Daddy Day Care Week 3

In the House Of Daddy Day Care Week Three there was a mixed week 🙂

Daddy Day Care Week 3 was so very busy that I have not had time to update how our week went. So with being Good Friday, and all the boys at home I have decided to take the time to sit this morning and reflect on how our week went.

It was a full on week, with many different situations arising that I was trying to step back from and let Daddy Day Care take care of. I think that I am the peace maker amongst them all because I do not like confrontations within our house.

Not sure if it is because I am a Mum and Daddy see things differently because lets face it he is a Man!! But there has been certain situations this week that I have had to take a back seat on and let Daddy Day Care work it out. Are you one of those Mum’s that like to help out and do anything and everything for others? I am what is consider a “Southey Personality” – from Paul Blackburn – so I am always putting my needs last and trying to do too much. Needless to say I have been exhausted this week.

Daddy Day Care has been very tired and CRANKY each morning so I am rushing around to try to help out before I leave for my course. I really should be gone way before 7.45 am each morning to make it my course by 8.30am but this week I have been leaving around 7.55 am – almost 8.00 am. Needless to say I have been late to my course.

Do You Have Times Like That In Your House? Where you are running around like a mad chook with your head cut off? I have to say that I have been feeling like I am being pulled into all directions.

I want to make sure my boys make it to school on time, have their bags packed, their school clothes on and eating their breakfast. Within all of this going on I am trying to keep the peace between all of the boys, and Daddy Day Care from being too stressed. Then Daddy gets even more upset because he knows I am going to be late for my course!!

Isn’t it funny how as a Mum I can have three different conversations, do at least three different task at once and try to sort out the house at the same time but Daddies can only do one thing at a time. That is the difference between a Man and Women 🙂 I suppose that is why opposites attract.

Needless to say I am looking forward to the four days break with today being Good Friday, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and then Easter Sunday. That will ease the tension in our Daddy Day Care for a short period of time. Next week will be Daddy Day Care Week 4 and I am thinking that it will full steam ahead because it is school holidays and we are having family staying in the house 🙂 Maybe next Week in Daddy Day Care House I will be the” Peace Army Corps Lady Officer” so much that I will book myself on a one way cruise out of here!! Do you feel like you have to be everywhere, help out in any way and put everyone needs before your own?

I wonder what Daddy Day Care thoughts were of the week?

Interesting to see how Men and Women think differently.

Thanks for sharing our experience with our Woody Boys in our Woody House where Daddy is the Mummy and Mummy is returning to studying 🙂

Until next week, Happy Easter and have a safe holiday. Take care over the week and driving safely.

Lisa Wood.


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