Searching For Gratitude Rocks

Kids Get It!!

Our Woody Boys (youngest three) get “The Secret” – They understand the Gratitude ROCKS – without questions…without asking why.

Funny how smart our kids are – and how easy it is for them to understand the workings of the Gratitude Rocks…

Here are a few photos…will post a video soon.

Cameron and Kyle Wood - looking for the best gratitude rock ever!!!

Our Fourth Woody Boy

Here we are heading off in the rain in search of gratitude rocks.

Kyle Wood - dressed himself for the occassion 🙂

Check out the bag. It's almost bigger than Baby Woody!!


How Cute do they look?  They bugged me all morning to go to the bush track to search for the Best Gratitude Rock ever!!!

Oh to be a kid that believes:)

I have brought three of the rocks alreay, I suggested that they take the rest to school to sell.

Here’s To Gratitude, It rocks to say thank you for all that you have and all that you will have 🙂


Lisa Wood.


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