So It Was Christmas

So It Was Christmas….

Gosh how time I has gone by far too quickly this year…..So very quickly that I was so not prepared for Christmas but amazingly it went well.

Santa came – not sure how that happened because when I was little I was told he only came when you were good and believe me I know my boys were not that good this year 🙂

Presents were under the tree in time. Food left out for the rein deers and Santa. Boy he must get full with all the treats left out at each home.

There was far too much yummy food in our house (gosh I am so over eating!!!). There was fun times, filled with laughter and tears.

How The Woody Boys Celebrated Xmas

There was sharing and caring. Good times to store up our memories. Lots of photos taken (which I need to turn into a OneTrueMedia movie) and a day full of cheer.

By the end of the day they were all tired and was soon asleep in bed. Dreaming amazing dreams. Looking forward to next year.

Not all of them got there “wish list” from Santa. Mind you if they had then Santa would of had to have two sacks full of toys to meet the Woody Boys dreams. And really how can Santa fit a Bird into his sack, a motor bike (for which we have no where to ride it!!!), a pony or horse, a dog (no thanks!!), a BMX bike or five !!!! Not sure how the Woody Boys think Santa could carry all that for one family and still deliver to another? BUT they got some pretty neat gifts. Lots of hugs, yummy food, yummy drinks and heaps of naughty desserts.

So Until next Year – Merry Christmas from our families to yours and a SAFE Happy New Year.

Lots of love

Lisa Wood.


One Response

  1. I’m with you, I’m so tired of chewing.

    I’m glad you and your family had a nice holiday.

    May the new year bring only joy for everyone!

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