All My Babies Are At School

This Year All Of My Babies Are At School….

For the very first time in over 14 years all of my boys are at school…

I was so very upset when I dropped my baby Woody off to Prep for the first time two weeks ago. With us moving and unpacking the three younger woody boys started school a week after it returned for the year.

Originally I wanted to Home School our youngest Woody boy Kyle but he was set on heading off to school.  I was so upset when I hopped into the car after dropping him off to his classroom….I even sat and cried in the car park to think that he was flown from the coup and into the world of schools!!!

I had left some paperwork at home that the school required so I raced home and returned to the school. As I drew up in the car park I noticed his class was outside playing in the playground. Kyle looked over and noticed the car….I took his paperwork to the office and went to his fence to see if he was doing ok. He smiled and asked what I was doing there. I explained why and gave him a kiss and hug. He was like “Bye Mum, See ya later”……Gosh he melted my heart all over again.

To think that my baby was happy to go to school, and excited about being with friends. Since that day he has painted a picture every day, made a collage and has had so much fun. I must admit I look forward to pick up times in the afternoon so that I can see his smiling cute face…..He always throws himself into my arms so I think he must be looking forward to me picking him up.

If for any reason he is not happy to go to school then I will re-asses what we will do. As long as my boys are happy then I am happy to send them. To think that they are all growing up… oldest keeps reminding me that he can get his licence in June, and that after this year he has only two years left of high school – makes me feel old and freaks me out!!!

Are all your children at school this year?

Looking forward to receiving and having all that we have dreamed about.

Here’s to your year.

Lisa Wood.


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