Gratitude Rocks!!

Two Boys On A Mission !!!

Here is a video that I made for my two youngest Woody Boys.  Searching for “Gratitude Rocks“. I think these GUYS rock 🙂

What Do you Think?


Lisa Wood.


4 Responses

  1. Love it!!! I found the background music was a bit too loud, hard to hear your precious boys and I think hearing them is the most important.

    What a mom!!

    • Hello Sarah,
      Thanks for your comment. I did not realise that the boys could not be heard, so went back in and fixed the video. Always good to know what can make the video better 🙂


  2. Hi Lisa – Well done! Can I ask if the boys actually did SELL any of their gratitude rocks?
    They sure had fun collecting them anyway.
    The only comment about the video is I found it hard to hear what they were saying because the music overpowered them, apart from that a pretty good effort for a first attempt. I haven’t done any myself, so perhaps I shouldn’t be commenting – hehe

    • Hello Jennifer,
      Thanks for your comment. The boys had so much that day. They kept their rocks and I ended up buying four of them, and there Dad brought some. They were very clever and made money that weekend 🙂 I have gone ahead and fixed the video so that you can hear the boys instead of the music.

      Cheers 🙂

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