Crazy Week, Crazy Household

Totally Mad House This Week.

We have been the most craziest house ever this week with our five Woody Boys, my two brothers and my nephew. Did you know that I worked out there are NINE boys in our house at the moment and one little old female – Me!!!!

Crazy Week, Crazy Household.

So we have been the craziest, loudest, maddest, wackiest  Woody House in the neighbour hood and I am sure that all the boys are looking forward to rest and relaxation this weekend. I know that I am!

How is that possible to have 9 boys and I girl in one house? Will with our five Woody boys, My two brothers, and my other brothers son (my nephew) plus one stressed out husband, that is how over populated this house is.

What is wrong here with that picture? Well I have to say that there are lots wrong with that picture. I am really over tired, over stressed and under paid!!! I am trying to keep the house clean, the kids happy and my studies up to date plus play tourist all at the same time 🙂 Gosh I am tired just reading about my week.

Yesterday I took the boys to Australia Zoo and gave Hubby a break at home. Our second oldest stayed home with Daddy to help out around the house.

What fun we had at Australia Zoo 🙂 We took two cars. My brothers took two of my boys and I took the rest of the family. We got there early so that we had plenty of time to walk around and see all the sites. We still did not get to see all the animals, the place is that huge. I will get my videos uploaded as soon as possible because I was camera proud and took heaps of footage.

We all had a fun time.

Today my two brothers took four kids to the beach. They were all laughing together when they got home so that must mean that they had a good time. Tonight we went to Hogs Breath Cafe for dinner to celebrate an early birthday treat for our oldest who is turning 16 in June. Oh by the way, has anyone got any suggestions for a 16th Birthday theme? What is the best way to celebrate a sons 16th Birthday??? Please let me know so I can think about how to celebrate his birthday in style.

So that was our Crazy Week, Crazy household.

How was your week/weekend?

Happy late Easter 🙂

Lisa Wood


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