A Day At The Beach

Yesterday we took the boys to the beach.

We had so much fun. All three younger Woody Boys love the water, and the sand. We stayed nearly all day. They were so into making a sandcastle that it was almost impossible to get them off the beach for lunch. In the end I had to put my foot down and say no lunch, no going back to the beach after lunch.

We have a saying in our house “What Was The Best Part Of Your Day” and then the boys tell us what they enjoyed the most. Both Cameron and Kyle answer was digging holes 🙂

A Day At The Beach

The waves were that big some times that us adults got dumped into them. I was surprised with how big some of the waves were. Kyle was amazing. He had his first go on a boggy board and even though he was thrown off numerous times, he still got back on. Cameron, being Cameron was not going out far on the boggy board, he stayed close to the edge.

At the end of the day the boys had hot chips at the beach. I was good, I did not touch any of the hot chips even though I wanted to!! I am on Day 9 of my 14 Day Water Fast. Nearly finished 🙂 To see my story of how I am coping go here.

I love the Day at the Beach. If I could I would live at the beach. All the boys slept so much better last night, and even slept in this morning.

Next time I will remember to take my camera and get photos – some of those waves were gold.

Looking forward to our weekend of camping coming up in a few weeks time.

How was your weekend?


Lisa Wood.


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