A Day Of Rest

Today Was Sunday….

So we spent the day resting.

It was a first for a very long time. The first Sunday in ages where we did not have to rush off for sports, shopping, unpacking, picking up cars/caravans/bikes/furniture….

The most relaxing day by far…so relaxing that I even had a sleep. Even baby woody Kyle had a sleep….such a deep sleep that he wet the bed. He is going to be five in June, and is the laziest boy with toilet training amongst our boys. By now all of the boys were totally toilet trained day and at night.  He sometimes has a sleep during the day, most days he has a “rest” where he plays or reads. I think because of the late night Friday and the beach yesterday must of worn him out….and he went into a really deep sleep.

I am going to have to think of a reward chart to help with getting him up at of bed 🙂 Oh the joys of toilet trainng. Have you had any lazy little ones that finding it easier to wee the bed instead of getting up to go to the toilet? What was your solution? Really would love to hear any ideas/solutions for this!!!

A day of rest was really needed, and appreciated 🙂


Lisa Wood


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