My Boy Is HomeSick

Our fourth Boy Cameron is Home Sick…

Cameron went back to his grandparents after New Years Eve and was meant to stay with them for over two weeks.

But with us moving, all his things packed and the house mostly in boxes, and all of the woody boys talking on the phone to him about our next house has made Cameron home Sick.

He was in tears Saturday night on the phone to me, which cut me up because I was too far away to do anything about it 😦 On Sunday he went to Church with his grandparents and they rang just after it was finished. He really wanted to be at home. SO they went to the train station and found out when they could book the next train back home.

Tuesday was the earliest available day for the train.

It hurt so much that I could not go and get him. Hurt that I could not hug him or kiss him to make it better…..this is the first time that he has gotten homesick while being away. I think it might be because of the changes in our lives at the moment. So happy that I will have the chance to give him lots of hugs/kisses on Tuesday.

So looking forward to Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s to all the hugs you can get from your children (until they consider it beyond them to be hugged!!!). Have any of your kids been home sick before?

Lisa Wood.


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  2. […] Cameron woke up this morning to go through all his Santa toys this morning, to discover he left one of his Santa Present in the train…. […]

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