Wet Boy, Tired Dad

This Morning Adventures…..

Now that I am not at home and at Caloundra Studying Daddy Day Care ie; David Wood has to get the three younger boys to school each morning and pick them up.

That’s fine when it’s not raining, but due to all the rain we have had lately the track that the Woody boys rides down is very wet….too wet to even be using it.

So this morning I ring home on our first break to see how David is getting on, and to see if the boys made it to school OK. WELL….

Kyle was riding through the track when he decided to ride straight through the big wet puddle that is almost like quick sand. HE fell off, bum first into the juicy red mud which ended up covering him almost from head to toe. Luckily the other two boys kept riding to school and made it on time.

Wet Boy

Daddy Day Care and Kyle had to come home from the bus track, quickly bath Kyle, find more school clothes, find more shoes and start again.

Luckily second time around they made. Late to school but made it.

This evening Daddy Day Care is so EXHAUSTED he has fallen asleep on the lounge, fast asleep without having a shower.

Tired Dad

The  million Dollar Question is – should I wake him or let him sleep? What are your suggestions?

Here’s to another fun day with the Woody Boys!!!

Lisa Wood.


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