Moving On….

Moving On….

We are looking for our next house. The Woody boys are all upset that we have sold and are moving on 😦

But I keep telling them that we are moving to bigger and better things. I have been madly searching all week for a house that fits all of our needs, and there are some really nice ones out there.

We applied for one at Landsborough the other day and we would of got it, but the previous tenants have decided to move back in. Is that weird or what? Not sure how that works. They had moved out and was gone for at least three weeks. They were paying more rent then what the Landlord is asking for at the moment. Perhaps they went on holidays? And decided that they would like to live back in the same house? Not sure but now I am back to the drawing board of looking for somewhere else to live.

Here is what I would like :-

  1. Five Bedrooms

  2. Two Bathrooms

  3. Nice BIG kitchen

  4. At least a bath tub

  5. A swimming pool

  6. Acreage

  7. Close to the Older Two Woody’s boys HighSchool

  8. Close to shopping center

  9. Not to long a drive to the beach

  10. Houses not too close to each other

  11. A decent area.

  12. Happy Five Woody Boys with our decision to move!!!

Am I asking for Too Much?

Maybe, Maybe not!!!

Here’s to your day being the best.

Much Love sent your way

Lisa Wood

PS:- Wish me luck!!!


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