Daddy Day Care Week 2

Daddy Is Home Alone, While I Am At My Nursing Course…..

This is our second week with Daddy home for three days while I am studying to be a nurse.

I am not sure how he is coping but this is my view on how our Woody Boys are going in our Woody House without their Mum 🙂

Week Two – Day One Of Daddy Day Care

  1. I woke and went for a walk

  2. I got back around 6.40 am – and had the quickest shower in history

  3. Daddy was pulling his hair out trying to get lunches made, breakfast made and encourage three boys to get dressed.

  4. So I decided to help by making the lunches, and getting Kyle dressed as well as Cameron.

  5. Then I quickly ate my breakfast while packing the boys lunch boxes. I am not sure I even tasted my breakfast – wait I think it was scrambled eggs, Oh that’s right I had a cuppa and breakfast while packing lunches and getting drink bottles filled. Yep it was eggs and it was yummy – thanks Daddy Day Care.

  6. I rushed out the door, late again.

  7. Got into the car and rushed back in the door. I had forgotten my notes!

  8. On the road late, had to get petrol so was late for my nursing course by a few minutes.

  9. Daddy Day Care had three Woody Boys to get out the door and to school on time. (I am not sure that he made it!!)

  10. I rang home after my exam to see how Daddy Day Care went on the school run. He got the boys to school, I think it was almost on time.

  11. Kyle was sick yesterday, and last night but bounced back this morning and went to school. I was worried about him all day, but Daddy being a Dad was like “OH his fine, nothing to worry about”

  12. This afternoon was a mad rush for Daddy Day Care to pick them up from school, unpacking of bags and getting home work done. I still have to get Cameron’s home work completed but that’s Ok, I will find the time.

  13. Dinner time – Daddy Day Care took care of Dinner for the boys – he is so good at cooking, BUT gee I have some cleaning up 🙂

  14. After Dinner its story time, and then bed time – I think he is really looking forward to having some time to sit and not think!

  15. Then Its clean up time, making lunches ready for tomorrow, getting the washing updated and the drink bottles filled.

  16. Tomorrow it starts all over again 🙂

I wondering if he had any hair, how much he would of pulled out by now!!! Maybe I should get Daddy Day Care to write on here, his thoughts on how to raise five boys without their Mum for three days a week? What are your thoughts – Should Daddy Day Care do his side of the story. How about this – “She Says” and then “He Says” ?? Would you like to see a blog on that?

How was your Day Today?

Lisa Wood.


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