You Say, I Say, Who Says?

This Poem Is Dedicated to my amazing Woody Teenage Boys 🙂

You Say, I Say, Who Says?

You Say One Thing

I say Another

Your Friends say something and I wonder

Who you really believe, who you really trust

For I have walked your path before

as a Mum, as friend, as a lover,

as a small girl, as a daughter, as a sister,

as a Aunt and as a Granddaughter

Who Says what you need to hear?

What you need to know?

I say what I think is best to keep you safe

You say what you think you know you are talking about

BUT do you really know who says the words that will have

the best impact on your life?

Who says the right words so you can become the best person you were born to be?

I say I love you,

I say I want you to be happy

You Say I know.

Who says what you need to know?

Who says the words that are right?

Who says you will become what may?

I say that please do stay true to yourself so that one day you have the chance

to have your say.

You Say, I Say, Who Says?


Please Keep My Boys safe into young men, into young adults and into grown Men.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you 🙂

Do you have teenage children? Stop by here and let me know your thoughts.

With love and wishes


Lisa Wood.


One Response

  1. I love the conversation in this poem…I have had similar conversations in the past with my children and I think they heard me…but not always….thanks for sharing this warm poem.

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