On His Way Home

15 Army Cadets Were Hospitalised Yesterday….

They were at a Army Cadets Camp, and became ill yesterday morning…

I was given a call last night to let me know Hayden Wood was one of the Cadets affected by the “bug” and was allowed to speak with him on the phone…

On His Way Home…..

Today he called to let me know that he was discharged from hospital last night and today he will be on his way home.

Working out with Daddy Woody how we can get into Brisbane to collect him, and then bring him home.

Looking forward to giving him a big Bear hug and to make sure he is fully recovered. The press made out that we hard training when in actually fact they were at the Army Base to study, and pass a course. The bug came in fast and hit some of the Cadets hard…..nothing to do with the heat.

So glad he sounded better on the phone today then he did last night….will let you know how he goes as soon as I have seen him.

Thanks for your support.

Lisa Wood.

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