Its Raining Too Much

Its Raining Again…

It is really raining here, so much so that we are not able to get out and about. Its driving us all mad, the boys are extremely bored and house bound.

We even let them play out in the rain yesterday so that they could get rid of some of their extra energy.

I have been putting them to bed so very early because they are sleepy from the rain!! Which means I was in bed and asleep by 9.20 last night which is a first for me.

If this weekend clears up then I will try to take them to the beach, they love the waves and the sand, and I love the ocean on my skin. It helps clean my face, really clean it so that I feel fantastic. The boys also sleep so much better after swimming/running on the sand.

How has your week been?

Be great to hear from you, has it been wet where you live – is there any stories of swimming in back yards for fun!! If this rain keeps coming we have to use our canoe to pick the boys up from school because the roads will be under 🙂

Have a great week, stay safe

Lisa Wood.


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