Nicholas Birthday Falls On New Year Eve

Nicholas Birthday Falls On New Year Eve!!

Nicholas Wood turns 11 today at 6.01pm 🙂 How about that?

Eleven years ago I was in hospital giving birth to our third Woody boy – giving birth way over due. He was given two dates for when he was meant to have his birthday…..December 11 or December 17th. Both dates came and went and I was still pregnant!!!

In the end I had to be induced because he was far too comfortable curled up inside. So it was decided that if he did not make an appearance before the weekend was over then Dec 31st was to be the day he was helped along.

Gosh it did not even occur to me about the date being New Year Eve!!! Looking back I wished I had asked for one more day. Only due to the fact that he never gets to have a birthday party because all his friends are either away, busy or not able to make his birthday 😦

Won’t he be happy when he is older enough to celebrate in style?…..I think it will end up being the biggest 21st Birthday Bash ever in history to make up for all the years that he didn’t celebrate with friends.

I am thinking about holding a birthday party half way through the year in 2010 so that for once he can have fun. Has anyone else had to do that for their child’s birthday? You hear how many children are born near or on Christmas and miss out on gifts. With the excuse “Oh its so so close to Christmas so you are having a big present” Well I can say we have never done that before. We always make sure he gets a present on his birthday – even if it is a small gift.

Happy New Year Eve!!

So for all of our friends and family across the world. Happy New Year and have a safe fun filled time. Please be careful on the roads – slow down and take care. Stay Alive, you are important to your family and loved ones.

Happy Birthday Nicholas…..Happy New Year Family and Friends

Lisa Wood


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