Running To School

Getting To School ON Time !!!

The three younger woody boys decided that they wanted to ride their bikes to school.

Mind you school starts at 8,30 in the morning 🙂 And seen how I am so NOT a  morning person it sure is a effort and a half to get them there on time by driving, going by bike – that is like  mission impossible but we decided to brave it and try.

I woke up thinking that I would be going taking them by car, and dressed accordingly – in a dress and sandals !!

BIG MISTAKE number 1

David was on a bike so he got to keep up with them – I was on foot. I was only going to go half way to school, pushing Kyle through the dirt track. As soon as he hit the footpath my intention was to turn around and head home. That thought was soon out the window.

Kyle struggled to keep upright let alone ride the whole way to school. So I kept on running next to him holding his handle bar to give him a boost of confidence….I ran the whole way to School.

Hubby Woody kept saying to go home that they would continue on ok but me being the worry wort of a Mum I was determined to see them all get to school safe and sound.

THEN MISTAKE NUMBER 2 for the day –

I decided to walk the long way home – in a dress on a hot summers day – in sandals (ladies thongs!!) – on a hot summers day. NEED i tell you more – yep sweat dripping off me, dress clinging to me in all the wrong unlady like places and blisters on top of my blisters that I already had.

BUT At least I got my walk in and that is what is important 🙂

All in a days work being a Mum 🙂

How was your day?


Lisa Wood


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