Maybe A New School?

Looking At A New School…..

With all that the two Older Woody boys have been telling me lately about there so-called “Catholic” private high school we are now in the process of looking for a new school.

I was so very upset the other day when one boy let me know how the year 11 boys and girls visit the toilets at lunch time for a bit more than using the facilities the way they are meant to be used.

Then how the year 10, year 11, and year 12 smoke more than cigarettes before/during/after school – before reaching the school grounds, and then on the school grounds.

So NOT happy. We are paying good money for the boys to receive a great education, to be told what really goes on behind the scenes.

The icing on the cake was when I received a letter sent home (to our old address, luckily for the school I have our mail redirected) for our oldest boy Hayden – to say that he had breached the uniform four times. I was not informed once, nor on the second occasion, nor on the third. It actually took four times before they contacted me. Hayden could not explain why the uniform breech notice was sent, so I contacted the school.

It was for not having his “Formal” hat with him on four different times. He had his sports hat instead!!!  Yet the school lets them get away with a lot more. They all have computers at the school – they have gone one on one.  Each and every student is not using the computer within the guidelines. NOTHING has been done about that situation.


So we are looking at a new school. One that is closer to start with, and one that is smaller…..a closer knit community so that the kids take pride in them selves and achieve more out of school. All I want for my two older Woody boys is to achieve the best that they can and with their school at the moment I don’t feel like they are reaching for the stars….

What are your thoughts?

Maybe A New School?


Lisa Wood.


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