Daddy Day Care

David Is A Stay At Home Mum

I have decided to follow my dream, my passion and life long goal to be a midwife by studying Nursing.

SO that means David gets to stay home alone with the Woody Boys every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while I am off studying on the Sunshine Coast.

I wonder if that means he should blog about his day here!!! OH well, here goes my thoughts on the day….

Our morning started off really good. I got up and went for a walk, while the boys were still sleeping 🙂

Then I got ready. I made the boys breakfast (the younger three Woody Boys) and got their bags packed. I tried to get them dressed for school but I ran out of time.

Then I headed off. I forgot my drink bottle, and did not realise until I got to the course. So I was late, looking for a place to buy a bottle of water. Tomorrow I will be on time.

When I had a break I rang home to see how the morning went for the boys. They got to school, a little bit late but mainly in one piece.

Because I took the car, they all had to ride to school on their bikes. Which is ok for Cameron and Nic. Kyle is still learning how to ride so it was a challenge for David to get him there.

Fingers crossed tomorrow is another great day on the home front for Daddy Day Care. By the way, there are no vacancy available, all spots are full with our five boys, so no ideas that you can drop your children off here!!! Daddy Day Care is a non-profit run organisation for the benefit of one Mum having her dreams come true.

Remember if One Mum Can Achieve Her Dreams – What Can You Achieve?

Here’s to Daddy David Surviving the next 12 weeks and all of our five Woody Boys Staying in one piece.

Follow Your Dreams, Follow Your Passion, Believe and It Will Come True 🙂

Lisa Wood.


Believe And It Will Come True


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