Woody Boys Are Over Excited

The Woody Boys Are Over The Moon….

Today we have very good news, the best.

We got told that we were approved for a house at the Glass House Mountains. We have only missed out on two houses so far!!!

But today I had my paper work in super early, all the “ticks” ticked, all the “crosses” crossed, and enough information to put us in the lead.

Then returned home to wait…thinking it takes at least 24 hours to be approved. Within three hours we got the phone call “Yes” you have been approved.

I shouted with joy and jumped around the house screaming…not sure what the three younger woody boys thought of a screaming Mama!!

Not sure how the older boy is going to take the news but we will cross that bridge when we get to it….he returns from a army cadet camp this Friday!!!

Oh Happy Days 🙂

Now I am madly packing and cleaning so that by this weekend we are gone.

The best news is the house has a Cubby house. The boys have ALWAYS wanted one and I promised that we would get one when we moved, the house comes with one!!! Be great to get photos of there smile when we have moved, so I must remember not to pack the camera.

Here’s to 2010 be our year, the year the boys have fun in their new house and for a year of getting ready to hit the road.

Love The Law Of Attraction

Lisa Wood.


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