I was so very upset when I dropped my baby Woody off to Prep for the first time two weeks ago. With us moving and unpacking the three younger woody boys started school a week after it returned for the year.

Originally I wanted to Home School our youngest Woody boy Kyle but he was set on heading off to school.  I was so upset when I hopped into the car after dropping him off to his classroom….I even sat and cried in the car park to think that he was flown from the coup and into the world of schools!!!

I had left some paperwork at home that the school required so I raced home and returned to the school. As I drew up in the car park I noticed his class was outside playing in the playground. Kyle looked over and noticed the car….I took his paperwork to the office and went to his fence to see if he was doing ok. He smiled and asked what I was doing there. I explained why and gave him a kiss and hug. He was like “Bye Mum, See ya later”……Gosh he melted my heart all over again.

To think that my baby was happy to go to school, and excited about being with friends. Since that day he has painted a picture every day, made a collage and has had so much fun. I must admit I look forward to pick up times in the afternoon so that I can see his smiling cute face…..He always throws himself into my arms so I think he must be looking forward to me picking him up.

If for any reason he is not happy to go to school then I will re-asses what we will do. As long as my boys are happy then I am happy to send them. To think that they are all growing up… oldest keeps reminding me that he can get his licence in June, and that after this year he has only two years left of high school – makes me feel old and freaks me out!!!

Are all your children at school this year?

Looking forward to receiving and having all that we have dreamed about.

Here’s to your year.

Lisa Wood.

Say GoodBye To One And Hello To Another

Mixed Up Weird Day….

Today was flat out….so flat out that I was eating breakfast, filling up drink bottles and trying to vacuum the carpet all at the same time!!! Wished I had more hands some days.

Today I said good bye to Hayden, our oldest boy as he went away to two weeks of Army Cadets training in Brisbane.

Before he had to go he needed a hair cut (gosh why couldn’t he tell me that yesterday) and had to have his room completely packed up….He will be away when we are moving. I also had to pick up one of his friends from the other side of town at his house, and get back to Wamuran to drop them off to another of his friends before 12.30 – lunch time today!!!

Saying Good Bye To My Oldest.

I could not take him into Brisbane due to the fact that I was picking up Cameron from the train station. So today was a sad Goodbye to my oldest boy and a sweet Hello from our fourth boy 🙂

It was such a bitter sweet day today….My oldest boy is 15 1/2 and due to the strict rules with Army Cadets he had to shave his face on the weekend just gone!! Shaving and his only 15 1/2!! So Not Ready for any of this.

The icing on the cake was Cameron. I remember almost crying saying Goodbye to Hayden because this camp is really important to him. It will be two weeks of hard work/lots of study for him to pass his test and move up on his rank. I cried Tears Of Joy when Cameron got of the train. Three of us were sitting on the train station waiting for the train to pull in.  As soon as we saw the lights change colour we knew the train was coming.

We stood up and walked towards the front of the train because this is where the Woody boys and Grandma are usually sitting when they come back from Bundy to home. I saw Grandma and then saw Cameron but they were yet to see us….they had that look of “where is Mum? Where is Nicholas and Kyle?” searching the crowd of happy families waiting for their loved ones.

I spoke loud enough for Cameron to hear us…and he ran, throwing himself into my arms. It would have to be the first time any of the Woody boys have ever done that to me…..I suppose its the first time that I have been there for them to get of the train – normally I am running a few minutes late.

I cried…It was the sweetest moment from Cameron, the sweetest moment in a while, the love was pouring out of his arms with “I have so missed you mummy and have missed your cuddles. I couldn’t wait for one of your cuddles”

Oh please stay sweet and young forever Cameron.

Stay Safe Hayden on your two weeks away…..Bring you back to me in one piece!!!

Say Goodbye To One And Hello To Another was my day.

What was yours?


Lisa Wood 🙂

From The Mouths Of Babes

From Our Youngest Woody Boy

He decided to take the washing off the line….with no prompting from any family members…so wish they could stay this age for ever 🙂

Here is how cute he is….From The Mouths Of Babes!!

Did you hear how much he wanted to be paid for his job? !!

From the previous post, we let our kids down again.  We could not find a Halloween costume, the shop that David took the boys to was closed and the other shop had nothing suitable.

Our boys did not like going to school with no costume, and I ended up letting Cameron stay home for the day (that was last Thursday). We really enjoyed having him home.  Kyle got to play with him, under the house creating a “science lab”. Gosh the imagination of the kids is so wonderful.

On Friday I took Zachery out of School for the day and we spent some bonding time together. He is in Year 8 at high School and has had a few weeks of being tired and stressed….This week is Nicholas time….one day this week Nic gets to stay home.  Then I need to find time for Hayden’s day off 🙂

Oh the joys of boys….

So wish that they stayed as cute and innocent as Baby Woody, from the mouths of babes they say the most cutest things…..saying what they want.

From the mouths of Babes….

Mother to five Woody Boys, trying to stay sane while raising them.

Lisa Wood.